Sunday, July 30, 2006

Season 3 Favorite Winners

I am back from a super fun weekend and YAHOO! We had tons of people vote for season 3 favorites... let's get to the winners:

Fight Sequence: While in a dream to remember her missing 2 years, Sydney fights a version of herself/Lauren.
GS's pick: I agree- very cool!

Gadget: Marshall's little invisible car with the reflecting mirrors.
GS's pick: Awesome gadget- love it!

Father/Daughter Moment: After Jack is released from prison he shows up in the Rotunda with a hug for his daughter.
GS's pick: I loved the moment Sydney saw her father on the other side of the glass in prison. I loved him telling her that she looked beautiful and that he had always believed she was alive.

Song: She's Got You by Patsy Kline (Syd/Weiss Tequila scene- Syd/Vaughn/Lauren in the conference room).
GS's pick: UM hello? All My Life by Rosie Thomas (Parking garage hug scene).

Tear-jerker: Sydney's "ripped apart" speech.
GS's pick: Sydney calls Vaughn after they learn of Lauren's father's death. Vaughn decides to stay with Lauren. Sydney says "I guess we won't be getting that cup of coffee." BOO WHOOOO, I cried like a baby!!

Villian: LAUREN the Oober Beeyotch
GS's pick: Amen!!

Syd/Vaughn Moment: Their final moments in the Korean prison.
GS's pick: I loved Vaughn's speech- "I was so in love with you, it nearly killed me." Come on! Oooh, and of course the the parking garage hug scene after Vaughn gets off the plane with the bomb! SOOOOO A-MAZ-ING! JJ I LOVE YOU!

Line: "I'm ere, she's ere, we made it." -Will
GS's pick: Best line ever!!

Funny Moment: Marshall's song to Carrie "You're the mega in my byte." HAHAHAHA!
GS's pick: Totally perfect!

Alias: Julia Thorne
GS's pick: Also the best ever, best freakin' ever!

Mission: The boys break Sydney out of Lindsey's custody.
GS's pick: The Facade mission, convincing Daniel Ryan that they are the Covenant! Great team effort and Vaughn got to play Sark! De-lish!

Sloane Moment: Sloane's death scene.
GS's pick: The moment Sydney slams Sloane down on his desk and puts a letter opener to his neck. So good!

Jack Moment: Punching Robert Lindsey in the face!
GS's pick: I love the scene after Jack punches Lindsey, when he and Vaughn are getting carted away in a truck. Jack tells Vaughn that Sydney can not be his priority, that Vaughn's kindness tortures her. I love SpyDaddy telling Vaughn what for!

Cliffhanger: Lauren is revealed as a Covenant soldier.
GS's pick: ALL TIME BEST REVEAL EVER! I jumped out of my seat! Nice work writers!

Kendall Moment: Not many Kendall moments, but wasn't it so great to see him back on the plane and with the info. about Sydney's missing 2 years. Love it!

Weiss line: "I had the same intense feelings for both Posh and Sporty Spice."
GS's pick: In giving advice to Vaughn about his marriage, Weiss says "That's why people in the CIA shouldn't marry people from the NSC, don't poop where you sleep." HAHAHAHA, I laughed soooo hard! Ooh and he always says "Weiss on ice."

Rambaldi Artifact: El Dire
GS's pick: Dark had an awesome pick- Nadia! Best artifact I think!

Awkward Sydney/Vaughn/Lauren Moment: Conference room scene when Marshall gives Sydney a CD of the music she missed in 2 years with Vaughn and Lauren standing there.
GS's pick: Syd and Vaughn's first mission after he returns to the CIA. Sydney, Vaughn and Lauren go to Russian and Lauren and Vaughn kiss in front of her as she walks in the room wearing a beautiful red dress. Sad!

Season 3 Blooper: Michael Vartan falls down the stairs at Lauren's mother's house in Virginia. GS's pick: Michael Vartan runs down the hill after Jennifer Garner yelling "Maybe we'll have better reception when we get to Gai-Li." He's waving his arms around and Jennifer turns around to start back up the hill to re-shoot the scene. HAHA! So funny!

