Friday, March 06, 2009

Alias Connections

I thought I'd give us a fresh post for all our fun show discussions. :) As many of us have noted, there are connections–be it in actors, plotlines or references to 47–to Alias in many other shows. One connection that just occurred to me the other day is the technology used in Dollhouse to imprint personalities on people's brains seems very similar to how Sloane Clone was created in season 4 of Alias. The person thinks they are, in fact, a different person, with their memories, emotions and even health issues, all tied to that personality's imprint. I think I'm always subconsciously on the lookout for Alias references in other shows, as I'm sure many of you are. Just a fun thing to keep in mind when watching current or new shows premiering during Sweeps Week. Oh and this picture really doesn't have to do w/ anything, I just love that look on our beloved Syd/JG. :)


Robetron said...

It would be impossible to pick a favorite, but Sydney was absolutely breath taking in this scene. It is no wonder Vaughn had one of those repressed *gasp* moments as he sees her walking toward him here.

Echo, in Dollhouse, is pretty, but she just does not cause a *gasp* moment just by standing there like Sydney did.

I'm trying to think of any shows I have seen lately where there was a *gasp* moment as the camera takes in a lead-lady's beauty.

The only thing that comes to mind, and this is not a recent airing, but a recent viewing on my part, was the blond woman on Jericho. She's so ridiculously beautiful that she doesn't really need to be dressed up to cause a *gasp*. In one of the recent episodes I have watched for free online from Netflix, she was all made up in her wedding gown. It was one of those moments that makes a guy whisper, "wow."

As a side note, I saw Jen in a her most recent Neutragena commercial. She still has that... lets call it a "quality."

For the record, these observations are NOT coming from an inappropriate lust, but a genuine appreciation for beauty where I find it. I know they had to, and have to work at it to maintain it.

...and I, for one, am grateful.



Page48 said...

Chuck's chick, Yvonne Strahovski, ain't nothing to sneeze at. She can go to the prom with me every year till we graduate.

I'm on board with the "Jericho" blonde as well. Good call, Robetron.

Page48 said...

VG padding his resume with more drivel.

SRG said...

Ok ok, this post ain't about hot chicks on TV. :P

It's a shame VG can't seem to find a show that sticks, but at least he's finding work. I've never heard of Glee...definitely sounds different.

So what did you guys think about tonight's Dollhouse? There may be spoilers below so don't keep reading if you haven't seen it. :)

Seriously though, I got goosebumps hearing Echo say those words we know so well: "I'm in." It was good to see the bachelor party gig was a hoax, I was about to get all annoyed again about her being another high-paid call girl. I have to give props to Eliza D, all the personalities she played in that episode--prostitute, scared victim of drunk guys, expert safe cracker, scared Echo--were done very well. It was kinda cool to see Sierra playing the same personality, which she also was convincing at. I still though, honestly don't care about Ballard, wish we would get some backstory on how he found about Dollhouse and why he cares so much about proving it exists.

Robetron said...

You're right of course, SRG. I was only trying to follow your lead in the blog of trying to find similar moments, and the picture of Sydney made me try to think of similar moments on other shows.

Page48, I've never sat through an entire episode of Chuck. The girl is pretty enough, but that rarely is enough to keep my attention through a commercial break. I just get the sense that they take the goof-factor too far in Chuck, but as I mentioned, I haven't really watched it.

Tonight's Dollhouse was very good, in my opinion. You're right again, SRG, that they need to step up that side story a bit quicker. To be honest, I have no idea what the purpose of those exchanges with the male/Russian dollhouse operative was supposed to accomplish. Right now, it only serves to distract from the other story lines that are much more compelling.

I still think Whedon is going to make it come together. The sudden, out-of-character, Muay Thai knee for a single-strike knock out against that rather big fellow was so-totally-Sydney, and then jumping into "show mode" to break into a safe. Very Alias-flavored. How could we not love tonight's show?

More like this one and better; keep 'em coming, Whedon.

Page48 said...

