Monday, July 24, 2006

Scene Cap of the Late Night

"I'm pregnant."
Holy COW! What a moment! We knew it was coming, but Vaughn and Sydney didn't and their facial expressions in that split second were amazing, right before Vaughn grabbed Sydney and they dove off a cliff.
This moment changed everything, not only for Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn, but for Alias as a hole. We lost a bit of our girl Syd, but in the end, we gained an adorable SpyBaby and a satisfying end to Sydney and Vaughn's long love affair- a daughter... and a son.


kellie said...

This was a good moment. When thinking about the best Vaughn/Syd moments, I've gotta go with Season 1 and Season 2. I think it must be that they were really an item and that came out in their on-screen relationship. After they broke up (in real life - ho hum), they always felt distant to me (as their characters were in Liberty Village). So this scene was really cool with them finding out mid-mission that they were pregnant and then jumping off the cliff together was a great stunt/special effect. But for me, I just didn't feel the love anymore. In the Vaughn S5 shows, I was really looking for a dramatic, tear-jerker, I haven't seen you in a year, I had your baby while you were away, you are the love of my life reunion after Syd shot Anna in the P5 room. Alas for me, it was kind of like, "hey how have you been (hug/stiff kiss)?"

Incidentally, weren't you all looking for more dramatic reunions between Vaughn/Marshall and Vaughn/Dixon too? I mean these guys are a small team who put their lives on the line for/with eachother everyday. I loved Marhsall's reaction (I knew it!), but still was looking for a few more man hugs.

lhaaheim said...

We gained a GOOD Spymom too!

Kellie- I've always felt that Syd and Vaughn’s relationship had been great and I never felt the affects or wondered anything about it going south after their personal break up until season five when I started blogging and found out that they had been together. I had no clue so season four to me was great and I love season five too!

Also, I know I've said this a million times but the reason we didn't have that many quite moments was because there was not enough time for them. Yes, we got the cute baby scene when Syd and Vaughn got home but if there had been 5 more episodes and a 2 hour final episode we would have been given several more. The last season of Alias for me just feels incomplete, not bad just incomplete. So figuring like always that we don't see every moment of their lives I will assume some things just happened and the cameras weren't there to catch.

I will agree with you though that I too was looking for more dramatic boy reunions! I really really wanted a father son hug/moment between Jack and Vaughn. Something where we finally feel Jack has accepted Vaughn and he says something like “your father would be proud of you” but in a much cooler Jack way, and then Vaughn let’s Jack off the hook for all the crap he’s given him. Okay maybe that’s a bit mushy but a hug would have been nice.

The Vaughn Dixon reunion was okay because it was sort of Dixon like to hang back a bit all silly and then give Vaughn the picture, that was cute, and they did hug on the beach in the end so that was nice. But where the heck was the big bear hug from Marshall to Vaughn!!! I loved his "I knew it" too but I was so expecting him to pop out from somewhere see that Vaughn was finally back and practically jump on him saying how much he loved him etc. Marshall wrote a poem for Syd when she came back from the dead where’s Vaughn's poem? Furthermore there should have been a Weiss/Vaughn reunion that would have been cute! Yup Kellie Alias sure did need some more man hugs!

PS: I did enjoy the Vaughn/Sark reunion though that was great! "You shot me!" too funny!

PSS: I would have liked a Will/Vaughn hug too! I really loved the scenes they had in season two; they are some of my favorites! Ugh! We needed more Alias!


Sandi/juliansark1 said...

This pic more than any other has made me realize how much I miss Alias. I can go back and watch moments from Seasons 1-4, but can't watch 5 yet, and that makes me realize that 5 is the last season...sigh!

lhaaheim said...

Sandi- Season five is on iTunes if you wanted to watch it that way. And there are clips at Alias Media to help hold you over until the DVDs come out.


jenn256 said...

yeah, we had all known this moment was coming since we knew JG was really pregnant and it was being written in the script, but it was still funny to see their reactions to the news. And what an interesting lifo to live...."honey, I'm pregnant, now we must jump off this cliff to escape the people trying to kill us by parachuting to the bottom together."

Did you all read the article about JG flying back to Boston from Arizona (leaving from filimg a new movie) and got to the airport, and the car that was picking her up had no car seat for Baby Violet, so she sat there in the airport until they brought back a car with a car seat in it. Yeah Jenn, way to go!

kellie said...

Lhaaheim, great points. Incomplete is a great word. I loved Season 5, especially episode 1, Bob and the post break episodes. There just were some missing moments, but I still loved the shows and am grateful we got an ending of any kind. I loved the Oceans 11 type find Syd and take down Prophet 5/Sloane final missions and I LOVED watching Sloane turn to the dark side again. I also loved when the monk told Vaughn he was a Daddy and we saw him again. Maybe it all felt a little empty because we knew it was ending.