Guest Star: Ricky Gervais as bomber Daniel Ryan
GS's pick: He is by far the best guest star of all time! Amazing episode, amazing characters, love him!!

I just love season 3. I just freakin' love it. I am going to watch it again this week. I know- I have a problem- but if I didn't we all wouldn't be in here talking about!

Okay, you know the routine. Season 4 picks are due this Friday and I will post the winners on Monday. 2 seasons to go! You can skip the Kendall Moment- he traded himself in to be John Locke on Lost. Bummer!

Alias- Season 5 DVD

So Alias fans, the day has finally come when we have been given an official release date for Season 5. The big day is November 21, 2006, and Amazon has it to pre-order for $27.99. From what I have been able to find out, there will also be some great bonus footage:

Celebrating 100 Episodes
Legend of Rambaldi
Heightening the Drama: The Music behind Alias
The New Recruit: On set with Rachel Nicols
Blooper Reel
Deleted Scenes
And much, much more!

There are only 4 DVD's in this seasons box (hence teh cheaper price versus close to $50 for past seasons), but the footage about Rambaldi may shed some light on some questions and lingering thoughts regarding that storyline!

Friday, July 28, 2006

15th Century Prophet kills Primetime Masterpiece?

For months and months I have been waiting for one comment or conversation to spark enough jibber jabber to get the blog rolling again. It began with the simple mention that the Rambaldi storyline had drawn away from the true pull of Alias- the relationships. One of my all time favorite bloggers- who just so happens to be new to our blog scene, posted the words I was struggling to find.... Here is what Page48 said:

Add my name to the list of those who felt the outrageous sci-fi aspect of Rambaldi shortened the life of Alias. I'm definitely not anti-Rambaldi, but I think the writers had time to consider a more realistic (if anything about Alias is realistic) direction for that whole affair. It seems to me that when you have brilliant characters (who also happen to be brilliantly cast), you shortchange them and your audience when you reduce their storyline to the level of a Saturday morning cartoon, which is what I believe happened with the Rambaldi story, accelerating at the end of Season 4, with the whole "Night of the Living Dead" thing in Svogda. These Alias characters were capable of telling lots more complex, exciting stories and were not given the chance. Instead they were hustled off the stage looking buffoonish at the end.

Rambaldi was part of the whole fabric of Alias, but I think it was allowed to spin out of control and roll down the embankment. I think it could have contributed to the storyline instead of being the storyline. I think by allowing Rambaldi to be the most important aspect of the storyline, the writers painted themselves into a corner and we all saw the result on May 22. At the end of the day, as GS and Kellie mentioned, Alias came down to the appeal of the characters and their relationships. With all their twists and turns, with all the lies and deception, with all the shifting loyalties and double-dealing, the characters are what brought us back every week, not Rambaldi.Rambaldi gave eternal life to Sloane, but unfortunately, sent Alias to an early grave. Bummer!

Awesome Page48! Now, my question to you all- at which point in Alias, in any season, did you find yourself losing your suspension of disbelief? At what point did you say, "Okay, this is crazy!" And not good crazy, but bad crazy.

PS. Don't forget, today is the last day to turn in your picks for the season 3 favorites. Scroll down to find the categories.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scene Cap of the Day

"You never should have betrayed me."
Ouch! Double ouch! This is one of my favorite scenes in season 3. Sydney is deep undercover as Julia Thorne. She's in the midst of convincing Simon Walker and his gang that she can be tursted when her "supplier" is discovered to be a CIA agent- Michael Vaughn. In order to save Vaughn from a gunshot to the head, Sydney offers to off the agent. She gathers Vaughn's collar in her fists, pulls him close and says one of the most amazing line. Oooh, the double meaning! Oh the sheer symbolic nuance of this scene. I LOVE ALIAS!
I miss it. I will admit it. I thought I was over it. I thought I was okay with it being over and done. I'm not. COME BACK! JJ are you listening to me? Are you listening to your fans? We can't handle it...
Perhaps Alias is just missing. Like Sydney was. I give it two years...before it's back and then our lives will never be the same again. GAWD, I hope Vaughn's not married... well, as least to anyone other than Syd.
PS. Don't forget to vote for your favorite season 3 moments and send them to me by tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Scene Cap of the Morning

