Sunday, July 30, 2006

Season 3 Favorite Winners

I am back from a super fun weekend and YAHOO! We had tons of people vote for season 3 favorites... let's get to the winners:

Fight Sequence: While in a dream to remember her missing 2 years, Sydney fights a version of herself/Lauren.
GS's pick: I agree- very cool!

Gadget: Marshall's little invisible car with the reflecting mirrors.
GS's pick: Awesome gadget- love it!

Father/Daughter Moment: After Jack is released from prison he shows up in the Rotunda with a hug for his daughter.
GS's pick: I loved the moment Sydney saw her father on the other side of the glass in prison. I loved him telling her that she looked beautiful and that he had always believed she was alive.

Song: She's Got You by Patsy Kline (Syd/Weiss Tequila scene- Syd/Vaughn/Lauren in the conference room).
GS's pick: UM hello? All My Life by Rosie Thomas (Parking garage hug scene).

Tear-jerker: Sydney's "ripped apart" speech.
GS's pick: Sydney calls Vaughn after they learn of Lauren's father's death. Vaughn decides to stay with Lauren. Sydney says "I guess we won't be getting that cup of coffee." BOO WHOOOO, I cried like a baby!!

Villian: LAUREN the Oober Beeyotch
GS's pick: Amen!!

Syd/Vaughn Moment: Their final moments in the Korean prison.
GS's pick: I loved Vaughn's speech- "I was so in love with you, it nearly killed me." Come on! Oooh, and of course the the parking garage hug scene after Vaughn gets off the plane with the bomb! SOOOOO A-MAZ-ING! JJ I LOVE YOU!

Line: "I'm ere, she's ere, we made it." -Will
GS's pick: Best line ever!!

Funny Moment: Marshall's song to Carrie "You're the mega in my byte." HAHAHAHA!
GS's pick: Totally perfect!

Alias: Julia Thorne
GS's pick: Also the best ever, best freakin' ever!

Mission: The boys break Sydney out of Lindsey's custody.
GS's pick: The Facade mission, convincing Daniel Ryan that they are the Covenant! Great team effort and Vaughn got to play Sark! De-lish!

Sloane Moment: Sloane's death scene.
GS's pick: The moment Sydney slams Sloane down on his desk and puts a letter opener to his neck. So good!

Jack Moment: Punching Robert Lindsey in the face!
GS's pick: I love the scene after Jack punches Lindsey, when he and Vaughn are getting carted away in a truck. Jack tells Vaughn that Sydney can not be his priority, that Vaughn's kindness tortures her. I love SpyDaddy telling Vaughn what for!

Cliffhanger: Lauren is revealed as a Covenant soldier.
GS's pick: ALL TIME BEST REVEAL EVER! I jumped out of my seat! Nice work writers!

Kendall Moment: Not many Kendall moments, but wasn't it so great to see him back on the plane and with the info. about Sydney's missing 2 years. Love it!

Weiss line: "I had the same intense feelings for both Posh and Sporty Spice."
GS's pick: In giving advice to Vaughn about his marriage, Weiss says "That's why people in the CIA shouldn't marry people from the NSC, don't poop where you sleep." HAHAHAHA, I laughed soooo hard! Ooh and he always says "Weiss on ice."

Rambaldi Artifact: El Dire
GS's pick: Dark had an awesome pick- Nadia! Best artifact I think!

Awkward Sydney/Vaughn/Lauren Moment: Conference room scene when Marshall gives Sydney a CD of the music she missed in 2 years with Vaughn and Lauren standing there.
GS's pick: Syd and Vaughn's first mission after he returns to the CIA. Sydney, Vaughn and Lauren go to Russian and Lauren and Vaughn kiss in front of her as she walks in the room wearing a beautiful red dress. Sad!

Season 3 Blooper: Michael Vartan falls down the stairs at Lauren's mother's house in Virginia. GS's pick: Michael Vartan runs down the hill after Jennifer Garner yelling "Maybe we'll have better reception when we get to Gai-Li." He's waving his arms around and Jennifer turns around to start back up the hill to re-shoot the scene. HAHA! So funny!

Guest Star: Ricky Gervais as bomber Daniel Ryan
GS's pick: He is by far the best guest star of all time! Amazing episode, amazing characters, love him!!

I just love season 3. I just freakin' love it. I am going to watch it again this week. I know- I have a problem- but if I didn't we all wouldn't be in here talking about!

Okay, you know the routine. Season 4 picks are due this Friday and I will post the winners on Monday. 2 seasons to go! You can skip the Kendall Moment- he traded himself in to be John Locke on Lost. Bummer!


bristow_24 said...

