Monday, July 17, 2006

Drum roll please...

The results are in! Your picks for the First Annual Let's Talk Alias Favorite Awards are here!! There were some obvious winners and some surprises! Check it out...

Favorite Fight Sequence: Sydney's first fight in the parking garage (Pilot).

Favorite Marshall Flinkman Gadget: Super Swank glasses (Come on, best ever!!).

Favorite Father/Daughter Moment: When Jack tells Sydney that she would be the kind of teacher students would remember.

Favorite Song: No Man's Woman, Sinead O'Connor.

Favorite Tear-jerker Scene: When Sydney discovers that Sheppard is the one who killed Danny. (Colorblind).

Favorite Villain: The smarmy McKenas Cole.

Favorite Sydney/Vaughn Moment: Absolutely, 100% the Pier scene when Sydney is stood up by her father.

Favorite Line: "Can you show me what a paper bag looks like again?"

Favorite Funny Moment: When Will realizes Sydney is an agent.

Favorite Sydney Alias: Amy Tippin in the pilot.

Favorite Mission (Solo or Group): Art gallery mission with Dixon (green dress, long black wig).

Favorite Sloane Scene: When Sloane tells Emily the truth about SD-6.

Favorite Jack Scene: Tie- when Jack kills Haladki and when Jack meets Vaughn for the first time in the Chinese restaurant.

Favorite Shocker/Cliffhanger: Um yeah, one word... "Mom?"

All right, now moving on to season 2. Same categories, with these additions:

Favorite Kendall Moment
Favorite Mother/Daughter Moment
Favorite Irina/Jack Moment
Favorite Weiss Line

These picks are due this Friday, and again the results will be posted the following Monday. Have fun!!


jenn256 said...

see, this is why I was so excited by this idea. Reading the winners, I was sitting here saying to myself, "Oh, yeah, that's a good one too" or "oh, I didn't even think of that one".

And even if some of our picks didn't win, it's still fun to read what other people thought. Can't wait until next week!

lhaaheim said...

Wow totally surprised, my picks were quiet different. Though we could honestly have 2-5 good picks for each one that we could all agree deserves it. Alias is just too freaking good!!!


P.S. As part of my usual Sunday night ritual I snuggled up to a late night episode of Alias. I knew the finale of season two was coming up but I was trying to avoid it since it’s so sad! Of course once I start watching I can’t stop so the moment came…Syd has been missing for two years, Vaughn is wearing a ring and life as we know it has changed. It’s amazing that even after everything that follows in season 3, 4, 5 the affect of that finale is still so strong! Yup I was crying, couldn’t help it, that was such a painful time for Syd and everyone involved.

Kiki said...

Jennifer Garner talks about how she prepared for that scene and how it was shot. If you watch the commentary on the season finale of 2, it shows an alternative ending in which Sydney cries more.

JG said that JJ didn't want Sydney to cry once she learned about the missing 2 years, but JG said she had a very hard time not crying, that she couldn't believe this was happening to Sydney, that she was losing everything- 2 years and Vaughn. She said it was very, very emotional for her.

jenn256 said...

yeah, I thought a few more of picks would have been in there, but again, the winners were awesome too. And yes Liz, I think there could have been several winners for each category. That's why it took me so long to send in my picks.

I chose my picks not based on consensus, but how each made me feel. and if there was a certain moment that touched me more (or had more meaning behind it)then another, then that's how I picked. But it was REALLY, REALLY hard. And yeah, I think we can all agree now what the cliffhanger moment of next week will be....."Sydney, you'[ve been dead for 2 years!" WHAT?!?!?!?

lhaaheim said...

I haven’t watched the commentary yet though it is on my to do list before I head off to school this fall. I was thinking though as I watched the scene last night how hard it must have been on JG and MV to learn what was happening to the show and to try and convey it as their characters without being too personally emotional behind it. However it’s pretty obvious that they embraced the emotions they were both feeling as they acted this scene because it’s just so heart breaking.

Vaughn during that scene is the thing that kills me the most know, he knows what has to be said, he knows the ramifications and the poor guy had to suffer through her “death”. At the time I was certainly hurting the most for Syd, and still do but the pain for Vaughn must have been equally as devastating.

We focus a lot on Syd loosing everything but she didn’t have to “live” those 2 years of loss like Vaughn did. He nearly dies of grief, talks to her drunk every night, quits a career he loves, tries to overcome it all to only fall into a trap, the love of his life comes back but he’s married, is a good man so he won’t just leave his wife, says he’s glad he moved on when he knows in is heart that’s not true, doesn’t know how to act around the love of his life, wants her so badly but can’t, finds out his wife is evil, has to pretend he doesn’t know, is tortured, has to go save Syd, kills his wife, and then Syd and Vaughn have to rebuild everything to have it almost stolen away again in season five. My gosh their lives suck!


lhaaheim said...

