Sunday, May 03, 2009

New Post

For the sake of a new post. :) As you can tell from the photo I'm currently watching season 3 (for the 4th or 5th time I think) and just got to watch Full Disclosure, probably one of my top five all-time favorite Alias episodes. Not to mention another reason why I love the No Doubt cover of "It's My Life." I'll never forget how my jaw literally dropped when the sniper of Lazaray was revealed, so freakin' awesome! Anyway, just felt like sharing, anyone else in the midst of an Alias series rewatching?


finkles2000 said...

Yay! New post! I'm new here - I added posts to the "season 5 finale/pilot ep" post as well as the "ask a question" post (I'm so confused about something in season 5).

In the midst of waiting for season 5 to arrive on Netflix, I watched a few episodes of Season 3, which, if you strapped me to a chair and pried my mouth open to extract molars, I would admit is probably my favorite.

I didn't watch season 3 when it aired, but I rented the DVDs as soon as they came out and watched them right before season 4 aired (which I then stupidly did not watch).

Anyhoozlebees. I remember there being some flack about Lauren, and I think she's still considered by people to be their least favorite character, but I, for one, love her. I love how they made her seem like a beyotch to Sydney (which made me dislike her) to being a decent co-worker and agent (which made me like her a little bit) to being just plain deliciously evil. Which made me love her as a character. She's one of my fave "baddies."

I remember a rumor going around that they made Lauren evil because the audience hated her, but I read an interview in which J.J. stated that it was planned from the beginning.

One of my favorite all-time episodes, of which the name escapes me, is the one in season 3 where they show us two sides of the same story, in a Rashomon fashion. It's the one where the security guard points a gun at Syd and Vaughn, his hand shaking, and says something like, "I don't want to have to do this!" The first time I saw that episode, I SO wanted to know what was up with that, and lo and behold, I saw later on that it was Lauren's doing. Brilliant. (Also, that episode gives us one of Sydney's truly hilarious moments as a geeky cyber-nerd.)

Page48 said...

F2K, a show like "Alias" is better for having (in addition to characters we love) characters that we hate deeply, like Lauren.

MG did a beautiful job of portraying the disgustingly evil Lauren and I think we sometimes under-appreciate the actors that play the baddies because we are hard-wired to hate anyone who messes with our faves.

I find it hard to believe that JJ & Co. re-jigged her character in midseason because of audience disapproval of Lauren. I think pure hatred was exactly what writers had in mind when Lauren's character was created...and it worked. I mean, who didn't love watching her die????

SRG said...

Every time I watch season 3 I appreciate it even more. I believe Lauren was supposed to be evil from the start, or at least from the eppy where she helped Vaughn and Jack break Syd out of the black ops facility Lindsey was holding/torturing her at. The first time you watch it, it makes Lauren seem likable, not to mention ballsy, to stand up to her boss for what's right and help rescue our beloved Syd. But after learning she's Covenant, it makes sense that they wouldn't want Syd rendered brain dead from the neurostimulation, they needed to know where she hid The Cube. So Lauren's apparent rescue was really only saving Syd's memory for the Covenant to somehow extract. I love twists like that. :)

Sidenote to you Lost fans, I just watched the Crossings eppy (w/ guest star Isabella Rossellini) and realized her contact Mr. Cho is the same actor that portrays Dr. Chang. It's cute how loyal JJ is to his actors. :)

SRG said...

p.s. the episode F2K is referring to that shows the same events from two perspective is called Blowback, also one of my favorites!

uncle111 said...

Let's see. I've seen the whole series 10+ times now. S3 was very painful for me the first time through because Lauren brought so much havoc and tragedy to Syd's life. But that tension was really what made it such a great season. And oh. how we loved seeing her get it..and seeing Vaughn whack her with the wrench before that.

Yes, she was meant fo be evil from the start.

Page48 said...

Ah, yes! Sydney Bristow on "Charlie Rose" tonight.

Okay, technically, JJ is the guest (pimping "Star Trek") and they just ran a few clips of his work...but Syd was there.

Robetron said...

Recent photos of JG promoting her new movie (I don't know how to make a link) do not present her in Syd-shape. She's still in Mama-mode.

There is nothing wrong with it; she is beautiful as a full grown adult too. My point is that I don't see Sydney in her when I see her now. I see a successful mother who sometimes acts in B-level chick-flicks.