Awesome picks. I think I'm one of the few who also loves season 3.

lhaaheim said...

I was busy again and since I take my favorites too seriously I didn’t have time to figure it out! Here are my thoughts though on the picks…

I’m with you GS- the moment in the prison where Syd and Jack are talking between the glass is my favorite! I also agree with your song choice since that parking garage scene is one of my favorite moments ever!!!

I loved the Korea scene and Vaughn’s little speech and the moment before Syd gets on the plane, Vaughn and Syd hug and then almost sort of kiss but I absolutely love the garage hug. I don’t even think Vaughn says anything he just embraces Syd who’s been crying up against her car and simply says “Vaughn” all weepy upon seeing him. It’s obvious they are in love even though Vaughn is with Lauren but it doesn’t matter they still act and embrace as lovers.

You’re the micro in my chip! I love Marshall, one of my favorite Marshall moments overall!

GS- I agree the fa├žade mission was the best, Vaughn pretending to be Sark, everyone pretending to be covenant, the fake hotel, Jack killing the guy and bringing him back! That was such and awesome episode!!! I do like when the boys broke Syd out of custody though!

Yup Sloane smacked against the desk by a very pissed off Syd! She should have followed though with the letter opener! I bet she would have had she known what would happen!

My favorite Jack moment is actually the prison scene too! He was such an awesome, caring and wonderful dad then and he was in prison having been in solitary for months! It’s insane how good Jack Bristow is! I just watched that scene a while ago and it made me cry! I miss SpyDaddy!

When Laruen was revealed I was jumping up and down screaming “the b*tch is evil!!!” over and over!!! I was so happy because I knew it was only a matter of time before everyone figured her out and Syd and Vaughn could get back together. Plus it meant I could totally hate her!!!

Bristow- I love season 3 too!

Tammy said...

I didn't have time to submit mine this week, but I love seeing what all of you chose!!

I do love season 3 as well. There were just so many unexpected things (at least in my mind!)

My BF is going to be gone for 2 weeks starting later this week, so I think I'm going to have an Alias fest! (can you believe he doesn't like Alias?! Sheesh! Actually, he doesn't watch any TV... so it's not that bad!)

Sandi/juliansark1 said...

I know why Lauren was most people's pick as best villian, but I love Sark's character from Season 3. Well, I love Sark in general, but he is great in Season 3. We get to see a lot more of him and he gets some really meaty lines and scenes. I think Sark may be hard to pick as a traditional villian, because you love to hate him. Plus, he is hot, so there you go.

Kiki said...

Hot is right! I heart that little British dish!

kellie said...

You're the micro in my chip - I forgot about that. LMAO!!!!

Page48 said...

Here's what struck me early in Season 3.

Was Dixon just chillin' all the time that Jack was grooming his beard in solitary confinement (with no visitors allowed)or was he working on a plan to spring him? I think that if the shoe was on the other foot (Dixon in solitary), Jack would have been a little more pro-active in getting Dixon released. Considering how quickly and easily Sydney (fresh off a 2 year blackout) was able to put the screws to Lindsey, and considering the many seemingly "missions impossible" pulled off by the Alias team in the past, that maybe Dixon just didn't try very hard. Makes me wonder if something happened to his Dixon's balls.

I think if I was Sydney, I would have grilled Dixon about why he wasn't able to out-manoeuvre a pipsqueak like Lindsey when he had almost a year to think about it. How about plain old blackmail for starters? Have Marshall alter a few bank records, get a few pics of Lindsey with a hooker, whatever it takes. How difficult would it be?

On the other hand, with ideas like that, Alias might have been cancelled long before Season 5.

bristow_24 said...

If Dixon were to have gotten Jack out of prison, then we never would have had the Sydney/Jack scene from the premier. I don't think anyone ever really though of Dixon trying to get him out... it just was what it was. It was how the mission two years picked up.

I do, however, like the hooker idea :)

uncle111 said...

I think Dixon was always much more a by-the-book kind of guy than Jack. And having his position of responcibility probably made him even more so, except for the few times it became personal, like telling Syd to kill A. Doren, and when Lindsey had him locked up.

Dark Alias said...

I liked all the picks for season three. I think it all came around good. There was a few that i coudln't think of, but reading what won, if i had remembered them, i would have picked them.

Page48 said...

bristow_24, the hooker idea is always a crowd pleaser.

uncle, you're right, Dixon was definitely more by-the-book than Jack. Jack was a true man of action, while Dixon may have had a little too much respect for the position (at times)

Here's something completely off topic (apologies, but I will forget this if I don't mention it now).

