Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ready for Primetime?

Hi All,

Here are a few updates:

-Blogger Lhaaheim has reported that she has recieved her Alias soundtracks. YAHOO! I think the mission was a success and I can't wait to hear what you all think. is having issues today- hence, I have not been able to post a Scene Cap of the Day. I have been having trouble with the photo function. Bummer! I have a good one for today. Stay tuned and maybe I can get it posted.


As you know, I am in the midst of constructing a blog focused on intelligent television. I plan to review and recap all TV shows on major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and the CW (formerly the WB and UPN). As you can imagine, I will be one busy girl. I have several folks lined up to help me, including my room mate, Blogalicious, Starbucks Mom and Jenn256. With the hundred of shows on TV and the nightly battle of which channel to watch, it will be nice to have more eyes scoping out the scoop.

SO, I would like to hold an open audition for those of you interested in becoming contributors for the Primetime Princess blog. Please send me a list of your favorite shows and a list of the shows you plan to watch this fall. Along with the lists, send me a sample recap article. Recap an episode of Alias, Lost or Grey's, or which ever show tickles your fancy (don't ask me what a fancy is). I would like contributors who can focus in on character traits and who can dig deep into the plot. Spelling and grammar counts!! This is an on-going process, so there is no specific due date as of right now. I will review all entries and contact you if you have been chosen. Good luck and have fun!

PS. Robby, Page48, Angela, Uncle, SRG... I better get entries from you!!


jenn256 said...

you know I'm in! This sounds great, there are so many new shows coming out this fall, and a lot of them look really good.

jenn256 said...

oh I forgot to ask, are we writing up comedies, reality show, etc?

Kiki said...

I think we are going to focus on this core group of shows- What about Brian, Lost, Grey's, Six Degrees, Brothers and Sisters, Heroes, Studio on the Sunset Strip, Office, Earl, Justice.. there are more, I need to make a complete list.

jenn256 said...

okay, that sounds good. I just wasn't sure what the boundries of this project were. I saw the previews for the Six Degrees show, it looks good, maybe another JJ hit! We may be able to find out what the fall schedule is for the networks.

Dignan said...

Just got my CD's a second ago when I got home from work...
thank you very much!

I will be sending some back to you when I get a chance...


kellie said...

Girlscout - is it too late to request a CD? Though I love the music on the show, I have never really focused on it until now - since reading your blog and hearing you talk so much about all the great music. Now, I notice it every time I see an episode (every day!).

jess517 said...

I got my CD's today! Thanks so much GS!!!

uncle111 said...

First, I got my CD's today and just this minute finished the first listening. They are GREAT! Thanks!! They bring so many scenes to mind. I have to be careful or I will get too melancholy while listening.
I remember when you first started this blog and you told me that you used to be a, let me find the quote..."I'm a blogger, Brad, a blogger! How did this happen to me? I used to be so normal and lovely and now I'm a blogger!!" And that was after starting just one blog. You must be a troll master now!!:)
I think you are doing a great job and you're off on a great adventure.
I'd like to contribute, but maybe this will tell you about me, time and TV. I was contacted recently by the Neilson organization to take part in their TV survey. They sent the packet of information and instructions and even though I watch very little non-DVD or taped TV, I thought I could force myself to watch a couple of shows in order to help plug them. Well, even though I've never seen one all the way through I was going to watch The Unit, Lost and 24. Well, neither The Unit nor Lost were on that week, and I don't remember if 24 was on or if we had a dance party to go to (ballroom dance that is). I ended up catching 30 min. of Extreme Makeover Home Edition(which I like, but seldom see, and wouldn't you know it, I had seen this one)while doing some work at my store so I would have at least one show to put down for the week. Having my own business and working 60+ hours per week, I just don't have time anymore for TV, unless I'm doing something at work where I can listen to it. (As addicted as I was to fencing, I don't know if there was a good club here again if I would have time even for that)Alias- I sacrificed what I had to to watch that. But there simply isn't a show I feel strongly enough to sit down and watch now that Alias is gone. Hence, I watch the DVD's and work on my Alias book.
I will stay tuned here and at Zephyr Avenue to stay in touch, however.
Keep blogging kid!

Kiki said...

Oh, thanks Uncle! And thanks for being honest. I thought of you because you always have such insightful things to say about characters and plot. This blog will be here forever, I promise, always a "safehouse" to come back to. I could never give it up. But, like you said, there are some great adventures to be had and I am so happy it was Alias that put me, that helped me find my niche- intelligent TV and sharing it with others.

Thanks so much for all your support! Enjoy those tunes, I listen to mine daily!

Tammy said...

GS - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my CDs! They came in the mail yesterday and as I'm alone at work today will be "rockin' out"! Thank you for all your hard work to get these out to us!

Good luck with your new blog project. I am not a TV watcher (other than Alias, and now that it has ended - I never turn the TV on...) so I likely won't be a participant but I know you'll have as great a success as you have had here!

You're a fantastic blogger, writer, and "troop" leader of Alias fans! Thanks bunches for that!

Kiki said...

Aahh, thanks Tammy! Well, Let's Talk will always be here. It's my baby, so I will continue the blog for all of you, of course!

I am rocking out to my CD's at work too! No Man's Woman!

Robetron said...

Sorry to be playing catch-up. A huge storm came through, and a 100 year old maple tree was up-rooted and fell on my house. I am currently using my mother's computer to check all my frequent haunts.

I am flattered that you would ask me, GS. Sadly, I am uncertain how reliable I will be this coming fall. I'm totally into watching 24, American Idol, House, Lost, Smallville, and Battlestar Galactica (organized chronologically). I plan to take a job that will require me to be on call 24/7 most weeks, and on the road a great deal of the time. I may have to set 2 VCR's to get all those shows. Then again, I may have time nonetheless. I'm not sure.

BSG - Battlestar Galactica is my #1 show now that ALIAS is gone. Folks, please don't let the sci-fi setting keep you from this show! There is so much more to the stories and the writting than space ships and visual effects. I would love to go back and analyze the deeper message and wieghtier meanings of the first two seasons.

May all great thinking-person's TV shows live on!
So say we all?
So say we all.


Page48 said...

Commitmentphobia is running rampant here and I have a case of it myself.

Like some others here, I am not a big TV watcher, with the notable exception of Alias, which, as we all know, is the greatest show on earth (all due respect to Ringling Bros. et al).

I never meant to become an Alias devotee. It was just a simple channel surf on that fateful night in the fall of 2001 which led to my addiction. Prior to that night, I had never heard of JG, VG, MV, RR, KW, BC, or MD. I recognized CL from other shows, but I couldn't readily identify any of them.

That classic encounter between Suit and Glasses and the unknown "pretty little girl" with the flaming red hair and the ballsy attitude, hooked me immediately. I suspect JJ knew it would. I had to watch, I had to know how it turned out. I had to be there to make sure the girl would be alright. I wanted her to be alright. She clearly needed no backup but I was determined to be there for her until the bitter end. Little did I know how soon or how unsatisfying the end would be, but I knew I would bear witness one way or another. I ran the table on Alias, meaning that I never missed a first run episode from 1.1 to 5.17. I've never done that with any TV show before or since. Alias was magic. Brothers and Sisters won't be magic, Justice won't be magic. They may be decent time wasting entertainment but they won't have Alias magic built in to them simply because they star Alias alumni.

So, Girlscout, as nice as it is to be asked (in fact that sound you hear is me blushing) to audition for a spot in your starting lineup, I'm going to commit only to be a regular visitor and occasional poster to your ever-so-cool blogs. I'm all about leaving a small footprint.