Monday, July 10, 2006

1st Annual Let's Talk Alias Favorite Awards

It’s Monday! YAHOO!! Why am I so excited? No, Alias is not coming back, but today marks the start of the First Annual Let’s Talk Alias Favorite Awards!! What is that you say? It’s a chance for you to vote on your favorite moments from Alias. Season by season, we will ask you to list your favorite scenes, characters, lines etc. and then we will post the winners each Friday. This week: Season 1. Let us revisit the pilot season by marking our favorite moments. Take a look at the categories below and submit your picks via e-mail ( by Friday, July 14th. The winners will be posted next Monday and the Season 2 categories will be posted.

Favorite Fight Sequence
Favorite Marshall Flinkman Gadget
Favorite Father/Daughter Moment
Favorite Song
Favorite Tear-jerker Scene
Favorite Villain
Favorite Sydney/Vaughn Moment
Favorite Line
Favorite Funny Moment
Favorite Sydney Alias
Favorite Mission (Solo or Group)
Favorite Sloane Scene
Favorite Jack Scene
Favorite Shocker/Cliffhanger

Please pick one scene per category. Please do not post your picks in the comment section; they will not be counted in the vote. Have fun and happy voting!!


lhaaheim said...

Oooh this is fun!!! Good idea!!! :-)

Amy said...

Voted :o)

jenn256 said...

I'm so exicited about this, the possibilities are endless!!!

I think I need to go back and watch again with these categories in mind and TRY to narrow down my favorites. This may be harder than I thought.

dlove said...

Goodie!! This will be fun.

Desiree said...

I am glad we are finally able to do this! Super Cool!

Dark Alias said...

this is gonna be completly hard to do cuz there are so much great 'favorites' in the season, but i'll try

RUDY said...

Amazing idea!!

Sarafu said...

Great Idea, I LOVE IT!!!