Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Scene Cap of the Afternoon

Looking down the barrel of a smoking British gun.
So, how many of you thought for sure that Vaughn was dead meat during this scene? Sydney and Vaughn have tracked Sark and Irina to a genetics firm, and just as Vaughn is thrown down the stairs and Sark cocks his gun, Sydney saves the day with a bullet or two from above. She scrambles down the steps, nearly falling (she does in the bloopers) and checks Vaughn's vest. He's okay! Then, she kisses him sweetly on the forehead and the two escape before the building crumbles.
Those 2.2 seconds that Sydney is scared and worried about Vaughn are my favorite of all season 2. Forget about the SD-6 kiss or the drawer moment, forget about ice cream in the park and the big Zamboni- it's that moment right there, that real moment- her kiss and sigh of relief that makes the scene. LOVE IT!
PS. For those of you expecting the Alias soundtracks in the mail- keep an eye out and let me know when you get them. I want to make sure there are no problems.
PPS. Don't forget to vote for your favorite season 2 moments. Check below for a list of categories- there are a few added categories as well. Have fun!


lonzi21 said...

Although I do like this scene, now that I look back on it, why does Sark shoot Vaughn point blank? It is obvious that he had meant to kill him, being that he shot him in the chest as he lie helplessly. In the series finale Sark stated that he was only a businessman, not a cold blooded murderer or an unsympathetic individual towards human life like Sloane.

lhaaheim said...

Damn Vaughn looks hot!!!

I too was worried about Vaughn and I also enjoyed Syd's ultra concerned reaction but for me this does not top the kiss or the drawer, but it is a nice scene and certainly one of my favorites! :-)

Plus I love later on when Vaughn has a gun pointed at Sark and he says "See? When I have a gun trained on you, I don't just pull the trigger!" Sark says "thank you", Vaughn smashes is head on the table again and says "you're welcome"! Vaughn was hot in that scene too! He's always hot!!! :-D

Lonzi- I think Sark was more concerned about getting away at this moment, though I was rather mad at him for shooting Vaughn like that!!! I love it when they fight but only when Vaughn wins! They are both so hot when they fight each other!

Oh my I’m a little boy crazy today! It must be the heat!

Kiki said...

Lonzi- good point. But like his loyalties, it looks like Sark's criminal position is flexible as well. Always a gentleman. I love the tension between Sark and Vaughn, even before Lauren.

jenn256 said...

I agree GS, that small little kiss spoke volumes. They could have made it cheesy and had this big kiss and ridiculous scene, but they didn't need to. They had the small kiss (and the fact that she kissed him on the forehead makes me melt even more!) and on with business; I mean there's really no time for a make-out session when someone is about to blow-up the building you're in.

Kiki said...

Oh, and Syd's hair, make-up and outfit are great in that scene, but why was she all done up and her like that- she didn't use an alias in the building. Hmmm, I always thought it was weird. Sydney is always presented as low maintenance. Also, I love the outfit and hair when she and Vaughn go on their first date in Paris when they get tracked down by Ariana Kane.

kellie said...

That is a great great scene. I still love the SD6 kiss the best. I had never seen Alias and didn't have any clue as to what to expect when I rented all the DVDs at one time from Netflix and watched all of Seasons 1-3 while sitting at home with newborn twins. I just watched episode after episode into the night - couldn't stop. I think it took 1.5 weeks (waiting to get the next installments in the mail). Taking down SD6 and the kiss was totally unexpected having no background on the show and it was the most exciting thing that I had going on in my life, besides taking care of infants (which isn't very exciting most of the time : )

Anyway, I also recall that I watched 1-3 in August right before season 4 was supposed to start having no idea it wasn't scheduled to start until January. Waiting for the S4 premier was pure torture that year.

Anyway, I do love this scene too - the chemistry between them at the time was so evident and their relationship was still so new. Watching them reminded me of what it feels like to fall in love : )

Kiki said...

Oh, me too Kellie- the whole falling in love part. The cute little smiles and stuff.

kellie said...

Girlscout - maybe Syd was dressed up because she was trying to impress Vaughn : )

Kiki said...

That's what I always thought! Dressed up for her man!

Page48 said...

I love Sark. He has the morals of an alley cat, but when he's not torturing or murdering or reluctantly participating in "global genocide", he's actually a lovable rogue.

I think Vaughn and Sydney enjoy sparring with Sark, and I think it's mutual. They challenge each other. They've had each other in their crosshairs often enough but always leave an opening for their foe to slip away. They need each other and they often use each other to further their own causes.

So, did Sark opt for the chest shot assuming that Vaughn was vested (a reasonable assumption considering the bulky jacket and the fact that Vaughn is CIA) and would only be temporarily incapacitated?

I don't think Sark would execute Vaughn at close range unless it was his very last option for his own survival, if for no other reason than Sydney would hunt him down and inflict on him a world of hurt.

I haven't seen this episode in ages so I may need to refresh my take after watching it again.