In order to see Syd, I think it can only be done by going back to the DVDs that have preserved our joy for good (or, until blue-ray takes over everything).

Page48 said...

Robetron, there are 2 shames at work here:

1) our girl Jen has a thing for accepting roles in steaming piles of cinematic crap that aren't worthy of a high school drama dropout, let alone someone with her talent

2) this particular steaming pile will be available on Blu-ray decades before "Alias" ever will.

uncle111 said...

I just watched 2 season 4 episodes of Monk. The first had Alexander Kasinow. The second had Michael Weston.

Page48 said...

Having caught BC in the act of dissing the only decent role he's ever had, I'm not sure I care if he lands this one or not.

uncle111 said...

The most recent order on my website was today. The number of the order 4747. Too bad it didn't come in April 7th. The karat gold was 14, and a size 7, however. If you subtracted or added by 1 on 4 other numbers there would have been 4 more 47's.

Page48 said...

Uncle, any chance your computer is airborne at all times?

In a similar vein, cast your eyes to the bottom of this this screencap from "Fringe" 1.17

Robetron said...

These last two episodes of Dollhouse has been fantastic. This is what it should have been right from jump.

Alan Tudyk has turned in a genius performance as Alpha, but then, I am a little bias, having been a fan since he was in A Knights Tale, and doubled with Firefly.

Its good, though...

Anyone see it?

SRG said...

haha nice Page :)

yeah DH was good, two big surprises I never would have guessed (Whiskey and Madeline's freedom over a different girl). One word for Alpha: F R E A K Y, seriously. Before I couldn't picture the lovable Wash as a psycho, that changed in a microsecond.

One nitpicky thing, they need a better music person. I've noticed it a few times over the season, it's an exciting part in the episode but the music is boring and slow, not adding to the tension or suspense at all. I felt that when they were all at the electricity plant. But overall I agree Robetron, I'm sure I'll tune in next season.

Page48 said...

DH's ratings continue to blow, making Season 2 anything but a sure bet.

On the bright side, Echo didn't have an assignment this week. A good way to go out, if indeed this was the end.

uncle111 said...

I can't disclose where my computer flies.
Fringe shot- they do like to steal from shows that were good, don't they?
I just don't see Will as GL, but it sounds like I need to catch the 2 recent DH's.

Anonymous said...

I have written before about watching Alias on my iPod. I thought I'd take a quick picture and post it.

It took a lot longer to get a picture than I thought. Which scene to use, how close to get, where's that light reflecting on the screen coming from, etc? I got all that taken care of and then the shot I got was an action shot and the camera caught it at a blurry frame. But, you'll get the idea.

If your monitor's resolution setting is 1152 by 864 the picture will be life size. I wish I could have captured a frame that shows how sharp the picture actually is. Also, I have it docked in a $5 set of speakers that make it sound like a TV.

Here's the link- iPodSyduncle111

Page48 said...

Uncle, you've converted your iPod to a spyPod.

uncle111 said...

SpyPod. I'll have to remember that one. I like it.

ilovealias4ever said...

Any chance you could repost the link to that Fringe screencap, Page?

For some reason, the link won't work for me... :)

Ah, don't you just love having ALIAS on the iPod, Uncle!?

I was watching "Dead Drop" (S2EP04) on the bus to school the other morning...

...and about three episodes late the other night (when I should very well have been asleep).

I swear, I do not think I'll be getting over this show. I basically think about it 24/7.

Love having the episodes at my beck & call -- where I want, whenever I want.


Page48 said...

ILA4E, try this, then click on that image for a larger one, similar to

ilovealias4ever said...

Thanks for that, Page.

Ah, the good ol' 47 ;).

The board is also very reminiscent of that shown in the beginning of the ALIAS 2-part finale; a.k.a, "Reprisal".

The memories...

uncle111 said...

Anything good happening on Fringe?

Page48 said...

"Anything good happening on Fringe?"

Season One (20 episodes) wrapped on Tuesday. They've gone 3 episodes in a row without a monster-of-the-week, which can only be a good thing.

Olivia is now traveling between parallel realities which are similar but different, i.e. she just met with Leonard Nimoy in his office in the still-standing Twin Towers.

Peter is not Walter's real son, but a replacement from a different reality (Peter is unaware of this), since Walter's real son died as a child.