DH 1.4 was the best of the lot so far, and a vast improvement over last week's pop diva sleeper.

The remote wipe, Topher putting the Alpha pieces together and getting his clearance upped, a meatier role for Olivia, and the overall (hopeful) feeling that a new level is coming all set this episode apart from the previous 3.

The Ballard bit was a mystery to me. I have no idea what was accomplished there. Victor was debriefed and wiped and where did that leave the Ballard storyline? I'm pretty sure I don't know.

Still, in spite of the superiority of this episode, I'm disappointed that Echo's engagement was not a public service, but a felony robbery. Hero as villain? Sydney was an excellent (and daring) thief, but she had a higher purpose than the simple generating of commissions.

I hate to see Echo's skills wasted on high crimes and misdemeanours. Hopefully, as the show progresses, Joss will turn this around.

Last week, I nearly fell asleep, but this week was much better. I hope we've turned a corner and that DH continues to improve.

Robetron, Chuck's chick is hot, but there's no denying the goof factor in the show. Just give me a straight up kick ass spy show....pleeeeeeaaaase, anyone!

I think those of us watching "Lost" the other night (if we didn't dart for the kitchen), caught Jen's commercial. I cringe every time I see that. Such a waste of talent. Pays the bills (hers, not mine), but drives me crazy. Also caught the commercial for Lost's Michael's new show "The Unusuals" during Wednesday's "Lost". A cop show. Hmmmmm, no thanks!

Page48 said...

I must say that BN went out in style this week. And to think that Carla's boss is Frazier Crane's Dad. Who knew?

Hopefully Season 3 will start up this summer as the previous seasons have. And, is it too much to hope that USA expands the season by a few more episodes, like they did this year? I don't think that's asking a lot.

Robetron said...

"And to think that Carla's boss is Frazier Crane's Dad. Who knew?"

LOL... Wouldn't that be great if it were true? I mean, with a very real departure from the tongue-in-cheek humor of Fraizier, but... like, have Bruce Campbell watching TV one afternoon, flipping through the channels, and suddenly he FREAKS OUT... "MIKE! MIKE Come here! You gotta see this! Isn't this your Daddy War-bucks?"

(BTW - Bruce Campbell is THE MAN.)

Also, I join with you, Page48, in a sneering roll of the eyes at having another cop show, and to watch them involve the same goof-factor that turns me off from Chuck. I'll not be giving "The Unusuals" my time of day.

LOST, on the other hand, just keeps ringing the bell, topping the scales, and pegging the meter. I hate to see it so close to the end.

Page48 said...

Robetron, I'll finish the sentence for you:

Bruce Campbell is THE MAN we all wish WE were (or at least Sam Axe is).

uncle111 said...

getting on the email function

uncle111 said...

Forgot to check the email box!

uncle111 said...

Things I've watched recently:
BSG- 2nd season had a ridiculous back and forth 72 hours ago/9months ago/4 hours ago gimmick. I think they were playing off Alias for that.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night:
-Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay."
-Mrs. Smith making an excape from a tall building via the controlled descent cable in the purse trick.
-It wasn't room 47, but they had a room 49, which I think was a wink, wink, knod, knod.
There were probably more, but I'm sleepy.

uncle111 said...

I can't believe I wrote excape instead of escape!

Also- Mr. Smith had a "Jacks's place" of his own under the tool shed.

uncle111 said...

Here is a link to a few pages in the new book, The Encyclopedia of TV Spies. These pages are about Alias. I served as the author's consultant on that section. He had already written it and wanted me to check it for accuracy and errors. I made a few corrections, but he had done a remarkable job and it didn't need much help from me. No, I didn't get paid, but it's nice to have my name in the book.
And, let's see if I remember how to make the links work;

TV Spies

Page48 said...

Uncle, someone should have advised him how to spell 'Bristow'.

I long since forgot that TBT was shown sans commercial interruption. Sweet.

