Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fallen but not Forgotten

We talk a lot about the CIA and the FBI here at Let's Talk Alias. We talk about international terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, about Sydney and the gang saving the world, time and time again- but today, let's not forget about the real Sydney Bristow's, the real life heroes who risk their lives everyday to protect our freedom and make our nation safe. Let's not forget to thank the firefighters and police officers who ran into burning buildings and lost many of their own helping others that fateful day in September. I am sure we all don't need to be reminded to fly our flags today- to stand as proud Americans, together, united.

9.11 Never Forget


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Page48 said...

The debut of "Alias" marked my return to entertainment TV after 9/11. For me, the weeks prior to that were pretty much consumed with round-the-clock network and cable coverage of 9/11.

The satellite company made CNN available to everyone for weeks, whether CNN was part of their subscription package or not, as they would later do for the beginning of "Shock and Awe" and Katrina.

I found it nearly impossible to watch dramas or movies at that time, when real life was taking center stage and seemed more like fiction than anything I could hope to find on the sci-fi channel.

"Alias" was a most welcome addition to a September remembered mostly for the murderous rampage of 19 worthless Saudi shitheads.

uncle111 said...

Same here. You have also accurately described the molecular makeup of the perps.

Bonkers for Bristow said...

This is off topic and I feel like shit posting it in the 9-11 thread, but there's nowhere else to put it.
For those of you hooked on Burn Notice, or want to see what we have ben talking about, it starts back up this evening on USA. For me it's at 9:00 PM but check your tv guide to make sure.

On topic: 9-11 really snuck up on me this year. I hope the slowing down on patriotism and rememberance that I saw does not continue. I, for one, am proud of the way the nation rallied during the first few months. I remember how hard it was to buy a flag that week - the stores were sold out. I hope we never lose that sense of community and the feeling of sadness that seeing or hearing "9-11" brings.

Page48 said...

I've seen the first 3 eppies of "Burn Notice". It's pretty engaging TV, with it's quirky underdog characters and it's sunny location.

I wish it would deal more with the question of who burned Weston, rather than open and close a carbon copy case each week (Weston helps out a downtrodden person(s) in return for little or no pay). This is the curse of episodic TV.

This really reminds me more of 80's adventure shows like "Magnum PI" or "MacGyver" or even "Simon & Simon". These were all good-natured crime-solved-in-an-hour shows that required no thought from one week to the next, or for that matter, one season to the next.

I wonder how long viewers will tune in if the burn story doesn't pick up a little momentum. Of course, people who have seen more eppies than I have may have seen the plot pick up a bit.

It's an entertaining hour, but if "Alias" is vodka, "Burn Notice" is light beer.

uncle111 said...

I agree about 911.
Glad Burn is starting up again.

They do deal with it more as they go along.