Still painfully under-serialized, but logic would suggest that the monster-phase should be over. FWIW, JJ is promising a paradigm-shift next season.

Needless to say, S1 is already available in Blu-ray, unlike "Alias".

Robetron said...

There might be a bit of sadness as the LOST finale pretty well closed the season for every good show left on TV. Please allow me to brighten your day with a quote from the BURN NOTICE Facebook page:

"Get ready to feel the burn. All new episodes of BURN NOTICE premiere at a new time on Thursday, June 4th at 9pm! What do you think will happen this season?"

I would give you the link to see the accompanying video, but, again, I still don't know how to make links. There might be spoilers anyway, and I am against knowing anything about what is going to happen. I prefer to be surprised. Anyway, at least there is going to be one bright spot for TV watching this summer, and it's season opener isn't too far off.

That glass being half full can make us happy if we chose it.

Page48 said...

Yeah, with "24" finishing up Day Seven on Monday (2 hours), there's nothing left but to wait for BN. I just wish BN would crank out 24 hours per season like Kiefer and Co.

uncle111 said...

I tried 10 different ways to post the formula for links here, but the blog software reads them as bad link attempts and won't let them post.

If you'll email me at the email address at I'll email you the links formula. Once you see it it will be easy to use.

Page48 said...

Robetron, go to HTML Tags.

Scroll down to the HTML tags chart (about 1/4 way down page).

Second line in the table re: anchor shows the code example for for entering a link. Pretty soon you'll have that code embedded in your frontal lobe and you'll be posting links like a pro.

uncle111 said...

I haven't watched Fringe since the 3rd or 4th episode. I just went online and watched E19. I liked it. I think that would have made a good first episode. I like the action, the mystery (from jumping in so late) the alternate/parallel universe, bad guy getting it, etc.

I'll have to catch the rest of the season.

Maybe I'll catch the Lost finale. That one will probably have enought to hold my interest, and finally solve the mystery:)

Page48 said...

Uncle, still another year to go on "Lost". Not a ton of mysteries solved last night. A few new ones to ponder, though.

"Fringe" needs to get away from monsters and porcupine men, even if they cling to the hideous notion that stand-alone episodes are good. The concept of alternate realities is far more interesting to me than weekly autopsies on genetically engineered freaks. JJ promises a paradigm shift in S2, so let's see if he can pull it off. Not so encouraging is that JJ is still on the interview circuit, apologizing for serial TV and beaming about the accessibility of "Fringe" to the uncommitted viewer. Bad on ya JJ.

Uncle, you watched 1.19, which gives 'story' credits to Akiva Goldsman. He was involved in 3 of the final 4 episodes of the season, and, coincidence or not, those were not only the 3 best of the season, but they involved NO gooey monsters. Hallelujah!

Goldsman's credits include Will Smith's "I, Robot", "Hancock", and "I Am Legend", as well as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", and both Howard/Hanks DaVinci movies. He also won an Oscar for "A Beautiful Mind". I think the message here is better writing makes for better TV.

uncle111 said...

Wow! I haven't seen the DaVinci movies, but I've seen all the others. I liked all of them and I think some of them are nothing short of great. Guess I really like Goldman.

Wonder where I got the idea this was the end of Lost. Think it would be worth jumping in?

Robetron- email me for the link instructions. Mine are so simple my wife could follow them and not feel the least bit unsure.

uncle111 said...

I forgot- Yeah for Burn!!

Fringe- I'm so tired of autopsy that I don't watch any of the police shows. Glad if Fringe is headed toward intrigueing physics, ala alternate universe/timeline complications/conspiracies. That will force some serielness on them. Hope they think it forward more than they did Rambaldi. Maybe JJ is feeling it's a good gimmick since Star Trek is doing so well.

SRG said...

Hm, y'all are making me interested in watching Fringe again, I may have to catch up over the summer if you think season 2 could be view-worthy (I gave up after episode 3 I think).

Uncle - this season of Lost was the best yet and the 2-hour finale topped it all. This is one show that actually lives up to the hype.

Page48 said...

SRG, medals are going out in the mail for anyone who got past the 2nd episode of "Fringe" (the one where the hooker gave birth to a guy who died of old age by the end of the day).

If Season 2 comes back with more of that, YIKES!