Jenn- I choose based on my personal preference too, for example while I love the pier scene the scene at the train station and the scene in micro-self storage where Syd is talking about finding out her mom is not who she thought she was and the grief she has because Irina killed Vaughn’s father and then Syd and Vaughn embrace. To me those scenes are far more touching. Also as someone who came into Alias around the end of season one, someone who also is seriously putting off seeing the complete pilot, the great fight scene in the garage does not have as much impact as others for me. Furthermore unlike other shows where a few great things stick out, with Alias everything sticks out as amazing and great!!!

Oh yes the cliffhanger moment for season two and honestly I feel for all of Alias is certainly the last scene of the season two finale. However for me it was “Vaughn... why are you wearing that ring?” I knew then all had been changed!!! By the way I was so pissed off at the writers at that time for ruining such a great show, I had no clue as to how they would fix everything, I’m so glad I stuck it out!!!


jenn256 said...

okay- I just got back from the grocery store and they were paying "Oh Child". That song makes smile and makes me sad at the same time. Is it wrong that I almost left the store in tears? It reminds me of such great times, Syd sitting in a bar with her 2 best friends, before her life got so crazy!

Tammy said...

This was fun! As I was reading the winners I was going "oh, yeah! I forgot that!" Some of what I picked wound up in the list, but a lot was different which is totally fun! Each of us has a different perception of the "best" or our favorites! It's all good though!

On to Season 2!! And now I'm wanting to watch the whole series through again, but don't have time right now!!!

srg-alias said...

Wow I thought I'd be the only person to vote for Syd finding out Shephard killed Danny as the tearjerker! That whole episode is such an emotional masterpiece with excellent acting both by JG and John Hannah, it gets me everytime. I'm hoping to get the s2 votes to you sometime in the next couple days, looking forward to it! :)

Page48 said...

I love the Sinead O'Connor sequence. I've watched it oh so many times. Sinead is kind of a nutter but she really has the pipes and I give 2 thumbs up to this choice of music for that particular sequence.

This is a pivotal moment in Sydney's life. She has barely had time to process the information that Daddy doesn't sell airplane parts (and never has), and she has already made up her mind that she is going to do whatever she can to bring down SD-6 because the patriot in her heart knows it's the right thing to do (okay revenge may be a factor as well). There is no one in her life that she can consult with at this point, since she has no idea that Jack is a double agent, she has no legitimate CIA contacts, and Will and Francie don't have a clue. She's doing this on her own. She's already juggling 2 completely separate lives and now she is going to take on a 3rd life without hesitation. The woman wreaks of confidence, competence, guts, determination, you name it. And she's smokin' hot to boot.

The Sinead sequence was a great moment in a great debut to a great show. How a show like this can be shut down in 4.77 seasons while ER (don't even get me started about Big Brother, Survivor, etc..)goes on for a generation is beyond me.

lhaaheim said...

Jenn- That song makes me cry too!

Page48- Damn right!!! Very well put!!!

My personal pick for show that should be off the air is 7th Heaven!!! They got cancelled and at the last minute CW brought them back! What the hell! And Alias can't even get a full fifth season! Grrrrr! I WANT A FULL 5 SEASONS AND I WANTED IT YESTERDAY! Oops I'm all worked up again about it!!! Life on Alias has always been unfair but it was never supposed to spill over into the viewer’s life.

Page48 said...

lhaaheim, I'm with you on the 7th Heaven thing, but I'm willing to let that stinker slide because my Mom enjoys it. I staunchly defend my Mom's right to watch bad TV. Now,if it came down to a choice between another season of Alias or a stay of execution for 7th Heaven and I had to cast the deciding vote....

"Mom, here's a nice little spy show I think you might like"

uncle111 said...

I have to agree with everyone about everything here. I didn't send in any picks because I would have had to rewatched S1 another several times to give my exhaustive, accurate and truthful picks. And even then I don't know that I could have narrowed it down to one each. I just didn't have enough time this week!

Kiki said...

I heart my bloggers!!

lhaaheim said...

page48- My mom likes the show too! She has all along but even she is like, what the heck, why are they brining it back! She would choose another season on Alias for me over some more 7th Heaven any day! I love my mom! She's very supportive of Alias even though she doesn't watch.


Kiki said...

Um, I think all mom's like 7th Heaven. Mine does. Weird, what is that? It's soooo cheesy!

lhaaheim said...

Beats me?!?

Sandi/juliansark1 said...

Argh! I could only come up with my pics because I had just finished re-watching Season 1. I haven't done so with Season 2 in a while! This is going to test my memory! And while I would love to, I don't think I can re-watch Season 2 before Friday...unless I skip work. No, no..I can't do that.

lhaaheim said...

I suggest watching clips from Alias-media or looking at their picture galleries. That’s what I did when I was making my season one choices. Thankfully I’ve been watching season two lately so it should be easier this time.