Monday, September 10, 2007


Hi All,

A couple of days ago I mentioned receiving some rather disturbing emails from a woman who claims that I am having an affair with her husband. I do not know her, her husband or her situation. She was given information about me from this website and because she insists that I am who she thinks I am, it has forced me to take some security precautions.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have blocked my profile. Readers will no longer be able to reach me via email- which, as you can imagine, is very upsetting. I have always been open to exchanging emails with bloggers and fans of the show, so it breaks my heart to have to cut off communication. Everyone will still be able to reach me here, on the blog for sure.

In the next couple of days I will be shutting down my address and opening a new one. For those of you who have emailed me before, who are in my address book- I will be sending out an email with my new address. You are welcome to reach me at the new address, but I ask that you use discretion and not share the new address with others. If you have not emailed me before and you are a regular visitor to Let's Talk, you have until Wednesday, September 12th to email me at my Girlscout35 address. Then I will record your email and send you my new address.

Thanks to everyone who has voiced your support during this interesting ordeal. I suppose when you put yourself out there on the internet, you're open to crazy people looking into your life. I want to say again, how sorry I am that this woman feels she has received accurate information. She is sorely mistaken and I hope that in time she will find peace.


Girlscout Forever

PS. On a happier note- today is Uncle's Screenplay Day!! Today he will be posting installment number 3. Stay tuned for more discussions on his piece- I think we should start talking about it like we would a real episode. Uncle mentioned that he maybe posting the piece earlier than 7pm PST today- so be sure to check in at to read the new section. Thanks and enjoy!!


Girlscout said...

Oooh, its getting good. A couple things that sparked for me-

1.Kendall is working with Elena??? NOOOO, its can’t be! I loved Kendall as a good guy. I loved thinking he was a bad guy, but knowing in the end he was good.
2.So Conrad, Elena and Arvin. How does Elena being related to Sydney fit in to the fact that she is actually Conrad’s daughter? I am confused by the family cross over. Will we learn more about this?
3.There are some great lines Sydney lays out- something about having dealt with the Helix Protocol already. Very classic Syd..
4.I see Weiss and Rachel might make a go of it. Seems a little obvious though.
5.Little confused by the point of the underground world. Are they there just to train and to keep their family safe?
6.Still not feeling the President, but I see that he is needed, as the mission is to keep the Helix Protocol from doubling world leaders.
7.Love love that Weiss is in charge.
8.Love Marshall and the candy bar- classic.
9.Not sure Syd would say supper- probably dinner.

Nice Uncle. I am totally getting into it and I know its only the beginning. Super!

uncle111 said...

GS- Glad it's starting to grab you.
1-You don't know the half of Kendall yet:)
2- The family ties will be revealed.
4- That is the "safe house" and headquarters for them and their families while they prepare and carry out their mission. They have no idea who all has been doubled and must have their own litle world to live in and operate from till it's over.

Were're at the sort of half way point in terms of pages. The reveals and action pick up considerably from this point on. If I were king of the world this would be stretched out to a whole season, or at least a couple of mini-series.

Girlscout said...

Yeah, reading goes by so fast, its hard to digest. I know that visually seeing it would be better, to better understand and grasp, but we'll have to wait for that. Hehehe!

Page48 said...

I've got this picture of "KANSAS" appearing on the screen in the "Alias" font. I'm trying NOT to see Dixon in corn rows.

Lots of vintage "Alias" stuff like Omega 17, Marshall in full-on geek mode, Weiss with card tricks at the ready. Since we're not in LA, I guess a flyover of the bank building is too much to ask for.

I can feel the pace picking up with this instalment.

Uncle, I can't imagine where you got the idea for Captain "Ferguson". Just picked that name out of a phone book I suppose.

GS, I noticed some time ago that you ditched your profile, and at the time I remember thinking it was a good idea, the world being as full of wackos as we know it to be. Recent events have done nothing to change my view.

uncle111 said...

I'm still not sure where Captain Ferguson came from.
Really, I was looking for names for the new characters and I started using family and friends names. Then I figured if they were going to be in it, so should I. When we get further in I will discuss some of the poetic nature of me being Captain Ferguson.

a clever name said...

Is there a way we can re-read the first two installments? I can't remember every detail and I would like to go over it again. The only thing that struck me as odd was Syd calling Elena, Aunt Elena. I think I remember her calling Katya aunt but Elena has never been seen as family just evil. Again, I love how you portray Marshall-it is just spot on, I can hear him say these things. I also love the background on Rimbaldi and am also confused about Sloane being the assistant-but that is not a bad thing, if you don't have to think to understand Alias than it isn't Alias.

a clever name said...

One more question
Is Conrad the monk that we know that sent Sloane on the mission or am I remembering completely wrong?

uncle111 said...

Clever name-
Yes, that who Conrad is.
Syd uses the name Aunt Elena sarcastically.

a clever name said...

Okay-it makes sense now.

uncle111 said...
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uncle111 said...

9- :)

uncle111 said...

My Marshall outfit and my Renee jacket arrived today. Marshall had a BIG head and short wide feet. Renee was REALLY small- like a little kid.

Girlscout said...

You'll have to take pics Uncle and send them to me and I can post them, I would love to see your Alias collection.

uncle111 said...

I was channel surfing last night and saw a show that I'm really not interested in, but what made me stop was Arvin Sloane. I watched for a few minutes and also saw Rachel. The show was "Sex and the City."

Girlscout said...

I watched Sex and the City last night too!! I love that episode with Rachel and Arvin. Hahahaha!!

Page48 said...

I occasionally drop by "Sex and the City" just to catch that particular episode, but I've never seen it.

Also proving to be elusive:

Garber guesting on "Frasier"
Lumbly on "Battlestar Galactica"
Garner on "Spin City"

Now, if I was truly hellbent, I guess I could download those particular eppies, but I suspect the novelty would last nowhere near as long as it would take to complete the download.

Now, in the bit-player department, I did notice Rutger Hauer (Geiger) on "Batman Begins" the other night and Christian Slater (Neil Caplan)is in my face every day trying to save Ellis Island.

Also frequent sightings of Terry O'Quinn (Kendall) doing spots for Woodbine Race Track.

uncle111 said...

Garber was great on Frazier. He plays a butler named...Ferguson.

uncle111 said...

Hey, did you ever realize how close Garber and Garner are in spelling?

Girlscout said...

I know! But they sound totally different.

srg-alias said...

hey uncle, I'm a little late on commenting but wanted to say I enjoyed this latest installment. There was only one line that struck me as odd, I don't think Syd would be that sarcastic with the President when he mentions Helix. It just seems very disrespectful for her. Other than that I thought it was great. So Conrad is Elena's father, but is he also Katya and Irina's father?

uncle111 said...

SRG- Conrad- you will find out soon.