Page48 said...

Hard to imagine, but it looks like DH has been given a 2nd season.

Apparently Joss promised he could deliver DH 'on the cheap' and FOX officials said "cheap is good, I say we go with cheap".

Personally, I would settle for BETTER. I still believe this is network guilt leftover from their ridiculous ditching of "Firefly". Why else would you set a precedent by making DH the lowest rated drama to EVER get a renewal?

Meanwhile, Alpha (along with "Firefly" companion Morena Baccarin) and Dr. Saunders each have new shows of their own to go to next season, so how does that work for DH?

Page48 said...

Are ya ready to boldly go? I'm pretty sure I am.

uncle111 said...

I'm going boldly on Tuesday.

uncle111 said...

I'm going to post a 6 1/2 minute segment from S3E1 on YouTube in the next couple of days. It is the best 6 1/2 minute segment from any episode of the series.

Try to guess where it begins and ends.

Page48 said...

Uncle, like most "Alias" episodes, you could choose half a dozen killer clips in 3.1

Obvious choices would be the Red Dress scene, or Syd threatening to destroy the chip. Both of those are awesome, but for those of us who heart Sydney Bristow so bad it hurts, I think you have to roll with this scene.

I read a Twitter note that mentioned a '47' reference in "Star Trek". Let's see if we can spot it. Of course, I don't know when I'll see ST.

Robetron said...

Its official.

I've been away from watching ALIAS now for long enough. I'm excited to start from the beginning again, and pretend like I don't know what is going to happen.

Sunday night...

Stoffers spaghetti and meatballs hot from the microwave...

...and ALIAS theme music rockin' form the DVD "Episodes" page.

It's like its late-September, 2001 all over again. Other than the horrifying tragedy also associated with that month, what great remembrances dwell there!

Page48 said...

More comedy schlock on tap for Jen:

"Valentine's Day", in which she catches up with Alias-disser Bradley Cooper, and "Butter", in which she probably doesn't.

Have a heart, Jen. I had such high hopes for your career. What was I thinking?

ilovealias4ever said...


Really disappointed to see Jen continue to choose... questionable films/ film roles.

Stretching just a little here, but the screenplay for "Valentine's Day" is written by Abby Kohn, who also happened to write the monstrosity that is "Never Been Kissed"; which, of course, features the UNFORGETTABLY GORGEOUS, Michael Vartan.

Also saw that it has a pretty good cast -- interesting...

Uncle, I look forward to seeing which scene you're going to post -- I love 3x01!

It did go through my mind that you could be referring to the just-as-heart-breaking hallway scene between our favourite Spy!Couple...

Page48 said...

"Never Been Kissed" was on one day before "Alias" during the last season. I checked out a couple minutes of it just for the novelty value of catching MV in a different role. There's no way I could sit thru a crapper like that, though.

Actors who make movies like that must hope a) the cheque clears and b) nobody ever sees the movie. It's like those actors that do commercials that only appear in Japan. Grab the money and hope nobody sees it.

uncle111 said...

Well, maybe this will give us a JG we can feel good about. I think this unedited segment of Alias S3E1 shows the essence of Alias- what it was all about. Everything that made Alias Alias is in this mere 7.5 minutes.
Enjoy the best 7.5 minutes of television.

It could take a few minutes for this to download, depending on your connection speed. I put it on YouTube, but they disabled the audio because of possible copyright issues, so I deleted it.

uncle111 said...

Well, I could play this on my PC, but not on my laptop. Lt me know if you have trouble with it. I uploaded an mp4 version, but I have other versions I could switch to.

uncle111 said...

I have to rewrite this because I got a phone call as I was about to finish the first attempt and accidentally deleted.

This is a #47 alert:
I just realized that besides the fact that the block I grew up on was 4700, the judicial district I've always lived in in Texas is the 47th district. Also, an error message that I got while working on some files in my computer 2 days ago had 3 47's in a row in it. I just finished Transporter 3 again today and noticed that in one scene the time on a clock was 8:47. And then take a look at this shot from the movie "Traitor" which I finished last night. You'll see a 47 Here and a Rambaldi like emblem at the bottom of the scenes menu.

ilovealias4ever said...

Yikes! You've got the '47' Eye down pat, Uncle.

Off to download clip...

uncle111 said...