It beats the heck outta me how moving "Alias" around in the schedule would have a detrimental effect on ratings, as we (and presumably all) "Alias" fans would get up at 3:00 in the morning to watch, if necessary. As I've lamented before, the final 2 seasons in Canada were shown at the incredibly disrespectful time of 4:00 p.m on Sunday afternoon. Talk about dumb-ass network tinkering.

Bottom line, if I want to watch my favourite show EVER, I'll find a way to watch it and I will not be discouraged or denied, despite a network's best effort to piss me off.

We're closing in on the 3rd anniversary of THE END, and I want my "Alias" back, not VG singing in some (guaranteed to be) short-lived dramedy. Not RR playing a gay uncle to his gay nephew, and not JG flogging Neutrogena in the middle of the street.

What the hell happened?

uncle111 said...

If he originally misspelled Bristow I'm sure I told him. I corrected a couple of other misspellings. Must have happened between then and publishing. I've had printers make typos AFTER I checked proofs. Go figure.

In the late 60's when The Man From U.N.C.L.E. had just been the number 1 rated TV series, they started moving it around trying to knock off some other shows and within one season it had dropped way down in the ratings and was cancelled. The execs and bean counters ruin more shows than we realize.

Page48 said...

"Jericho" lives...sort of.

Add "Jericho" to "Firefly", "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", and "Angel" and it seems that there is a growing list of axed TV shows being resurrected in comic book form.

Hey, why not just leave them on TV?????

Here's something cute. FOX lops off an episode of JJ's "Fringe" (shortening it's season from 21 to 20 eppies) in order to free up an hour for a sneak preview of Victor Garber's latest, soon to be canceled, piece o' TV crap, "Glee".

Page48 said...

And while I'm on about "Jericho" living on, how did I miss this a couple months ago?

Robetron said...

Since you brought up Jericho...

Wow. they have just stepped up the ALIAS-like intrigue in 1.18 "A K A." Rob was finally outed by Jake, and he showed him "the package."

They should have done that a long time ago, and maybe people would have flocked to it a bit more. I think it fits the story better where it is in the timeline, but I'm just sayin...

Anyway... there have been a lot of good episodes and very few sluggish plot lines. But this episode was the best. Man, I am going to hate it when it ends abruptly.

I want my ALIAS back too, Page48.

Robetron said...

"Rob was finally outed by Jake, and he showed him 'the package.'"

I honestly did not intend for it to sound that way. It's so you can't even use normal language these days!

I have a buddy who helped me start a church, and I absent-mindedly introduced him to a stranger as "my partner."

As a single guy, stuff like that just should not be said, whether people know what I mean or not.

What I meant was that Jake discovered that Rob was not who he said he was at first, and Rob revealed his back-story, proving it by showing Jake the nuclear bomb, which was frequently referred to as "the package."

It was shorter the other way.

Robetron said...

With that kind of story, a better biblical name than Jericho would be "Sodom" or "Gomorrah."

Talk about fire in the sky...

Robetron said...

Sorry to keep posting, but I just finished season one of Jericho.

Woow! What an ending! No wonder the fans put on such a demonstration. Now I must go watch the rest.

Page48 said...

Glad you cleared up the 'package' controversy, Robetron.

Good thing you didn't mention the final word of Season 1. That would have required further clarification in light of confusion over the 'package'.

Whew, is it warm in here?

Page48 said...

Some dude on made this ghastly booboo:

“Fringe is head and shoulders above Lost or Alias, much more engaging”

I straightened him out with the little time I had available, like so:

“Fringe” has a whole lotta catching up to do before either of those assertions are based on a true story.

“Alias” is the point at the top of the pyramid. Everything else is runner-up material, but I must say that “Lost” is also much further up the pyramid than “Fringe”. When “Fringe’ starts turning in unforgettable episodes like “Truth Be Told” or “Phase One” (just pulled those 2 masterpieces out of a hat), there will be no further need to discuss whether or not it deserves a Second Season. At that point, the answer will be as plain as the nose on FOX’s face and they’ll be begging for more, more, more.

Robetron said...

That's right, Page48.

