Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Wow y'all have been chattin' it up, sorry I've been out of the loop! I'm interested in checking out this "V" show you mentioned in the last thread and have some post catching up to do. Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend! :)


Robetron said...

Hey, look at that! The link code worked! Thanks Page48.

oh... its in the other thread?

so what? Go check it out!

Page48 said...

Robetron, welcome to the Link-o-maniac Society.

That's quite a list. I think I watched about 3 shows out of the 51. Those being "The Unit", MOWE, and the under-appreciated Sara Connor Chronicles.

I confess that every once in a while I would check out "Life" to catch up with Will Tippin's Jenny, but the show itself? Whatever.

Also pretty easy call on "The Unusuals" with a grand run of 6 episodes...zzzzzzzzzzzz!

I boldly predict that next year, that list will include VG's "Glee", and who knows, maybe even his NEXT show. Unfortunately, it will also include "Lost".

Girlscout would blush if she knew we jacked out 81 comments on that last thread. I wonder if she even knows we're all LINK-O-MANIACS now.

uncle111 said...

Yes, the links are handy.
I haven't looked at the list, but since I mostly watch DVDs and have only seen a few Unit episodes (just a timeslot I never could remember), MOWE was the one I watched. Just couldn't stick with T-TSCC, and I gave up on Lost several seasons ago because of the endless backstories. I did catch the last 3 of this season online and feel somewhat caught up, but I need to watch the catch up episode again, while I'm not doing work:)

Robetron said...

Okay, yes, I admit that I was very disappointed about MOWE, but it was canceled so long ago, I'm over regretting its loss. It surely had a lot of potential. I was prepared to truly like it.

I still intend to watch the Sara Connor Chronicles through Netflix and the network website. I have to be honest about it though: I am very skeptical. Every time I tuned in for Dollhouse, I would catch the last two minutes of of SCC, and there was always a dead body the camera would ominously pan over while some other people are dramatically oblivious. If I detect a formula in two minutes, I have my doubts about how good the show is.

Speaking of MOWE, I think before I go to bed, I'll watch the next episode in my ALIAS-odyssey renaissance, Season 1, Episode 7, "Color-Blind." I sincerely believe that the idea for MOWE, and Dollohouse was based in that episode.

The genius of being able to tell a very human story based on a character who is coming out of hypnotic triggers, remembering things he did without his own consent... it's just fantastic. I think ALIAS, so far, was the only show to handle it properly.

Page48 said...

"Dollhouse" dusted, English-style.

A tad crude, but funny and (sadly) not too far off the mark.

It will be interesting to see how Whedon deals with Season Two on a recession-era budget smackdown, and how patient FOX will be if DH still can't draw flies.

uncle111 said...

I think he put it just about right.

ilovealias4ever said...

Haha. I thought that was a great article.

Completely agree.

Sorry, Joss.

uncle111 said...

I saw Star Trek yesterday. Absolutely incredible!! JJ has a new franchise if he wants it. He definitely has a set team of writers and producers he uses on his various projects, and they are good.

I can't even imagine what they could do with Alias if they had the budget they had for ST. Actually it might not be good because the elements that made Alias what it was might get lost in the special effects.

Page48 said...

Uncle, I'm salivating.

What I don't understand is why that team of experts is having such a difficult time kick-starting "Fringe". I was quite satisfied with his MI3 and I have no doubt that ST is a spectacle, though I've only seen the trailers. Yet, "Fringe" is a laggard. Is it a flawed premise? Is it about catering to FOX's expectations? Obviously the budget isn't in ST's league. It is what it is, I guess.

As far as JJ taking ownership of the ST franchise, according to IMDB, he's already reserved ST2 for 2011, and isn't it about time for MI4?

As far as JJ giving "Alias" the treatment, I think Syd is literally JJ's redheaded stepchild, the one he'd rather not talk about.

Robetron said...

Other than the foul language, that article about Dollhouse was great, Page48.

He had me literally laughing about the "irritating nerd who performs the mind-wipe-and-brain-filling ceremonies." This line is great:

"Apparently he's a scientific genius, although he looks about 12 years old and everything he says has to pass through about 500 pop culture irony filters before it leaves his smackable wise-cracking mouth."

How dead-on accurate is that?!

I have yet to see ST, but I am hoping that will change. I don't care how good it is, though; J. J. Abrams is on my sneer-when-I-think-about list. He abandoned his greatest project, and then condescended publicly to speak poorly of ALIAS when it didn't finish as well as it could have had he stayed with it.

Page48 said...

There's that number again.

uncle111 said...

Hahaha. It's EVERYWHERE!

Page- your anticipatory salivating is justified. Be sure to let us know when you get to see it.

Fringe and other JJ TV projects- I think when JJ starts on a new project he, and others, tend to mentally pull out of current ones. The old ones are old and the new ones are new. In show business, new is where it's at. It's a factory that thrives on the "Next Big Thing," to use a Will phrase.

Robetron said...

Saw Star Trek yesterday.
*Minor Spoilers*

I lost track of all of the different shout-outs that existed. I think a person could spend all day picking them out of the movie, not just for ALIAS, but for many JJ-projects and others.

Only one stands out right now. When Kirk and Sylar...uh, I mean, Spock, were standing in the transporter pad. Along one of the support beams was written vertically "M I 3 ..." and some other digits.

I also liked how Kirk almost broke the 4th wall by telling Alternate-Time-Spock that, "coming back in time to change the future... that's cheating."

With Spock's simple reply, "I know," it was like J.J. was admitting that he was taking the easy way out when trying to re-invent Star Trek with a different back-story. By acknowledging it within the story, it was like taking away your opponent's argument in a debate by using their argument in your favor. Now, all of a sudden, its an amusing, campy little moment that makes you smile rather than groaning over another time-traveling rewrite of a classic tale.

The visuals were fantastic, and the story was immediately dramatic by virtue of the scope of the stakes. The "red matter" that caused the black holes was an interesting concept, but all I could see was a red liquid ball suspended in mid air. I was thinking I would surely see a Rambaldi signature on the glass penned with a Sharpy.

There were a lot of interesting little tidbits for movie & TV fans. Anyone else catch something else?

Page48 said...

Anyone stick around for the closing credits of ST? It would be unlike JJ to not have a shout or two in the credits. I believe in MI3's credits, it was a 'thanks' to the fictional Hanso Foundation.

uncle111 said...

Page-I sat through the credits, but I didn't notice anything, but then sometimes they scroll too fast for me.

Robetron- I think when I was watching the movie I was really in ST mode. So much so that even though I was intrigued with the red matter ball, I didn't make the obvious Alias connection. Interesting that in Alias one drop could bring healing or immortality, but in ST it can bring total destruction.

Page48 said...

Will River Tam check into the "Dollhouse" now that Sarah Connor has been 'terminated'?

Page48 said...

In search of some off-season fun (in addition, of course, too "Burn Notice"), I think I'll give "Warehouse 13" a try-out, beginning July 7th. Several BSG regulars (Helfer, Hogan, Sheppard) will be appearing in guest roles. The trailers lean a little toward the comedic side, which is a concern, but I'll give the pilot a look.

Another concern, BTW, is that it appears to have a little too much Canadian participation for my liking. We make the good maple syrup, but great TV??? Not so much.

On the other hand, it shares some BN personnel, so who knows? Meanwhile, less than one week till BN kicks off S3.