"Not if I see you first, love."
Man! What a fantastical moment!! (Is fantastical a word?) After Sark is captured and transported back to the United States, Lauren orchestrates an extraction. Sydney and the gang are able to untangle one of Sark's cell phone conversations in which he says, "Not if I see you first, love." The group is convinced that the person on the other end of that phone call is both the mole and the person that broke Sark out of custody.
Later, in the Rotunda, Jack overhears a conversation between Vaughn and Lauren, in which Lauren states, "Not if I see you first, love." Jack knows! Jack knows who the mole is. Now all he has to do is convince everyone else, even Lauren's father, the Senator.
I love this scene! I completely believe that Jack would pick up on those words, that he would peice the puzzle together. Jack was never a huge fan of Mrs. Reid-Vaughn, so it fit perfectly! I also love Jack's talk with Vaughn about the signs that his wife might be betraying him. Vaughn and Jack don't have the best relationship, but Vaughn respects Jack and begins to pick up on the clues.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Scene Cap of the Late Night

"I'm pregnant."
Holy COW! What a moment! We knew it was coming, but Vaughn and Sydney didn't and their facial expressions in that split second were amazing, right before Vaughn grabbed Sydney and they dove off a cliff.
This moment changed everything, not only for Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn, but for Alias as a hole. We lost a bit of our girl Syd, but in the end, we gained an adorable SpyBaby and a satisfying end to Sydney and Vaughn's long love affair- a daughter... and a son.

And the winner is...

Here are the season 2 picks for the First Annual Let's Talk Alias Favorite Awards. Check 'em out and then get voting on your season 3 picks.

Fight Scene: Um, duh, Syd and Evil Francie in the season finale.
GS’s pick: I concur. Brutal fight! Love it!

Marshall Gadget: Suitcase/hydraulic luge, one of his best!
GS’s pick: I second this!

Villian: Evil Francie aka Alison Doren
GS’s pick: It was a toss for me between AG Doren and Irina.

Father/Daughter Moment: Jack calls Sydney and uses their code to tell her he has been compromised by Geiger- “Take Surface street…”
GS’s pick: I would have to go with Sydney confronting her father about Project Christmas, in the rain.

Song: “Walk On” by U2 and “Slumber My Darling” by Alison Krauss.
GS’s pick: Um, hello, “God Put a Smile on Your Face” Coldplay

Tear-jerker: Vaughn tells Sydney she has been missing for 2 years.
GS’s pick: When Sydney visits her mother for the first time and she breaks down in the hallway.

Syd/Vaughn Moment: The kiss in SD-6.
GS’s pick: The flirting corner when Vaughn says he has a hard time focusing and all he can think about is kissing Sydney. She blushes, it’s so damn cute!

Line: “My loyalties are flexible.” –Sark
GS’s pick: “You are a plague on my life…” Syd’s speech to Sloane.

Funny Moment: When Marshall asks Vaughn about the details of the Ford Focus.

Alias: Valley girl
GS’s pick: I agree. Sydney was very resourceful.

Mission: Spyfam in Kashmir.
GS’s pick: I agree. Love it!

Sloane Moment: Sloane calls Sydney on the day of her graduation.
GS’s pick: Hell yeah, best ever!

Jack Moment: Jack confesses to setting up Irina and explains that his daughter believes that when he looks it her he sees all of his flaws, but that he loves her and sees in her his chance for redemption.
GS’s pick: My fav. moment of all time.

Cliffhanger: “Since that night… you’ve been missing for 2 years.” Uh, yeah, cue the jaw-drop!

