Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I am done! Done, done, done I tell you! I have finished the Alias soundtracks and they are coming at ya!!

I get paid this Friday and I will be able to ship off all CD requests!! Thank you all so much for your patience. I can not believe I actually thought I would get them out after the finale! Yeah right!

Along with your CD's will be a list of songs and in which season and scene the songs appear. There is an All Seasons mix and a Sydney and Vaughn mix. Don't worry if some of your favs are not on the All Seasons mix, because more than likely they are on the Syd and Vaughn mix. Also, after song 14 on the All Seasons mix, there is a technical sound glitch- a high pitched tone that scares the dickens out of me (yes, I said dickens). So, beware when you are rocking out, it might wake your neighbors... in Japan.

If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail. Thanks again for your patience and enjoy all the wonderful tunes.


jenn256 said...

thanks so much for doing this for all of us! I can't believe you did so much leg work on top of it my going through and writing which scene and season the songs are from. I can't wait, I'm so excited. Did you ever figure out what the problem was in mailing the first batch out?

uncle111 said...

Can't wait!!!

Dignan said...

Yea.! Can't wait.

Thank you so much!
I will send you something in return!

lisa said...

thanks so much, GS! you get the "Most Generous and Fun and Dedicated Blogger of the Year" award. I'm really looking forward to the cds!

RUDY said...

Congrats on you success!

lhaaheim said...

GS! As usual you are an awesome blog master!!! I can't wait to hear the tunes!!! Thank you so much!!! :-)