ALIAS is THE pinnacle, while all others wish to be compared to it. What kind of a moron thinks Fringe is even in the same league as LOST, much less ALIAS?

He's probably a fan of all things CSI too. It's dudes like that who ruin television ratings and skew watcher's polls.

Robetron said...

Anyone see Dollhouse?
I was wondering what your reactions were. I had a mixed bad of thoughts, but I am starting to doubt the longevity of this show.

It was entertaining, but not enough to sustain it. The little blips of a bigger story are interesting, but not enough to keep a person looking forward to the next Friday.

I'm not sure what to make of the whole Waco/ David Koresh reenactment. Coming out of Hollywood's biases, I wonder if this is how they view all devoutly religious people, or if they are illustrating the shame of people who are willing to blindly follow the teachings of men rather than the truth. There is a difference.

At any rate, the main conflict and point of tension in the overall story of Dollhouse is moving too slowly, and too little is being revealed from week to week. 5 weeks is too slow for agent Ballard to get on the trail, too slow to reveal Echo's awareness of certain memories, and too slow to bring in the antagonist/ anti-hero, Alpha. I'm losing my patience with it.

Talk about losing patience, last night was the 2nd to last episode of Battlestar Galactica, and it was as gloomy, slow, and nearly uninteresting as 4 of the last 5 episodes. Next Friday is a two-hour series finale. It surely seems like they have placed all the proverbial eggs in that one basket for a sufficient ending.

Maybe it will all be worth it, but I have to say, I have been disappointed in the formerly-greatest show on TV since ALIAS ever since they discovered post-nuke Earth. They will have my attention for two more hours, and if the past is any indication, they can make it all come together in an amazing resolve. One last chance to make it work is all they have left.

I'm already missing Burn Notice on Thursday nights. There was no LOST this passed Wednesday, and the only thing Tuesdays have to offer is a singing competition. Its been a rough week.

Monday had an always excellent House MD, followed by a watchable 24, and I'll watch Heroes online later in the week. Heroes still may not be living up to its potential from the first season, but it still has its bright spots.

Every once in a while CBS will allow an airing of a new episode of The Unit, which has never disappointed me, but who can get enthusiastic about a show when it only comes one once every 5 or 6 weeks?

I seem to be grumpy. Maybe I need to eat something, or take some vitamins...

Maybe I need to re-watch ALIAS again, and remember the platinum age of TV.


SRG said...

Yeah I saw Dollhouse and was also curious what people thought. It was a slow one for sure, but the elements of interest sprinkled throughout and the "episode you will never forget" promo for next week's is enough to keep me interested and tune in again on Friday.

There were a couple things about the last episode that bugged me though. First off I doubt the criminal "Jonas" would sacrifice himself in the fire along w/ his followers, that doesn't seem to fit with his character. Secondly why would the blond DH guy show up and shoot Jonas before he shot Echo, then turn around and punch her out so she'd die from smoke/fire, that doesn't make any sense to me. What is up that guy's ass anyway?

I like that it seems as though Echo/Caroline's true rebelious personality comes out when her engagements encounter snags (which they always seem to do). Last week she injected poison into the guy that was going to make her shoot cops, this week she conked her religious leader over the head when he tried to kill all his followers. And it's fairly obvious that she does remember things with her "I can see perfectly" comment as she glared at blond dude after being wiped. I found it interesting that he pointed out in the beginning that Echo's exhibiting characteristics similar to Alpha before he went crazy.

Other random points, I wonder what "scrubbing" entails...poor guy. Also something I forgot to mention about last week, it's apparent the british lady answers to someone higher up who phoned her about the Ballard situation, I'm curious who that is.

uncle111 said...

I expected BSG to spill more by now, or at least have some intriguing action. I hope they want some contrast between these episodes and the finale.

I just watched the previous DH. Makes me wonder, given the nature of the DH, if Alpha is actually the good guy.

Jericho was a great series that realy held my interest. I have the DVD's and as soon as I get cuaght up on some older ones I'm going to start Jericho again.