Kendall Moment: “Civilians aren’t authorized to be in this facility, let alone have access to a terrorist we can’t even acknowledge is in our custody! In or out kiddo, you can’t hae it both ways.”
GS’s pick: I love Terry O’Quinn for this moment alone!

Mother/Daughter Moment: Irina appears at the ice rink to warn Sydney and explain her actions.
GS’s pick: I love the hug they share on the roof of the prison facility. Guns are drawn and they both back away with their hands up. They finally surrender to each other!

Irina/Jack Moment: Jack and Irina reminisce about a toaster/vodka incident when Sydney was young.
GS’s pick: I love when Irina discovers that Jack put another tracer on her.

Weiss Line: “Whatever. I am three months past a near death experience, what the hell are you doing listening to my advice for?”
GS’s pick: “When they lock us up in prison, I’m not giving you a drawer!”

Now for season 3. Keep all the green categories in mind and then add the following:

Favorite Rambaldi Artifact
Favorite Season 3 Blooper Moment
Favorite Awkward Lauren-Vaughn-Sydney Moment
Favorite Season 3 Guest Star

All picks for season 3 are due by Friday and, as usual, all winners will be announced on Monday. You all better have picks for the favorite song category, you have no excuse now! Also, I have about 4 CD packages still to send. I miss placed them in the car and then found them this weekend, sorry! So, they are going out tomorrow!

I hope you all are staying cool! It's stifling in Seattle, can you imagine?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Last Chance Saloon

Hi All,

Don't forget, today is your last chance to turn in entries for First Annual Let's Talk Alias Favorite Awards. This week, we are voting on season 2. For a list of categories, scroll down to the article titled "Drum Roll Please." I posted the winners of the season 1 picks and the categories for the season 2 picks. Have fun and I'll post the winners on Monday!

I am off to Couer D'Alene for the weekend. A little sun and lots of fun. See you all on the flip side!!

PS. I am so glad you are all enjoying the tunes!! I am so happy! How'd you like the stationary? Hehe!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Scene Cap of the Night

"Beware of the grieving man and his bottle."
I love Ethan Hawk and he is excellent as Agent Lennox. Lennox is in Berlin with Emma Wallace, his CIA partner and fiance. Emma is killed when she discovers that the man she thinks is her husband is actually the criminal she has been tracking. She discovers Lennox has been doubled by Project Helix.
I love this scene, Lennox at the safehouse, mourning Emma's death with a bottle of vodka. The kitchen is dimly lit, the house quiet with sadness. Sydney sympathizes with Lennox, because she herself works along side Vaughn, her new boyfriend and because her fiance was killed. Lennox kisses her, in a grief-stricken, alcoholic stupor and then the two are confronted by security agents.
Lennox is taken in when the CIA learns that he has been doubled. With the possibility that Lennox may actually be the doctor behind Project Helix, the CIA subjects him to tests and an eye exam. In a train track showdown, Sydney is able to weed out the double and kill him- destroying the Helix protocol in the process. Um, that will bite her in the ass later!
PS. I love the scene when they are testing his eyes- there is a call back later when Will has his eyes checked, because the CIA thinks he may be a double. Very cool!

Ready for Primetime?

Hi All,

Here are a few updates:

-Blogger Lhaaheim has reported that she has recieved her Alias soundtracks. YAHOO! I think the mission was a success and I can't wait to hear what you all think. is having issues today- hence, I have not been able to post a Scene Cap of the Day. I have been having trouble with the photo function. Bummer! I have a good one for today. Stay tuned and maybe I can get it posted.


As you know, I am in the midst of constructing a blog focused on intelligent television. I plan to review and recap all TV shows on major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and the CW (formerly the WB and UPN). As you can imagine, I will be one busy girl. I have several folks lined up to help me, including my room mate, Blogalicious, Starbucks Mom and Jenn256. With the hundred of shows on TV and the nightly battle of which channel to watch, it will be nice to have more eyes scoping out the scoop.

