Tuesday, July 10, 2007

YAY! Mail!

Thanks to Blogger D Love, I now have in my possession, season 5, disc 4. Thank goodness! It was going to drive me mad not being able to watching the series finale.

Thanks D!!

I so love getting mail from my bloggies!


srg-alias said...

LOL yay, glad D was able to help ya out! :)

Page48 said...

Do I detect a Copyright violation here?

Ha ha. This is from the guy who downloaded every episode (including a couple with Chinese subtitles) from Mininova and burned them all onto 4 DVD's.

GS, what may drive you mad IS watching the series finale...and, 3 things to remember as you watch:
1) Rachel would have said "Yes"
2) Dixon has cornrows that appeared out of nowhere and
3) Jack Bristow is NOT dead. I repeat, Jack is NOT dead. I will not accept Jack's death without physical evidence to prove it.

Page48 said...

As a point of interest, it's worth noting that "Alias" is still alive and kicking down under, as Australia is probably just now at the point where we in North America were treated to the announcement that the best show EVER had been canceled by the clowns at head office.

Which is worse when it comes to breaking up a quality act, ABC or Yoko Ono?

Page48 said...

Okay, a few posts back I mentioned to Girlscout, after noticing that she had fired off 3 consecutive posts, that I sometimes did that when I had been drinking. Well, this is my 3rd in a row, and, yes thank you, the wine is excellent.

I think that, rather than fire off 9 posts in a row, I will cover some considerable ground in 1 post.

First off, I miss the hell out of JG. I just looked at the promo pic for "Catch and Release" (you know the one with JG in a denim jacket?) and I'm absolutely smitten all over again. I mean, dimples on both sides of an amazing smile. I have a dimple on one side, which I'm sure you find fascinating, but JG has twins. And that smile just kills me. For the male of the species, it doesn't get any sweeter than that. Come and see us sometime, JG. Two months and counting until "The Kingdom". Please God, let "The Kingdom" rock.

OT: Bionic Woman is undergoing changes even before the pilot has aired. Deaf sister Mae Whitman has been canned. Casting call has gone out for a new sister. Deaf or not, we aren't sure. Having visited the NBC website, I cannot get over the vicious debate over whether or not a hearing actress should be allowed to portray a deaf person. Nor can I get over the incredible loyalty to Lindsay Wagner and the original, dare I say crappy, Bionic Woman. I want this puppy to be a good show, and frankly, the kid sister is of little interest to me. I don't understand the resistance to a new Bionic Woman. For anyone interested, NBC has a new 8+ minute preview video up on their website. I don't want to make unwarranted comparisons, but I couldn't help but notice a frame from the preview, which shows Michelle Ryan in an alleyway, bathed in red, the way Sydney was in whatever eppie that was when she took out those guys in the red car in the alley. I really have to watch the series again soon to get these eppies nailed down. In order to get a feel for the new BW, I've begun watching "Battlestar Galactica" from the beginning, a show which comes highly recommended from Robetron.

Srg-Alias brought to our attention a new show called "Burn Notice". So far, it is unavailable to those of us born and raised north of the 49th parallel, so I wonder if anyone in Alias-land has checked it out. I've Googled it and the reviews seem favourable, although I get the impression it has a leaning toward comedy, not good IMO. Does it have an "Alias" connection? You bet it does. Co-star Sharon Gless starred in a show you all remember, "Cagney and Lacey". Who do we all know who also starred in "Cagney and Lacey"? That's right, Carl (Dixon) Lumbly. "Alias" roots run very deep.

Anonymous said...

Hello All!

Yes, ALIAS is still alive over here in Down Under (yep, I'm an Aussie).

This coming Sunday (the 15th) Episode 5 is airing; OUT OF THE BOX.

Being the huge ALIAS fan that I am, I convinced one of my good ALIAS friends to start a petition with me to get ALIAS back on our screens (it had been almost two years since S4 finished).

Is Australia basically the last country to get the last of ALIAS? Probably!

LOL, page48 -- I downloaded every episode too. And now I own the Australian boxset releases (minus S5 because it hasn't been released yet), the RAMBALDI BOX, plus I have Season 5 on my computer.

Two sets... that's not obsessive at all, right?

Anyway, that' my pointless post of the night.


Girlscout said...

Wow Page, have another glass of wine! HAHAHA!!

I have seen so many previews for Burn Notice, I might watch it just to see what its about. Also, TBS has a new show with Glen Close and a bunch of other actors (Ted Danson for one) called Damages. It looks sooo good. I think it's CIA/FBI-ish- they have some sort of lady agent working for them. I can't wait to see it. It airs on July 24th at 10pm.