Robetron- you ought to think about getting a 120GB iPod to put Alias on. Anytime I have to wait somewhere for a while I just pull out mine and watch a little platinum programing.

Page48 said...

No doubt about it, DH continues to underwhelm, with, as Robetron points out, a snail's pace unraveling of the interesting aspects of the plot. Make no mistake, BN does the same thing, but BN fills the other 40 minutes with 4 excellent characters, along with plenty of blue sky, gorgeous locations, tanned hotties, and clever spy-school narration. DH fills the other 40 minutes with boring Echo-pades (y'know, like escapades) and the clinical observation of man-reactions. C'mon, how road-weary would a guy have to be to not have a man-reaction in a setup like the DH shower?

We've all seen the hype about DH having a six-eppie-pilot before the good stuff hits the fan, so next week is critical for those of us hoping that Joss can find his mojo like we know he's capable of. Next week's trailer looks like DH may finally be shifting gears, and I'm really looking to wear out the edge of my seat again.

I enjoy "The Unit", but every single time I tune in, it's a rerun. What is up with that? That ain't know way to treat loyal fans, or to locate new ones.

I'm sure BSG will have something more exciting in store for the finale. Hopefully, it's not entitled "All The Time In The World", for that would be a bad omen indeed. I'm sure you're all aware that there is a BSG TV movie due later this year (June, I believe) as well, although timewise, it's set prior to the series finale.

"24" killed off Bill Buchanan. That sucked. If they EVER whack Chloe, I will be very unimpressed. She is Jack's Marshall Flinkman and he's in deep doodoo without her. Don't kill Chloe.

Page48 said...

When there's nothing to watch on North American TV, I look to the Brits for relief. Brits are capable of doing lovely paranoid conspiracy espionage stuff.

It doesn't hurt that London is famous for oppressive closed circuit TV surveillance (see "Bourne Ultimatum"), but add to that the dreaded Identity Card (the sort of thing we may all soon have to contend with) and fast forward a few short years and you've got the perfect setting for "The Last Enemy", a 5 parter from the BBC, which recently aired on PBS. This is a glimpse into our future, when the last shred of our privacy is torn away. This is the kind of story that will have you looking to relocate your family to that off-the-grid shack up in Unabomber country. I don't know what the critics thought, but I enjoyed it.

Another BBC show I recently watched was a spin-off of "MI5" (known in England as "Spooks"), called "Spooks: Code 9". I used to enjoy "MI5" on A&E, but it was unceremoniously dumped from their lineup a few years ago. The spin-off centered around a group of young (as in twentysomethings) recruits, assembled in the wake of a nuke attack in London. Critics and viewers alike slammed it unmercifully, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Plenty of undercover work, secrets on top of secrets, trust issues, races against time, spy talk, spy gadgets, and a gorgeous blonde spy-honey, and more serial storytelling than anything being produced on this side of the pond these days. Alas, it ended on a cliffhanger for which there will be no resolution, similar to the first season of "Jericho" (except that "Jericho" came back from the dead). I think it has inspired me to go back and take another look at the original "MI5", which is now in it's 7th or 8th season (seasons being like 10 eppies or something like that).

Anyway, if it's not readily apparent, I miss my Spy-TV. They should never have taken my Spy-TV away.

uncle111 said...

I still think my story (which I need to fine tune a little) could resolve the Alias non-ending and open it back up to new life. I think the real problem is that those involved with the production lost interest before the end and that none of them cares about Alias anymore.

Robetron said...

I'm watching the rerun of Nathan Filion new show, "Castle." I have to confess, I'm enjoying it greatly, even into the 1st 15 minutes.

Check it out when you all have a chance. We might be able to add a show to our dwindling list of shows worthy of conversation. It's not ALIAS or LOST, but it is kinda cool.

Page48 said...

Nathan was scraping the BOTB with his stint in "Desperate Housewives". I feel for the dude. A fine Canadian boy, too.