SO, I would like to hold an open audition for those of you interested in becoming contributors for the Primetime Princess blog. Please send me a list of your favorite shows and a list of the shows you plan to watch this fall. Along with the lists, send me a sample recap article. Recap an episode of Alias, Lost or Grey's, or which ever show tickles your fancy (don't ask me what a fancy is). I would like contributors who can focus in on character traits and who can dig deep into the plot. Spelling and grammar counts!! This is an on-going process, so there is no specific due date as of right now. I will review all entries and contact you if you have been chosen. Good luck and have fun!

PS. Robby, Page48, Angela, Uncle, SRG... I better get entries from you!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Scene Cap of the Afternoon

Looking down the barrel of a smoking British gun.
So, how many of you thought for sure that Vaughn was dead meat during this scene? Sydney and Vaughn have tracked Sark and Irina to a genetics firm, and just as Vaughn is thrown down the stairs and Sark cocks his gun, Sydney saves the day with a bullet or two from above. She scrambles down the steps, nearly falling (she does in the bloopers) and checks Vaughn's vest. He's okay! Then, she kisses him sweetly on the forehead and the two escape before the building crumbles.
Those 2.2 seconds that Sydney is scared and worried about Vaughn are my favorite of all season 2. Forget about the SD-6 kiss or the drawer moment, forget about ice cream in the park and the big Zamboni- it's that moment right there, that real moment- her kiss and sigh of relief that makes the scene. LOVE IT!
PS. For those of you expecting the Alias soundtracks in the mail- keep an eye out and let me know when you get them. I want to make sure there are no problems.
PPS. Don't forget to vote for your favorite season 2 moments. Check below for a list of categories- there are a few added categories as well. Have fun!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Scene Cap of the Day

"So, I guess we know the answer to the intimacy question."

What an important moment! What an important episode! Not only do we learn of Sydney's true love for Vaughn in this episode, but it's our first tip that Michael Vaughn may not be who he says he is.

Mr. Yager is investigating Vaughn for unauthorized trips and suspicious contact with enemies of the United States. He asks Sydney to tap Vaughn's computer and download all the information she can. Sydney refuses and proves her loyalty for Vaughn...sort of. She follows him to a bar (good song playing, Lucinda Williams "Righteously") where she witnesses him purchase information from an ex-KGB assassin. Vaughn explains that he has been researching Irina and her activity. He has come up with nothing. Vaughn is cleared and he and Sydney agree- no more secrets. HA!

Going back to this episode with hindsight, it's interesting to watch Vaughn's behavior and his facial expressions when Sydney asks him if he is hiding something. He says he's not comfortable telling her all his secrets, as they have just started dating- but as Sydney says later, "Who do you think you work for?" In my mind, I like to think there is a connection between this instance of Vaughn's betrayal and his research with Renee. It would have made sense to me, as a writer, to draw the audience back to this episode to justify Vaughn's "double life" in season 5. If we learned anything from this episode, it's that Vaughn can keep a secret.

I love Sydney in this episode and I love Vaughn in this episode. When she catches him at the bar, his facial expression is PERFECT, I laugh every time. It's like, "Oh, crap!"

Some love for ya and other updates

I LOVE YOU! I love you guys, I really do! Let's Talk is still going strong, even though Alias has been laid to rest. We still have tons to talk about and re-examine and I am so glad that you all stop in daily and share your piece. Thanks to Jenn for keeping the ideas flowing and to all the old and new bloggies for your support and loyalty. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Now, I have some big news: I am starting a new blog! Are you surprised? This will make lucky number 7 for me and I am thrilled. This blog is going to be homebase for all the other blogs- focused on a plethora of intelligent television shows, including comedy, drama and the all fabulous reality TV. There will be in-depth articles on all the new fall shows, the good, the bad and the ugly. There will be character sketches from a variety of sitcom and drama programs and tons of updates, recaps and inside information. Think Kristin at E! with more in-depth reviews and literary talk!

The page is not up and running just yet. My room mate is helping me design a classy banner and I am still working out the logistics for content. It will be called Primetime Princess, so keep your eyes and ears open for the launch.

