Thursday, August 31, 2006

Open for Business

YAHOO!! Primetime Princesses is now up and running. Check in with us for previews of the new fall shows, recaps of your old favorites, finale recaps and more... spread the word and don't be shy!!

UPDATE: Primetime has moved to TypePad. SAVE THIS NEW ADDRESS!


Robetron said...

It looks like we would have to sign up with yet another blog-website in order to comment on the P.P. Am I wrong?

Regarding the subject matter of the blog sitting on the top of P.P., I am concerned about this Studio 60. Aaron Sorkin produced a disturbingly simmilar show back in the '99 and '00 season. It was a great show called "Sports Night" where we were given a backstage pass to the drama and comedy behind the scenes of a late night sports show produced from a 3rd rate sports channel that was nearing collapse. Is Sorkin going to "give it a go" one more time with different characters?

A. It would be hard to be better than Sports Night, and Sports Night was not picked up and could not sustain ratings.

B. In order to avoid a repeat performance, the writting will have to take two steps down from the Sports Night intelectual level. Doing so would make a pathetic show not worth watching.

C. Bringing back the witty reparte' and snappy one-liners would be a blessing to TV watchers, but sadly, a majority of watchers are not able to keep up with the cultural referrences.

D. A return of the barely concealed liberal agenda inherant to the stories will serve to kill the new show just like it did the first.

I loved Sports Night. I own the DVDs of the complete series. It is for the up-crust of humor I loved it, and I will watch Studio 60 with the hope for more of the same. Unfortunately, everything that made Sports Night great, is the same things that put it on an early shelf. The flaws (political agendas) could easily be overlooked, but if Sorkin plans on trying the same formula again, I fear Studio 60 will also have a similarly short lifespan.

GS, if you would like to put this on the PP blog, you certainly may.


Page48 said...

Hey robetron, no need to sign up on the P.P. blog to comment. Wondered the same thing myself, but just signed my username and posted away.

Not that I had anything intelligent to say, mind you!

Robetron said...

I have to admit, I am adverse to change. seeing the most recent comment at the top rather than the bottom (people do still read top to bottom, right?) and the small light collored links has me wondering if Typepad is indeed more "user friendly."