Friday, October 06, 2006

Action Figures

I was just on Amazon pre-ordering my copy of season 5 (for $30!! And I know, it took me long enough!!) and I stumbled upon this...

Yes. It is a Sydney Bristow action figure- complete with gun and what looks like a CIA-issued spy kit. I think I love it. It looks just like Miss Bristow. Not that I play with action figures or anything, and growing up most of my Barbie's were involuntarily headless- but come on! A Sydney Bristow action figure!! I wonder if SpyDaddy has one?

OH MY GAWD, I found another one!! "I'm ere, she's ere, we made it!" HAHAHAHA!! Gun and guitar. Very useful in hand to hand combat. And those boots are smokin'. I wanna pair.


Anonymous said...


Do they have a Vaughn action figure?

srg-alias said...

LOL, oh man those are great!!

jenn256 said...

that's so cool! I wonder if they will come out with a whole line with everyone. I think Sloane's should have a glass of water in one hand and the Rambaldi manuscript in the other!

That's a pretty great thing to have an action figure made from your character, JG should be proud!