On to more pressing issues- well, on to more fun stuff: Don't forget to vote for your season 2 favorites. Check out the article below and e-mail me your picks by Friday! Stay tuned for a Scene Cap of the Day- I got a good one!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Drum roll please...

The results are in! Your picks for the First Annual Let's Talk Alias Favorite Awards are here!! There were some obvious winners and some surprises! Check it out...

Favorite Fight Sequence: Sydney's first fight in the parking garage (Pilot).

Favorite Marshall Flinkman Gadget: Super Swank glasses (Come on, best ever!!).

Favorite Father/Daughter Moment: When Jack tells Sydney that she would be the kind of teacher students would remember.

Favorite Song: No Man's Woman, Sinead O'Connor.

Favorite Tear-jerker Scene: When Sydney discovers that Sheppard is the one who killed Danny. (Colorblind).

Favorite Villain: The smarmy McKenas Cole.

Favorite Sydney/Vaughn Moment: Absolutely, 100% the Pier scene when Sydney is stood up by her father.

Favorite Line: "Can you show me what a paper bag looks like again?"

Favorite Funny Moment: When Will realizes Sydney is an agent.

Favorite Sydney Alias: Amy Tippin in the pilot.

Favorite Mission (Solo or Group): Art gallery mission with Dixon (green dress, long black wig).

Favorite Sloane Scene: When Sloane tells Emily the truth about SD-6.

Favorite Jack Scene: Tie- when Jack kills Haladki and when Jack meets Vaughn for the first time in the Chinese restaurant.

Favorite Shocker/Cliffhanger: Um yeah, one word... "Mom?"

All right, now moving on to season 2. Same categories, with these additions:

Favorite Kendall Moment
Favorite Mother/Daughter Moment
Favorite Irina/Jack Moment
Favorite Weiss Line

These picks are due this Friday, and again the results will be posted the following Monday. Have fun!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Scene Cap of the Day and Weekly Recap

"I couldn't decide if I wanted to surf it or if I was too scared."

I am telling you- watch the season finale of season 1 with the audio commentary, it's hilarious. When asked by Ron Rifkin (Sloane) why Vaughn didn't run when he saw the flood water gaining on Sydney, Michael Vartan (Vaughn) replied with the above quote! So funny!!

Ron also mentions that this scene disturbs him. It disturbs me! WHY DOESN'T HE RUN?! I don't understand. Is he shocked? Is he scared? Either way, when I first watched this episode, I thought Vaughn was done for. Thank goodness for the screwdriver!!

Moving on....
Yesterday I posted a scene cap depicting a very personal and real moment between Sydney and Vaughn in season 1. As I said, real life moments on Alias are few and far between. Paired with fantastic moments (like the red ball over Svogda and Vaughn being trapped in the flooded lab), the real moments strike a very emotional cord, with not only the characters, but the audience as well. Sometimes these scenes will be shown intertwined, for instance, when Sydney is sitting with Barnett, recalling her escape after being shot by her mother. The clips with Barnett are quiet and personal, designed to help Sydney open up about her feelings for her mother and Vaughn. The clips of her actual escape are designed to keep us interested, to explain- they are the technical part of the scene.

With the Favorite Awards deadline for season 1 today, I thought it would be nice to talk about some of our favorite real and personal moments from Alias and some of the fantastic scenes that are shown in juxtaposition. Can you name a few instances from any season where personal moments are shown back to back or intertwined with fantastic, outrageous moments?

Also, don’t forget- today is the last day to turn in your picks for the First Annual Let’s Talk Alias Favorite Awards. Check the categories in the below article and e-mail your entries to me.