I might dig into season 5, disc 4 tonight. It is 72 degrees and its only 8am. Highs in the 97 area in Seattle, can you imagine? I am melting here! I need Marshall to whip me up one of them heat-proof suits.

Page48 said...

Hey Bree, I couldn't find any evidence of an unhealthy "Alias" obsession in your post. I mean just because you downloaded more than 100 eppies of a TV show, nothing obsessive there....is there?

I downloaded all of mine in rmvb format which means they are only about 150MB per eppie BUT they only play on Real Player. They look great on my laptop, though, except for the Chinese subtitles on 2 or 3 files.

GS, I'm outta wine. Actually, I'm not a huge wine drinker, but people at work are always giving me wine (probably stuff they don't want), leaving me with little choice but to drink it. My personal preference, you ask? Give me cold beer anytime.

97 degrees, GS? Yikes, that's like Sydney Bristow hot.

Girlscout said...

It's more like Vaughn hot, thank you very much. I am not a wine fine, not at all. I am a ice cold beer drinker, yum. Especially on a Vaughn type of day.

Robetron said...

I don't know anything about "Burn Notice" either, but I also have an aversion to the comedy tendency. If I get a chance to catch it, I'll try it out, though.

I will be very interested in your opinion of the new BSG. The mini-series is a little dry, but it sets everything up for the really good shows. the first episode, 33 and others like it are so well done that it's too bad that it has been labeled a "geek show."

dlove said...

gs: Yay! for making your blog. I'm honored. Now everyone, please don't talk about me. LOL. Continue on with the Alias discussion.

Girlscout said...

Yes, D, you came the rescue. I am can now go on with my Alias obsession!

srg-alias said...

Hey GS,
I saw a lot of promos for Damages last night when I happened to flip to FX and they were showing Elektra. What can I say, I see JG on screen and I can't turn the channel haha. They're definitely trying to lure you in by not telling you much about the show, but looks quite devious and interesting.

I had on USA the other day and saw a commercial for Burn Notice where they advertised it as an action comedy, which also turned me off a little. I haven't watched it yet, and won't be able to tonight since I'm going to see Harry Potter (woohoo!!) If anyone tunes in though, let us know how it is!

Girlscout said...

Oh Harry Potter!! I want to see it so bad, I love those movies. We have a little closet under the stairs at our house, we call it the Harry Potter closet aka the HPC. HAHAHA!

Bonkers for Bristow said...

So it seems I am the only one who's seen Burn Notice. I guess that means it's my personal misson to review the series so far for fellow Alias fans.

Burn Notice is not an ALias substitute. Not to say it's not a good show because I am enjoying it and am actually looking forward to each episode.

It does have more comedy than Alias did but it's not what you might expect. There's no laugh track and the comedy is very understated. It's sarcastic and smart laughs and because of that I'm afraid the marketing is going to draw the wrong audiance and the show will be pulled.

The main character is a spy that has been fired. He was in the middle of a mission where he was negotiating a sale with a supposed terrorist (it's not important to the show and they didn't give any background on the mission) when he made a call to the bank (his handler) with the account numbers. He was told he was no longer with the agency which caused quite a problem with the bad guys as you can guess. But unlike Alias, they didn't kill him, they just beat him up and tried to move him to another location. He escaped during transport and made his way back to Florida - supposedly with the agency's help.

Now he's being followed by the FBI and can't get in touch with his handler so he doesn't know why he was fired or who black-balled him. He has two friends. One is an ex-girlfriend who was (or is -not sure) a spy and an old buddy who seems to have a lot of contacts in the dark parts of the good guy/bad guy world. He also has his mother who he doesn't have a close relationship with. It's implied that she's a hypochondriac and the family is all disfunctional (he has a brother but no father as far as we know).

To make money, he's been doing "Equalizer" type jobs using his spy skills to help the little people. These are fun missions and the bad guys get it in the end but there's no continuity in those polts. There's only been two episodes so far so maybe that will change but for now, the only connection has been the FBI and the question of why he was fired.

As I said, I like the show. The main guy is smart and witty. Kinda like Jack with Weiss's sense of humor. His friends haven't made much impression yet but I did read an interview that said the chic was gonna have some serious fighting scenes so perhaps she'll be more interesting as time goes on.

So, if you're thinking about trying it, watch it with an open mind. If you hope to replace Alias, you'll be disappointed. I would love to hear another take on it so if you do watch it tonight, let me know what you think tomorrow.

srg-alias said...

thanks bonkers, that's a very informative review, good to know!

Girlscout said...

Nice Bonkers! Thanks!! I might TiVo it next time and watch.

Page48 said...

Yeoman's work, Bonkers!

srg-alias said...

FYI Harry Potter was really good, the book is always better but they did a very good adaptation w/ the OotP movie and Dan R. was fantastic!