And yours was the 47th post in this thread:)

ilovealias4ever said...

Haha, yeah I saw that!

And re: the clip?

You nailed it. Perfect.

That hallway scene has me going every time, btw... *not crying*

ilovealias4ever said...

Also, your post was posted at 4:47PM... :D

ilovealias4ever said...

God, sorry; I keep forgetting what I'm going to say.

In 2/3 days (depending on where you live), it'll be three years since the Best Show in the World ended...

Yeah, that doesn't make me feel like crying at all!

uncle111 said...

4:47!! I MISSED THAT!!

uncle111 said...

What was the date in the US?

Page48 said...

Yeah, a lot of good things going on in that short clip.

I love the look on Vaughn's face when Sydney rips into him, cuz baby, he knows he blew it. He's already thinking about how he can get out of that marriage thingy he's got going with Lauren.

And that Lyndsey creep. The poetic justice involved in that guy's death was a thing of never ending beauty. It never gets old.

Syd in red hair, red dress, red car. I'm in love all over again. I wonder what part of that kind of quality entertainment it is that Jen doesn't want any part of any more. Not to say that "Alias" is easily duplicated, but "Valentine's Day" isn't gonna cut it.

May 22nd was the finale in my neck of the woods.

ilovealias4ever said...

Yep, May 22nd, 2006.

Yeah, Vaughn blew it.

I was watching the Season 4 episode "Detente" last night -- which never fails to make me laugh; Sydney and Nadia are hilarious! -- and even though I love, love, love the Sydney/Vaughn coupling to bits, their chemistry (even though it's still there) just isn't what it used to be. Not like it was when their relationship was new and exciting and just... finally! -- you know?

Their entire relationship changed after Vaughn's marriage and Sydney's (supposed death)/disappearance -- quite expectantly, considering the circumstances.

But I can't help but wonder -- did they stuff it up?

Can you guys honestly believe that Vaughn, who "was so in love with [Sydney]", got married less than two years after her "death"?

I know that there was some sort of "psychological conditioning" that Lauren/The Covenant subjected Vaughn to, but I hate justifying it with that argument. I just (sometimes) feel that it was the easy way out...

What do you guys think? Even though Season 3 is (in my opinion -- and I know there are other fans of it here, too) a fantastic season, is there anything that you would have changed -- or omitted (and not limited to only the S/V romance, of course)?

Just curious.

Page48 said...

Can you guys honestly believe that Vaughn, who "was so in love with [Sydney]", got married less than two years after her "death"?ILA4E, 2 years later, I'd still be crying myself to sleep every night. Forget about married.

I love S3, so there isn't a lot I would want to change about it. Sure, as a fan, it's a little frustrating to see Vaughn being so obviously played by the evil Lauren and taking so long to catch on, especially when we all know Syd is the better woman by far. However, if he's hip to Lauren's jive by the 3rd episode, where does that leave us by Christmas?

S3 brought us shockers like Lauren capping Lazaray from the rooftop, Lauren's quirky relationship with her folks, Lauren and Sark, Lyndsey's delicious murder. How about Jack's fatherly advice to Vaughn about how to make Lauren's remains disappear without a trace? Hey, Season 3 was some awesome television as far as I'm concerned. I want me some more of that.

Page48 said...

VG's string of bad luck (or bad judgment) continues. I watched about 10 minutes of "Glee" tonite and I think it should have been canceled before the 2nd half hour began.

How crap like that EVER makes it to air is so far beyond my comprehension.

uncle111 said...

Just noticed these headlines-
Obviously has something to do with Rambaldi.

GPS system 'close to breakdown'; Network of satellites could begin to fail in 2010...
So, what would Alias have done to compensate?

I'm watching S3E2 ans Syd just confronted Lindsey in the men's room. What a great scene.

I feel kind of like I did during S5 when I was posting on the ABC Alias board about episodes as they aired.

uncle111 said...

"How crap like that EVER makes it to air is so far beyond my comprehension."

That tells you what the average viewer is like, unfortunately.

ilovealias4ever said...

I completely agree with all your examples, Page.

The one thing that I love more than anything about Season 3, was the relationship forged between Jack & Vaughn -- I couldn't have hoped for more.

It's weird, because as much as I can find flaws in it, I don't think I really would change anything.

