Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seeing Double

Amy Tippin. Remember Amy Tippin? You know, Will’s pink haired sister. Amy Tippin appears in 3 episodes of Alias during the first season- she attends Danny’s funeral in the pilot and she takes in the tunes of Francie’s boyfriend Charlie when he debuts as a singer.

Amy never really served a purpose to the plot- aside from being a perfect Alias for Sydney- but the actress, Nancy Wetzel sure did serve a purpose. Before the fabulous Shauna Duggins stepped in as JG’s stand-in and stunt double- Wetzel played the part of not only Amy Tippin, but Sydney Bristow. She has performed various stunts as Sydney, as well as other JG characters, including Elektra, and most recently as a double and extra on Catch and Release (remember- JG was newly knocked up during the shooting of that film).

Currently Wetzel is working on the unnamed JJ Abram’s project for HBO and has appeared in other JJ related pieces, including What About Brian.

Speaking of stunts and Shauna Duggins- what has she been up to? For those of you who watch the out-takes, bloopers and the behind the scenes material on the DVD’s, you know Shauna Duggins is JG’s number one stunt and stand-in. Duggins and Wetzel have worked together on several JG projects, including Elektra, Daredevil, Catch and Release and several season 5 episodes of Alias. Shauna has also done stunts for X-files, Kill Bill, What About Brian, Lost, Brothers & Sisters, The Kingdom (for JG) and Gone Baby Gone (directed by Mr. Garner, Ben Affleck) just to name a few. After serving as stunt double on Alias, season 1 and 2, Shauna was promoted to Stunt Coordinator- and if you can find the Easter Egg on season 4- you see that Shauna passed the Crew Member of the Week torch on to another member of the crew.

It’s always nice to know who’s behind the scenes, making sure our gal JG stays safe and that those fight scenes look killer.


lisa said...

remember the award show (was it just for stunts? or something else?) when Shauna soars down on a zipwire and crashes through the brick wall, but out comes Jennifer Garner. then they both stood there together. great!

and who can forget when Jen steps out to announce for some other award show (Emmys maybe?) and she slips and almost falls, and utters the perfect cover up, "I do all my own stunts." haha!

she does do a lot of her own stunts, from what I remember, especially fights b/c she has all that wonderful dance training. like her producer said, "is there anything JG can't do?" (thoughts of her singing on the piano in the nightclub come to mind! she can even sing!)

Page48 said...

Shauna has quite the resume.

So, let's see, she gets to hang with the stars, appear in all the coolest TV shows and movies, and yet she can go out to a restaurant and not be hassled.


srg-alias said...

I know lisa, I laughed so hard when I saw Jen (was it at the Oscars or Emmys?) slip and come up w/ that quick one liner, so cute! Yeah Shauna totally kicks ass, I had no idea Will's sister was another stunt double, thanks for the insight GS!

Girlscout said...

I didn't either, until I watched the commentary on the pilot with JG and JJ. JG pointed out times during stunts when it was Nancy and when it was actually her. It's pretty funny.

And I think it was the Emmy's where JG slipped up.