CD’s are coming your way- have a great weekend and I will see you all on the flip side!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Scene Cap of the Day

Don't forget, tomorrow is the last day to turn in your entries for the First Annual Let's Talk Alias Favorite Awards. E-mail me your season 1 picks for the following categories:

Favorite Fight Sequence
Favorite Marshall Flinkman Gadget
Favorite Father/Daughter MomentFavorite Song
Favorite Tear-jerker SceneFavorite Villain
Favorite Sydney/Vaughn Moment
Favorite LineFavorite Funny Moment
Favorite Sydney AliasFavorite Mission (Solo or Group)
Favorite Sloane Scene
Favorite Jack Scene
Favorite Shocker/Cliffhanger

Speaking of season 1, here is one of my favorite moments and the scene of the day:

What can I say about this scene? Love. It is the most touching scene between Vaughn and Sydney in season 1. She trusts him, he cares about her and at her most vulnerable and upset (both personal and professional), Vaughn is able to pick her up.

I love the way the scene is shot, as well- with the bright lights of the ferris wheel in the background, the shadows and the crashing of the ocean. It's a moment of real life- and on Alias, those are hard to come by.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Scene Cap of the Day

Getting a little stir-crazy in the cell.
She looks pretty mad, right? Yeah. Irina's a little pissed that Kendall won't get her go to Kashmir to help Sydney and Jack disarm the suitcase nukes. She gets over her anger pretty quick, Kendall let's his guard down and the SpyFam is off on their first mission together.
I love how Lena Olin is able to keep all of her emotions contained. Many of her first scenes are shot inside Irina's CIA cell, and it is very true of her character to keep an even temperment, to have control in that confined environment. However, in this situation, looking down the barrell of a way out of her cell, she lets loose. She unleashes her frustration with not only the CIA, but with Sydney. Sydney jumps back from the glass in shock, when her mother slams her palm on the glass. Awesome moment, love it!!
PS. Don't forget to vote on your favorite season 1 moments. See details below on the post titled "First Annual Let's Talk Alias Favorite Awards."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I am done! Done, done, done I tell you! I have finished the Alias soundtracks and they are coming at ya!!

I get paid this Friday and I will be able to ship off all CD requests!! Thank you all so much for your patience. I can not believe I actually thought I would get them out after the finale! Yeah right!

Along with your CD's will be a list of songs and in which season and scene the songs appear. There is an All Seasons mix and a Sydney and Vaughn mix. Don't worry if some of your favs are not on the All Seasons mix, because more than likely they are on the Syd and Vaughn mix. Also, after song 14 on the All Seasons mix, there is a technical sound glitch- a high pitched tone that scares the dickens out of me (yes, I said dickens). So, beware when you are rocking out, it might wake your neighbors... in Japan.

If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail. Thanks again for your patience and enjoy all the wonderful tunes.

Weiss on Icing on the Cake

Happy Birthday to Greg Grunberg!! Our boy Weiss celebrates his 40th birthday today!
PS. Don't forget to vote on your fav season 1 moments! See the details below.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Scene Cap of the Night

What did you say?
At this moment, Sydney Bristow learns that her mother hired Tomasaki to assasinate her (oh, and she ran Tomasaki through with the Sintaro Sword). This is a huge moment in season 4 and a huge moment for Jack- as Sydney, in a small way, understands why her father killed her mother- to protect her.
I love the character of Tomasaki. I feel like for the first time Sydney meets an enemy she doesn't believe she can beat. Tomasaki killed Nadia's friend and Irina hired him to kill one of the number one CIA agents. There are moments, in the underground parking garage in the dark, where Sydney feels vulnerable, maybe even scared. I think Tomasaki is a great character because he is able to make Sydney feel this way- he makes her human. Alas, Sydney does defeat this nemisis- as usual.
PS. Don't forget to vote for your favorite season 1 moments!! See details below!

1st Annual Let's Talk Alias Favorite Awards

It’s Monday! YAHOO!! Why am I so excited? No, Alias is not coming back, but today marks the start of the First Annual Let’s Talk Alias Favorite Awards!! What is that you say? It’s a chance for you to vote on your favorite moments from Alias. Season by season, we will ask you to list your favorite scenes, characters, lines etc. and then we will post the winners each Friday. This week: Season 1. Let us revisit the pilot season by marking our favorite moments. Take a look at the categories below and submit your picks via e-mail ( by Friday, July 14th. The winners will be posted next Monday and the Season 2 categories will be posted.