My problem, really, stems from the fact that the evil execs. over at ABC kinda took the serial-nature of ALIAS and threw it in the trash (except that it still remained fairly semi-serialised, especially when all the loose ends were tied up at the end of each season, and when you compared it to other TV Shows -- not series -- airing at the time).

I think that had an effect on the storylines the show went with.

Am I correct in saying that there was supposed to be more on the whole Julia Thorne thing?

(I also recall J.J saying that he had enough double agent stuff to last the duration of the second season; but ABC interferes, and we begin getting somewhat self-contained episodes) –- I heart S2, btw. Would not touch a thing there.

Season 1 was mind-blowing. I re-watched it recently, and prepared myself much like Robetron has; I acted like I knew nothing. That was some effing incredible television! You’ve been right in saying all along, Page, that serial is the way to go. The reveals we got in ALIAS are going to be impossible to match.

"However, if he's hip to Lauren's jive by the 3rd episode, where does that leave us by Christmas?"That's what I mean, though. I think maybe they took the wrong direction. I don’t know; sometimes I get in these moods where I feel like there things done… wrong, but then I think about everything else that I love about the season, and that's when I think that I wouldn't actually change anything.

Season 3 did own, though!

I have memories from every single episode; I suppose I just wonder what could have been…

Page48 said...

I drew the attention of readers at to the fact that the season ending scene (skip to 1:32 mark) of S1 of "Fringe" (which introduced, out of the shadows, a mysterious new character) was actually much more riveting 7 years ago when it went like this (skip to 6:42 mark).

I'm sure that will be considered blasphemy among the "Fringe" zealots, but let's face it, aside from the fact that it's JJ attempting to recreate essentially the same scene with different actors (presumably because it worked so well the first time), the gold medal clearly goes to..."Mom?"

ilovealias4ever said...

I. Want. ALIAS. Back.

ilovealias4ever said...

Also, how depressingly sad is it to say, "7 years ago..."?

Far. Out. Time flies.

Page48 said...

"The Unit" gets the shaft.

Bonkers for Bristow said...

Couple random comments:

I hope that article about The Unit is right and it gets picked up. They had some rocky episodes this year but the two biological attack episodes were well written nail biters.

Went to see Star Trek last weekend. Highly recommend it to all - even non Star Trek fans. Sylar turned Spock was very good and the guy who plays Kirk catches attention everytime he was on screen. The lines had great snap and there's even an Alias shout-out. No spoiler... but think JJ's favorite color and the end of Season 1.

If I had to change anything about Season 3 there would be two things. One, I wish the season hadn't been so chopped up when it aired. It wasn't until I watched the season on DVD that I saw how really good it was. Two, I wish the missing two years had been more climactic. The reveal and reason behind the Julia Thorne story line was too quick and swept under the rug too fast. I remember thinking, "that was it?"

Anxiously awaiting the return of BN.

Page48 said...

Juliet from "Lost" gets a new gig along with a couple of "Firefly" veterans.

I never watched the original of "V", but I doubt that this bares any resemblance.

ilovealias4ever said...

"Two, I wish the missing two years had been more climactic. The reveal and reason behind the Julia Thorne story line was too quick and swept under the rug too fast."Yeah, I was sure that there was supposed to be more to the Julia Thorne storyline -- if it was awesome over a few episodes, imagine what it could have been over the majoirty of the season.

Man, the season finale could have been massive!

I saw STAR TREK a couple of weeks ago -- really only because it was J.J's, and virtually the entire ALIAS crew worked on it. Like Bonkers said; it is still good even if you're not one of those well-clued Trekkies.

Definitely caught the ALIAS shout-outs!

Page48 said...

ILA4E, remember all those lovely rumours about Jen being cast in "Star Trek"? Ah, just wishful thinking I guess, but too bad, so sad, ST isn't a ridiculous romantic romp, so I doubt JG would be interested anyway.

I see however that JJ did manage to find roles for Weiss (no shocker there), Carrie, Rachel and Lazaray, in addition to several less memorable "Alias" faces (Jon Dixon, Oz Perkins, Michael Berry Jr. Pavel Lychnikoff. Morgan Sheppard), as well Akiva Goldsman who we discussed several comments back.

ilovealias4ever said...

Yeah I do remember those rumours; most certainly wishful thinking.

