Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Scene Cap of the Week

"Hi honey!"
Um, hilarious scene, serisouly. First, Sydney in that outfit. Second, the little wormy guy in his underwear. And third, Vaughn walking in so nonchalantly. LOVE IT!
I always love how Syd and Vaughn seem to have so much fun on missions. Remember when they had to defuse the C4 at SD-6? Super serious mission, but they still had fun. The bar in scene in season 4, super hot and super fun. Remember the mission when they have to find a man before the Covenant, and they have to identify him by his facial reconstruction? Vaughn asks Syd whether or not he shouldget his nose fixed. She says "Maybe a little tapering." HAHA!
Can you name other missions in which Syd and Vaughn share some funny moments? There are tons!


Robetron said...

"...do you have to talk like such a robotron?"

"Maintain radio silence."

"I guess you do."

I also liked when they stood on the rooftop and she asked him to tell a joke. He tells the "Grasshopper walked into a bar" joke. She knew it and finished it.
"I was going to say 'Doug.'"
"'Doug' is certainly no funnier than 'Phil.'"
It was a seriously emotional scene that drew them closer together with a little levety.

Kiki said...

Nice Robby! I also love the Robetron moment, but for some reason I had no idea it was actually Vaughn she was talking to, hahahaha!!

There is another one too, aren't they like going to get Kassinau and they are joking about having dinner and Weiss cuts in and asks if the whole gang can come? HAHAHA, I laughed so hard on that one.

Robetron said...

How about in season 4 when they went on mission together to find the guy who knew whether Irena was still alive. The ywere in that bar, and she asked who should be the "rough" one.
"You're always rough."
"What? On mission, or at home?"
[She looks at him with dismay and concern.]
"I thought that..."
"Hey I'm not complaining."
"Are we on coms?!"
Jack - "Yes, you are both on coms!"

That was roll on the floor funny.

lhaaheim said...

My gosh college keeps a girl busy!!! I feel like it's been years since I've checked the blog!!!

I love the club scene in season four!!! Their dialogue is so funny and comes out so naturally!!!

There's also a couple missions were Vaughn asks Syd to dinner, I particularly like when they broke into the Vatican!

Oh and when Syd is in Cuba I think and talks to Vaughn on the phone about dancing. Too cute!

Oh yeah! When Vaughn jokes about not putting just anyone in his trunk!

There were some good moments on their first date too! "Tell me about your pets"! Vaughn's adorable!


Page48 said...

Space: The Imagination Station has begun airing Alias 5 nights a week. Tonight I watched a version of Truth Be Told edited to fit in a 60 minute time slot.

I just have one question: "Who the hell would edit chunks out of Truth Be Told in order that we don't miss any of Stargate?" Priorities, please!!!

Every time I watch that episode, it seems like only yesterday. I wonder if it will feel that way in 10 years.

Kiki said...

Oh gosh, I got Liz in a Vaughn frenzie again!

srg-alias said...

Continuing in the episode where they have to identify the guy w/ plastic surgery, Vaughn is scanning the people at the bar and after scanning a women says "yeah, those breasts are real" hehe.

Also love after they leave the guy tied up from the screen shot where he says "give me back my pants?!?" in his little accent, haha.

lhaaheim said...

It don't take much to get me there!!! I LOVE ME SOME VAUGHN!!! Ahh to go back to the days when I could spend my days wrapped up in the wonders of Alias! *sigh* now I have all the craziness of college!!! I want Alias back!!!


srg-alias said...

I'm revliving the love w/ my DVDs, about 1/4 the way through season 3 right now...