I've made the commitment to watch Buffy (because of my love of Joss's FF, and because so many people rave about it). I'm about 7 eppies in. Nathan appeared in several Buffy episodes after FF was cancelled. It's not my normal cuppa tea, but it's easy enough to watch, so I'll see how long I last.

SRG said...

Ok here's a random thought/theory I thought of yesterday. What if Ballard's neighbor is "Ms. Lonely Hearts" that they referred to this week? I know she saw him in the hallway, but it would make sense she would know he wouldn't remember her and she would instantly be suspicious of why he was there.

Page48 said...

SRG, I'm in the camp who suspects that Mellie may be an Active keeping tabs on Ballard. So far, she seems to be having trouble getting a man-reaction out of him, though.

uncle111 said...

I think she is more than just a neighborly love struck stalker. She's not really providing the comic relief that a recurring incidental character would. Me thinks there is more villian to this femme.

SRG said...

Yeah I'm sure in one way or another she's more than what she seems and has some connection to the Dollhouse. That's something this show has been good at, providing nice little "oh!" surprise moments, like finding out Victor is a DH Active, Echo surprising that sleazy hotel dude w/ a knee to the face, and last week realizing the FBI guy actually staged the "Save me" note. I think Mellie's true story may be another future surprise in store.

Regarding Alpha, I have a hard time believing anyone who would slice and dice up people the way he did could be "good." I was trying to remember back to the end of the pilot when we saw a naked guy watching home videos of Caroline/Echo (who I'm guessing was Alpha) and the camera panning over two dead bloody bodies, one w/ a bowl of popcorn. I just wondered if maybe they were Caroline's parents...who else would have videos of her?

Page48 said...

First pic of Alan (Wash)Tudyk on the set of DH.

If you're a little skittish about spoilers, don't look. Personally, I don't consider casting additions to be spoilers.

uncle111 said...

If you search IMDB for Alan Tudyk he is listed as Alpha on DH.

Alias/BSG link-
Remember how the Rambaldi music box found in the man-made ice cavern played a song that translated to the mathmatical formula for zero point energy? On BSG they are translating Starbuck's song into a math formula for something big.

Page48 said...

I opined over at

The whole engagement was ridiculous. To think that Adele and Co. would risk Echo’s vision, (not to mention her life and thereby billions of dollars of potential future earnings for the firm) for this kind of field trip to RR1 Nowhere, without at least sending someone ahead to investigate (i.e. check the surveillance video at the fillin’ station and maybe even do a little poking around a la Jessica Fletcher to assess the risk/reward of such an operation) is nutty.

Dollhouse science has a gruesome track record and to think that invasive surgery on a coveted, top-earning sex slave would be considered for the purpose of busting up a group of hymn-singers who may or may not be holding one of the brothers against his will stretches the old imagination beyond repair. Anyone wishing to be ’saved’ could just declare refugee status at the fillin’ station. What’s the worst that would happen to them, the school bus driver might say “I’m not leaving till you get back on the bus”?

What does it say about the local law enforcement that they can’t deal with this motley crew of Waltons lookalikes? These dudes are peaceniks. They get pushed around at the fillin’ station and what do they do? Pull a nine-inch pearl-handled knife like the one your 15 year old nephew brings to his Grade 8 home room? No, they turn the other cheek and sing a little acapella Kumbaya. These folks are mellow. Love is their drug and they’re high as a kite. They’re a smoke grenade away from the back of a paddy-wagon.

If you’re going to imprint an active and send them into a ’situation’ without sight and a camera in their eye, why not make it a far more serious situation, one with much higher stakes and far more danger to all concerned (you know, for the benefit of the home viewer, that sort of thing)? How about a terrorist hostage situation? How about sending in a whole team of actives instead of just Echo? Why not throw in a race against time just to see if you can get just one single viewer (between the ages of 18 and 49) to use the edge of his or her seat?

Remember the terrorists that stormed a Russian theater a few years ago and far too many innocent people were killed by a Russian ‘tactical squad’ that couldn’t wait to use up their surplus poison gas? Wouldn’t a rescue on that scale be far more interesting than trying to smoke John-Boy and Mary-Ellen out of their Depression-era schoolhouse?

