Sunday, October 15, 2006


Jen, Greg and JJ all attended the Children's Denfense Fund Annual Beat the Odds Awards on Thursday. Here's Jen and Greg smiling for the camera. Ben was also on hand. Jen looks fabulous, as does the former Agent Weiss. I miss these guys!

PS. Count down to the DVD release is up. There should be more pics of the Alias cast coming soon, as I am sure they will have a release party. Or, at least I hope they do.


srg-alias said...

aw, I miss it too GS! Cute pic, Jen always looks fabulous. I love seeing these guys participate in admirable causes like this. I enjoyed seeing the pics of Jen down in New Orleans with the kids back in the summer.

I saw your countdown to the DVDs, love it! I preordered mine a couple months ago so I can't wait till it gets here. :)

Page48 said...

Sure, they're smiling on the OUTSIDE, but deep down inside, they know,as we know, that the best gig of their careers is officially behind them.

Second chances are hard to come by in showbiz. Let's face it, Jethro and Elly May's careers didn't exactly catch fire after the Hillbillies was cancelled. Jen must surely fear that she is the new Elly May. Greg has a new show that is cute but hardly gripping in an Alias sort of way. He must wonder if he's the new Jethro.

Of course, there are exceptions. David Hasselhoff went from Knight Rider to Baywatch. Okay, bad example. Michael Douglas went from Streets of San Francisco to a notable career in movies. Larry Hagman went from Major Nelson to J.R. Ewing. So successful reincarnations are possible, but the lovely Jen has some choices ahead of her and I hope she makes good decisions and doesn't fade into oblivion like the Bionic Woman. Please not a career of infomercials for my girl,Jen.

On another subject altogether, I've been reading that Lost's viewership is in rapid descent in this season's early going. I think that those of us who cringe at the mop-up job that was inflicted on Alias realize that a similar fate awaits Lost. Whether it is this season or 2 years from now, this will not end well.

dlove said...

I miss Alias, too. They both look happy and it's good to see them together and supporting a great cause.

Page 48, that may be true, but only time will tell. I don't see their futures as second chances, but as moving on to new adventures. Some will be successful and some will not. Showbiz is tricky and unpredicatble. But it's not such a bad thing being remembered only as Sydney Bristow, right?

Kiki said...

Good point Dlove, Sydney Bristow is an amazing character and JG played her so well. No one else could have done better.

sandi/juliansark1 said...

page48: It isn't like Jen Garner pulled a David Caruso and left the show because she got too famous. I don't think it can be called a 'second chance' whatever her next project is...she hasn't really left, has she?

lhaaheim said...

Oh that picture made me smile! :-)

Page48- The ratings for Lost were slipping last year too. Unfortunately great, tangled and intellectual shows (for example Alias) just can't last forever because the mass majority of people don't want that. They just want entertainment. So I hope Lost makes it a full five years but I would be super surprised if it went beyond that. Pure entertainment is why sitcoms do well, why cop shows do well and sadly why reality shows do well. I say we just enjoy the great TV while we have it!!!

Page48 said...

You're right, lhaaheim, the overwhelming majority of people want to watch shows that require no heavy lifting on the part of the viewer. What else could explain the enduring popularity of "reality" shows and the constant rolling out of (yawn)new game shows?

For viewership to take a dive, it means that people who have invested several years in a compelling story like Alias or Lost suddenly decide to pack it in. That means they did one of two things...either they switched off the TV or else they got hooked on Deal or No Deal and found that it touched them in a way that a spine-tingling-life-hanging-in-the-balance-can't-tell-the-good-guys- from-the-bad-guys-thrill-ride like Alias never could.

Sooooooooo, what's up with that?

lhaaheim said...

Page48- See here is the thing, current viewers of Lost have only invested 2 years into it if even that so it's not big deal for them to dump it. Trust me I know and have met so many people who use to watch Alias but as some point just lost interest and dropped it. The plot, the characters whatever became too complex, too dramatic, too amazing for them to handle it. They only want entertainment, they don't want to be inspired and captivated. So they watch reality shows, competitions, cops shows and laugh shows. Essentially they didn't want the show to touch them, they just wanted to sit on the couch and watch something.


lhaaheim said...

It probably also reflect peoples ability to commit to things. I'm a committer so it's easy for me to get dedicated to a show but for other people who don't commit as easily they may become unconsciously scared of becoming dependent upon watching it thus they move on.

dlove said...

"The plot, the characters whatever became too complex, too dramatic, too amazing for them to handle it. They only want entertainment, they don't want to be inspired and captivated."

That's the key, and you are exactly right. There are shows that I want to watch, but I just don't want to make a commitment to them.

Sometimes it doesn't matter how good they are. I don't want to invest the time to fully appreciate them.

Page48 said...

dlove, lhaaheim, I think you make valid points regarding commitment to a complex serial type show. I guess it's not for everyone. I find that my commitment to any TV show is usually involuntary.

Discovering Alias was a beautiful accident for me and it owned me from the opening scene but it was never my decision to get involved. Once hooked, I never considered walking away half way through the story. I think a weekly cliffhanger is one of the great joys of life. I don't feel as strongly about Lost, but having come this far, I don't know why I wouldn't see it through to its conclusion.