As to why Vaughn looks so hot, I think it's because he's running around with his jacket done up indoors and, thus, not properly ventilated. That's it, isn't it, lhaaheim?

kellie said...

I love Sark as a nemesis as well. He is not really evil like Anna or Lauren, but seems to really like being directed by people with big visions like Irina and Sloane, or whoever has him under their power at the time.

His very first episode was just on TNT recently. In that episode, he shoots a man out on the street with no hesitation. It is pretty brutal and he shows no mercy for his victim. Come to realize, he is working for "The Man" so again (or to begin with) he is being directed by someone. He never really acts alone with his own vision except for the time he and Lauren try and take over the Covenant, but again, there is still someone in the driver's seat there. I guess he has limited vision, but loves the thrill of the spy business.

I love looking back and thinking about how Sark's character impacts the whole story of Alias. The geisha episode is a huge turning point for his character when he forms the pivital alliance with Sloane, apparently revealing to him that Syd and Jack are double agents. The Sloane/Sark relationship is so key to the rest of the show as it pertains to Rimbaldi. I love his very last scene ? when he says in so many words that Rimbaldi wasn't worth it - it really brings his character full circle. He ends as a sort of 2-bit criminal, albeit a very dapper and "beautiful man" one.

Sorry to go on and on. Just thinking a lot about Alias tonight.

lhaaheim said...

Oh yes I love her hair on their first date!!! It's my favorite Sydney hair style!!! I’ve tried to do it myself many times but I can never get it quite right!!! How do JG and her hairstylists do it? She always has great hair!!!

I agree she was dressing up for Vaughn, I sure would have!!!

*sigh* what a cute scene I too am glad they didn't over do it and let the sweetness of a kiss to the forehead stand alone. She did that in the drawer scene too! *sigh*

"I think Vaughn and Sydney enjoy sparring with Sark, and I think it's mutual."

I whole heartedly agree! And I also think that Sark knew Vaughn had a vest on because if he really wanted to kill him at that close of range he would have shot him in the head. I also agree Sark is smart enough not to piss off Sydney too much.

Yup page48 that's why he looks so hot, it has nothing to do with his vulnerable position, worried expression, steamy good looks, super fine body, excellent personality nor his comforting voice and sexy hair. It's just because he's a little sweaty from the vest and all that running.

PS: Vaughn actually does look pretty good sweaty! But I'm sure I've said enough already. I swear this hot weather is getting to me!!! I'm all silly and boy crazy!!!

PSS: Why is that Syd rarely wears a vest, why are the boys the only ones who wear vests all the time? She is generally in more danger then them, why doesn't she wear a vest too??? I have always thought that was silly.

PSSS: I was listening to Coldplay on my way home today and it reminded me of Alias which reminded me of this amazing blog. I'm so happy I have a thoughtful, intelligent and funny community to express my love and appreciation for Alias. I really love this blog and all of its bloggers! You all are awesome!

PSSSS: (Am I even doing that right? Oh well!) I was watching MythBusters a couple days ago on the Discovery channel and they were testing out movie technology such as using suction cups to climb buildings and ventilation ducts. As well as circular glass cutters, pressure plate tricks, laser and infrared avoidance techniques, how to crack safes etc. It was such a cool show and reminded me of Alias the whole time, plus it was nice to see the real life everyday application of such stunts that we regard as ordinary on Alias.


lhaaheim said...

Kellie- Yup, Sark is definitely a gopher! I very cute, sexy British gopher! Argh! Damn this hot weather!!! I can’t help myself!!! Though I too liked how is character came full circle and while I hypothesized about him helping Syd or going ultra evil I really do love the fact that he said true to himself. It was perfect how he referred to himself as just a business man who wanted to be on the wining side to Vaughn. It was quite fitting!
Part of me wishes he could have been good though, I really loved him as Bob! It was nice to pretend he wasn’t a terrorist for a while. David and the writers have always done a great job of keeping a level of humanity in Sark. He always seemed caring and even when acting evil the audience could see that it wasn’t a part of him. For example I believe he truly cared for “Lydia” as well as Evil Francie and Lauren, they weren’t just play things to him. Albeit a small and very shady one, Sark does have a heart. It obvious too that he cares at some level for Syd. He just loves himself more!

Don’t apologize for writing a lot Kellie, I love your ideas!


Sandi/juliansark1 said...

How do I love Sark? Let me count the ways! Ok, I won't actually count them, because we would all be here all day!
I do think that Sark knew that Vaughn would likely have a vest on...he seemed well acquainted with CIA protocol and methods (don't ask me for examples...the episodes elude me at the moment!).
Perhaps he knew, or perhaps I am just looking for some good in Sark.

kellie: I love watching Sark's first episode too..if for nothing else than the slow motion pan across his face. Ok..I should stop there!

lhaaheim said...

I got my music today!!! *does a little dance* THANK YOU SO MUCH GS!!! I can't wait to listen to it!!! :-D