Saturday, October 21, 2006

Back in the Ring

Former Alias stars Carl Lumbly (Marcus Dixon) and Michael Vartan (Michael Vaughn) are now back at work on new projects. Lumbly is now a member of the sci-fi hit Battlestar Galactica and Vartan has joined the cast of Jolene, a movie starring Denise Richards, Donald Sutherland and Dermot Mulroney. More information at

There are a few BG fans that I have meant on this blog and they have been encouraging me to check out the show. I might have to now! And of course, any movie with MV and Dermot Mulroney is worth checking out. Good to hear our fav Alias stars are back in action.


lhaaheim said...

BSG is amazing!!! You should start watching it!!! Start with the mini-series though and work up to the third season. It will make much more sense that way! :-)


sidewinder said...

Hell yah you have to start watching it.

It is so amazing. The third season so far is freaking great.

Yeah and I agree with Ihaaheim you really need to start with the Mini-Series or else you'll be totally confused.

dlove said...

I just watched the mini-series and I'm waiting for netflix to send me the first season dvds. It may take me awhile to get to season 3 and Carl. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.

Ziomal said...

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