Did anyone notice the similarity in these 2 scenes involving current and former Alias actors?

1) Tom Grace calmly watching the timer on the bomb count down until it blew him to Kingdom Come

2) Terry O'Quinn (in the X-Files movie) as the FBI agent calmly watching the timer on the bomb count down until it blew him to Kingdom Come.

Both of these men assured their colleagues that they would get themselves to safety before the bomb blew up. Neither made any effort to do so.

The connection between those 2 scenes jumped out at me at the time of the Alias finale.

lhaaheim said...

While it would have been nice for Dixon to try and get Jack out, and I'm sure he did the proper and legal things he could do to help Jack, I like that Dixon didn't stray from his morals and the CIA rule book. Plus I love that it was Syd who got Jack out! Her rescuing him really built their relationship up well for the hardships that would come trying to solve her missing years. Plus Dixon was all in director mode and took it pretty seriously so any rogue stuff was out of the question.


lhaaheim said...

On the other hand Marshall would have helped him and Dixon could have reasonably come up with a plan in a year since Syd did so in a few days under much distress and with little help. I always felt a little odd about Dixon in the beginning of season three; he was always a little too distant. I never liked that part of Dixon but I was very happy when the best friend part of Dixon came back.

You know Jack would have rescued Dixon, somehow or at least tried too! Syd would have too! And Vaughn, Marshall and Weiss would have helped! Why didn't Dixon help Jack!?! Now I'm totally conflicted!

Robetron said...

Don't forget:
Getting Jack out of prison would have required revealing the highly classified secret that Sydney truly was alive, something which Sydney herself asked that no one know. She felt it was a matter of serious consequence, involving the safety of those she loved, like Jack. Dixon's friendship with Sydney would have overridden any loyalty he might have felt toward Jack.


Kiki said...

Good point Robby!

lisa said...

another thought: if Syd (as Julia) went to see Vaughn at one point b/c she really wanted to see him and let her know that she was alive....I wonder why she didn't try to contact her dad, too? I know, not to put him in jeapordy, but she knows he would have tried to help her.

Dark Alias said...

lisa, when sydney meet with kendel in the safe house and told him what had happend to her, he told her that jack was in deep cover and couldn't be contacted, so i asume she belived him and thats why she didn't try to contact him, or at least couldn't contact him.

lisa said...

oh, you're right. thanks! wonder why he told her that?

uncle111 said...

If Kendall had told Syd Jack was in prison there is no way she would have gone back to the Covenant. She would have stayed to help her dad and try to deal with Vaughn.

kellie said...

Missing Alias talk, so here is another comment on the picks. I voted for Julia Thorne for best Alias, but besides Julia who is more like another character than an alias, I loved the redheaded, red-dressed, kick ass woman that shot the bomb into Volkov's sedan in The Two. She was a big departure from Syd's usual alias's. Syd rarely intentionally hurts anyone, mainly using martial arts kickboxing moves and dart guns to neutralize people, but in this episode she shoots a ball of fire into this guy's car, killing 3 people and eventually killing this guy. WOW!!! Not that I advocate killing, but it shows how furious, capable and desparate she is all at the same time. I loved it, plus again with a red wig. All the red headed alias's are so awesome.

One funny thing - she goes to the trouble to get a red sports car (Ferrari?) and then walks down an alley, presumably not needing it for anything in particular but to get her to the meeting place. I guess she just wanted everything to match her outfit?

lhaaheim said...

Having matching accessories is very important! :-)

I too love that alias, it's one of my favorites and it is certainly Syd at the height of her kick ass abilities. She didn't even have to kick as this time she just smiled and shot them! Sydney Bristow is awesome!

lhaaheim said...

Just noticed something really cool, so I'm watching Horizon and enjoying the sweet Syd and Vaughn dream moments and I noticed that the song, I have no clue what's it's actually called, that played during the SD-6 kiss and in the finale on the roof is playing during Syd's dreams just very slowly and faintly in the background! Did anyone else notice this??? I just love the detail they put into the show!!! It makes it so beautiful! By the way is there an official title for the song?

lhaaheim said...

I'm such a dork Horizon still makes me cry even though I know they see each other again! Oh how Alias toys with my heart! I think I need sleep, night! :-)

kellie said...

OK - watching Rendezvous right now (from Season 1) and I might have a new category called "Most mis-guided [aka worst] Alias." My pick is Will as Patrice LaFond (longish black wig). I don't even remember that from before (the wig), but it is classic!!!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that my favorite blooper is of Lauren & Vaughn goofing around while posing for their wedding pics