"...ST isn't a ridiculous romantic romp, so I doubt JG would be interested anyway."Haha, yes. But seriously, what is she doing!? What draws her to the crap she does accept? (I don't believe she'd do it for the pay check -- right!?) *worries*

J.J certainly did find a place for the less-memorable faces of ALIAS (and some also in LOST).

I'm glad he's becoming a massive name; he is kind of a genius.

Page48 said...

Yeah, looking at the ST cast list on IMDB, JJ used faces from "Felicity", "Cloverfield", MI3, and even that barfer "What About Brian?".

As to what is going on with Jen, beats the hell outta me. Look at some of the garbage she has lined up and it may as well all go straight to DVD, IMO. Not only would I not darken the door of a theater to watch such drivel, I wouldn't even illegally download it.

Our Jenny needs serious career counseling before she morphs into Morgan Fairchild.

Robetron said...

LOL... Morgan Fairchild... funny.

As I mentioned over on "let's Get LOST," I checked out your link, Page48, and "V" doesn't look too shabby.

I thought the original mini-series was freaky when I was a kid with the way they would always give a legal disclaimer that it was entirely fiction, and that people should not take it too seriously, but that kids should not be allowed to watch. Today, it pales in comparison to what they show explicitly without a disclaimer.

Anyway, the new version, with 4 scheduled seasons of 13 to 22 episodes each, looks pretty good. There may be hope for something to watch next season after all.

Page48 said...

Robetron, be sure to check out the pilot review of "V" a few comments back. Even if you have a spoiler phobia, by the time you see the actual pilot, you won't remember anything about the review.

ilovealias4ever said...

I thought "V" looked pretty promising, too.

Something to maybe look forward to.

ilovealias4ever said...

In the midst of the looming 3-year anniversary, I found myself stifling through some old ALIAS articles and came across two contrasting reviews of the Season 4 opener.

"What?"Yeah. Not sure if they actually knew that they were talking about the greatest thing on television.

In any case;

"More like it..."Thought it was interesting to see how differing the opinions were.

Clearly, one writer has/(had) sense.

ilovealias4ever said...

EDIT: because, heh, I meant 'sifting' through old articles, and not "suffocating" through them...

...well, maybe that first one.

Robetron said...

Man, yeah!

Now I am pumped about "V"

They surely went out of their way to install an all-star cast without grabbing the limeline too much.

Elizabeth Mitchell is probably the most recognizable due to her stellar work in LOST, but Alan Tudyke is approaching the edge of serious stardom, and I suspect "V" will push him over it. Fellow cast member of Firefly, Morena Baccarin has a memorable grace, and I believe her acting skill in this role will solidify her among the TV greats as well.

I didn't see an air date for the Pilot episode. I am moderately excited to see it. Maybe we'll all have something more to return here to discuss fairly soon.

Page48 said...

ILA4E, that first chick just simply has a hate-on for JG. She more than deserves a lifetime of CSI:Wherever.

Second dude made a lot more sense except a couple of slip ups like : "Don't worry that you won't be able to follow it" and telling readers to forget about Rambaldi, it doesn't matter anymore. Other than that, I like his enthusiasm.

But that first clueless bimbo??? A pox on her house.

Here's a longer trailer for "V". Unfortunately, it doesn't debut till mid-season.

SRG said...

man, all the links to the V trailer aren't working now, stupid ABC, let me know if someone finds it elsewhere...

Page48 said...

I'm not having problems with either "V" trailer link, SRG.

uncle111 said...

V trailer looks good. I remember miniseries. It was the first time I saw the M11/.380 machine pistol. I REALLY wanted one!!

Robetron said...

This just in...

51 shows get the ax

I forgot to e-mail Uncle to learn how to link, but I'll try to figure out what Page48 was saying. Here is the result:

The ListThe only one of the exiting shows I will regret is "The Unit." There were elements of The Unit that I found absolutely enthralling. Yes, the wives were a little annoying, but they carried an important part of military life that gave the show a sense of realism when the soldiers were out on mission. I might be all alone in being a fan of the show (and, I agree, they started leaving the paradigm that was working in the last season), but I will watch and re-watch the DVDs in the future with equal relish as I have with LOST, BSG, House, Smallville, 24, and Veronica Mars (which my mother is now enjoying, BTW).

Fare thee well, Unit. :(

Anonymous said...

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