Thursday, July 20, 2006

Scene Cap of the Night

"Beware of the grieving man and his bottle."
I love Ethan Hawk and he is excellent as Agent Lennox. Lennox is in Berlin with Emma Wallace, his CIA partner and fiance. Emma is killed when she discovers that the man she thinks is her husband is actually the criminal she has been tracking. She discovers Lennox has been doubled by Project Helix.
I love this scene, Lennox at the safehouse, mourning Emma's death with a bottle of vodka. The kitchen is dimly lit, the house quiet with sadness. Sydney sympathizes with Lennox, because she herself works along side Vaughn, her new boyfriend and because her fiance was killed. Lennox kisses her, in a grief-stricken, alcoholic stupor and then the two are confronted by security agents.
Lennox is taken in when the CIA learns that he has been doubled. With the possibility that Lennox may actually be the doctor behind Project Helix, the CIA subjects him to tests and an eye exam. In a train track showdown, Sydney is able to weed out the double and kill him- destroying the Helix protocol in the process. Um, that will bite her in the ass later!
PS. I love the scene when they are testing his eyes- there is a call back later when Will has his eyes checked, because the CIA thinks he may be a double. Very cool!


Tammy said...

I totally loved this episode. Ethan Hawke was a great guest star and the whole story line was so intense and great. Such amazing writing on this one!

lhaaheim said...

I loved it too and I really love that line!!! Good writing!!!

lhaaheim said...
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RUDY said...

It was a great episode, but the kiss between his character and Syd was a little forced in my opinion. But I could be dissing it because I didn't like the kiss.

Page48 said...

Of course Lennox kissed Syd. It had to be done. He did it for all of us guys who'll never find ourselves marking time in a safehouse with the stunning likes of Sydney Bristow. He did it for us and he did it drunk.

Agent Lennox, we salute you.

P.S. kudos to Emma Wallace for remembering the words to "Pop Goes the Weasel" under enormous pressure. You go, girl.

lhaaheim said...

You’re funny Page 48! Good points though!

If I had been stuck in a safe house, had gotten drunk and Vaughn brought me groceries I might have kissed him! You know just for women kind and all!