Tim Minear wrote this episode. Anyone who has watched “Firefly” knows that Minear is capable of better work. Just what the heck is he saving it for?

Needless to say, I'm a little frustrated with the lack of progress on DH. So much potential going to waste (so far), IMO. It's time for Joss and company to elevate their game.

SRG said...

supposedly they're going to this week, we shall see...

Robetron said...

Great analysis, Page48. I knew something was weird about the whole scenario, but I just didn't spend much time thinking about it.

I'll give Dollhouse little more attention before giving up on them, but any more poorly designed scenarios like this last one and the Diva episode, and I'll have reached the end of my rope.

Since, after this Friday, I will no longer have BSG to anticipate, if Dollhouse doesn't step it up, I'll write off Fridays altogether.

Maybe I'll push a wheelbarrow downtown while wearing dirty rags and see what sort of reactions I get from the affluent tourists and resort-ers this summer. It would be more interesting than watching mindless tripe aimed at 15 year old girls who don't have the intellect to follow a line of ants much less a well written serialized TV drama.


LOST on the other hand has been absolutely fantastic. I hope everyone will comment also on Lets Get Lost.

uncle111 said...

I do hardly any pleasure reading anymore. I just don't have time. But, I got my copy of The Encyclopedia of TV Spies from Amazon recently. I've really been enjoying it, and if you don't have it I recommend it. Not only is it full of information, but it's fun reading. I've run across a lot of shows I had forgotten about. And with many old shows coming out on DVD or being available online, I'm finding the book is also a good listing of shows to track down for possible viewing.

One thing I found interesting last night is that the spy movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (one of my favorites) was a TV series in the 90's. Now I have to see if it is available anywhere.

Page48 said...

Yeah, I enjoyed "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (the movie) as well. Also liked Brad Pitt's "Spy Game" with Robert Redford.

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" was also the name of a really old Hitchcock movie.

And, Uncle, I don't think anything is OT around here anymore. It's all fair game, IMO.

Page48 said...

If we all eat healthy and exercise, we WILL see the return of "Alias".

This year has already seen the return of (no surprise here) "Star Trek", along with "90210", "Knight Rider", and, soon "Melrose Place".

Now comes word of a big-screen "MacGyver". Do we need a big-screen "MacGyver"? I'm not sure we do, but it's obvious that, although the wait may be long, there is every reason to hold out hope for some form of "Alias" in the future.

uncle111 said...

I'm sure we will. The question is will it be any good, or just another I Spy, Wild Wild West, Dukes of Hazard, nightmare on Memory Lane.

SRG said...

I heard a review on NPR this morning for Duplicity, the new spy flick w/ Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. It got a pretty positive review, they said the plot twists and turns are very interesting and the dramatic, comedic and romantic storylines and dialogue are all very well done. May be worth checking out...

Page48 said...

I've seen a lot of promo for "Duplicity". I'm sure I'll see the movie eventually. Julia's done a couple of good movies in that sort of spy/intrigue genre. I'm thinking of "Conspiracy Theory" and "Pelican Brief", although neither were particularly comedic. Gotta beat "Pretty Woman", no?

Whether or not JJ's new "Star Trek" movie will tell a great story remains to be seen, but it's sure gonna be gorgeous to look at.

If you haven't checked out the HD trailers, look no further. This ain't your Daddy's "Star Trek".

Pity the Matt Damon and Jennifer Garner casting rumours didn't pan out. We'll have to settle for Rachel ("Alias") and Syler ("Heroes") and, of course, Leonard Nimoy.

SRG said...

SWEET I'll post a new article when this eppy is done, stay tuned :)

uncle111 said...

I will not check in here again until I get a chance this weekend to see the BSG finale. I don't want to know any of it before I watch it. I hope you guys have a great time with it tonight.

SRG said...

woops sorry, I was talking about Dollhouse.

uncle111 said...

Don't worry. I posted my comment before your previous one was available for viewing, so it wasn't about your comment.