Anyway, totally agree about the reuinions between Vaughn and all the main male characters.

Regarding this scene cap, I guess the whole series has had these type of quick personal moments in the midst of national security missions. These characters have tiny personal lives, so these scenes are appropriate. The only exception would be Season 1 and 2 with the great Will/Francie/Syd relaxed moments, but still Syd was always being called away by Joey's Pizza or going on a trip and missing a lot of hang out time.

srg-alias said...

I loved how they brought something so personal and delicate as finding out you're pregnant together with the middle of escaping on a mission and having to dive off a cliff, I thought that was pretty brilliant. Especially since the writers knew that the audience would know she was pregnant, it was a good way to still make it a big moment.

What I wonder when I hear people comment on the lack of chemistry or Syd/Vaughn moments in seasons 4-5 is if they would feel the same way if they never knew JG and MV dated/broke up in real life. I suppose ignorance can be bliss sometimes since it would probably be more of an un-jaded perspective...ah well, my ponderings for the day. :)

jenn256 said...

wow, that's a really good point srg! I think you may be onto something there. I often wondered what it was like working together after they broke up, then when MV found out she was pregnant what it awekward? But I am still friends with some of the guys I dated in the past. And ig you all look on the blooper reel for Season 4, it looks like they were still goofing around and having fun on the set.

I don't think the chemistry ever really changed, they just didn't have any love scenes together in S3, hardly any in S4, and MV was inly in about 3-4 episodes in S5, so it's really hard to judge. But I would agree that had we not known that there was any history there, would we have felt any different as things played out on the show?

kellie said...

I started watching Alias really late (Season 4) and didn't know they dated until the end of season 4. I noticed the chemistry thing without knowing they dated, however before I knew I really thought it was the writing and storyline (Syd and Vaughn torn apart by her 2 year absense and Lauren just taking it's toll on them). But then in Liberty Village, when they got together in the shower and in the subsequent episodes it just didn't seem like they were as in synch with eachother. Season 4 writing was so different though and they took Vaughn in an unexpected direction going more solo looking for his father and looking into P5, so maybe it is just the writing? At any rate, I don't care that much - I still totally love Syd and Vaughn and they rate as one of my all time favorite TV couples whether their chemistry is a 10 or a 7.

I think what is really is (for me) is that I just love this show and want more depth and story and want it to go on and on. I don't feel like they ran out of stories to tell they way you sometimes feel when a show is on for one season too long. I would have loved to see more of Syd and Vaughn's relationship if their had been time. Sorry to ramble about this! Sadly, I think about this way too much : )

Kiki said...

I totally understand and agree Kelly!

lhaaheim said...

Great way to describe the moment SRG!

SRG- having not known that they had dated and broken up until season five my perspective between their relationships on screen in season 1-3 did not change in 4 and much of five. I only started to think about their personal break up changing Syd and Vaughn’s chemistry when the ending came nearer and there was a lot of talk about it. Personally I don’t think it did and the only thing that changed for me was distracting myself from the story by wondering if it had and looking for evidence either way. I wish I hadn’t ever found out because I probably would have enjoyed those last moments much more.

Jenn- just wanted to add that they only really had two love scenes in season two anyway and though there wasn’t much in season three because of Lauren there were 3 in season four: when they got back together, liberty village and latter on at the club when they talked about Syd being rough (that was a hot scene!). Most of the stuff in season two was cute fun things at the beginning of their relationship, ice cream, hockey etc. as their relationship matured and their lives got crazier they had to merge a lot of the personal with the professional and we lost a lot of opportunities to see them just at home etc.

Though I do feel the group as a whole, Sloane included, really became a family at APO, the bonds that had been built season 1-2 and then broken and rebuilt during 3 were very solid in 4 and I credit that to why they were so successful as a team in season five.

Its true Vaughn was in very little of season five but again if we had 5 more episodes and another hour in the finale, all of which Vaughn should have been present for, we might not feel the same. My gosh that would be a whole bunch more cute Vaughn moments!!! Vaughn running! Vaughn’s wrinkled forehead expression! Vaughn kicking someone’s ass! Vaughn’s smile! Better stop now, I could probably go on for an hour! :-D

“I don't feel like they ran out of stories to tell the way you sometimes feel when a show is on for one season too long.”

Absolutely agree with you Kellie! They didn’t run out of story to tell and while I’m okay with not having a season six and understand all the reasons why they ended it at five, we certainly did deserve a complete season five and not an abbreviated version.

I think that’s the thing that hurts the most and makes us question Alias. For the first time it was less then great and not by choice either, it feels like the other episodes were out their in the minds of the actors, writers and JJ and then just squashed to fit the time frame. If only they had given Alias more time…