Favorite Fight Sequence
Favorite Marshall Flinkman Gadget
Favorite Father/Daughter Moment
Favorite Song
Favorite Tear-jerker Scene
Favorite Villain
Favorite Sydney/Vaughn Moment
Favorite Line
Favorite Funny Moment
Favorite Sydney Alias
Favorite Mission (Solo or Group)
Favorite Sloane Scene
Favorite Jack Scene
Favorite Shocker/Cliffhanger

Please pick one scene per category. Please do not post your picks in the comment section; they will not be counted in the vote. Have fun and happy voting!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Best Scene Cap Ever

"Wait, did you just say you were shot by your mom?"
I heart Will! Heart him and I heart this episode. The season opener of season 2 is one of the greatest opening episodes of Alias. After the jaw-dropping finale of season 1 and the discovery that Sydney Bristow's mother is still alive- the mood needs a little change and Will brings it with that line. Finally Sydney's three lives merge (her personal, her SD-6 life and her CIA life) by having Will crossover as someone in her life who knows her secret. This is huge for Sydney and huge for the show.
Also, I love Sydney and Weiss' scene in micro-self storage. They are worried about Vaughn- as he is missing since being lost in the laboratory as it filled with water. Sydney sits down with Barnett to chat about the return of her mom and Dixon tells Sloane he suspects Sydney to be a double agent. GOOD EPPY!

Scene Cap of the Day

Syd and Marshall, mouth to mouth.
How happy were we that Marshall was able to find Sydney in time? I know I was very happy. Not only because he saved Sydney's life, but because, finally, Marshall Flinkman was able to make a name for himself out in the field. Forget about all the gadgets and the mumbling- he knew what to do, just like any other CIA agent and because of that, Miss Bristow was alive to thank him.
This was a very big scene for Marshall's character, it was about to demonstrate not only his brains, but his brawn- as he digs up the grave holding Sydney. I loved this episode- especially the music in the beginning and Sydney and Vaughn on the phone. Love it!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Scene Cap of the Day

All is revealed.
She knew her husband was not the president of Credit Dauphine. She knew the work he was doing was dangerous and like many of his employers, Sloane's wife believed he was working for the CIA. In this scene, at the beach, Sloane reveals all to Emily. The pain in her face, the disappointment and anger in her eyes, intensified by the music, makes this one of the most powerful scenes of season 1.
On the DVD commentary, Ron Rifkin (Sloane) explains that he had been given a long speech to resite about SD-6 and his work for this scene. However, JJ had insisted it be put to music, which Jennifer adds, makes it perfect. I find the scene strong and moving- a real symbol of Emily's strength. She comes to understand all her husband has done, yet still loves him.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back from Life, Scene Cap and more...

HELLO! I am back! After a long restful mini-vacation, I am back and ready to get back to work. I hope you all had a safe and fun 4th- but lets get at it. First, scene caps of the day:

You know the fight. We thought it was the end of Vaughn and Syd.

This is an amazing scene, one that really sets the tone for the tension between Sydney and Vaughn throughout the season. I think we all felt ripped apart after this season. It seemed as if Sydney and Vaughn would never return to the Sydney and Vaughn of season 2, but underneath the awkward silences and the triangle with Lauren, we could still see that they cared for each other. I also loved the scene following this, when Sydney visits Vaughn in his classroom to apologize and Vaughn says his piece.

Okay, the books- We will be getting into the third book, "Disappeared." I will have to order mine on Barnes and Noble again. We can all start reading Monday, hopefully that will give you all enough time to pick up your copy.

Speaking of the books- I am scanning back through the first book. Sydney's handler tells her to keep a low profile, fit in with your surroundings, act, walk and talk the same as those around you. So- I ask, why is Sydney always wearing flamboyant wigs and crazy costumes. She seems to stick out more than fit in. Any ideas?

All right, its a slow start, but we'll get back to the deep stuff soon! I am off to watch more season 3.