Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More T's

Hi All,

Lhaaheim won the T-shirt contest yesterday, so if you haven't checked out her design, please check the link under the article titled "Drum roll please..."

Many of you asked if I could post some of the other entries. As I mentioned, some of the ideas were not given to me as designs, just merely written ideas. However, Blogger Desiree turned in a few ideas that she has published on Zazzle. Cute ideas Des!

Blogger Nancy turned in some great designs, too. On the first- the front says "Truth Takes Time," and on the back it gives the Let's Talk address and says "A Safehouse for the Alias Intrigued." I might make one of these, so stay tuned. On the second- the back gives the Let's Talk address and says "We're all on comms."

Many of the designs were similar and many of the designs focused on Marshall. Overall, there were some great entries. If you decide to design a shirt on Zazzle (which is free!), please let me know so that I can post a link. Thanks again to all who participated!

PS. Again, there are some great ideas and designs at Cafe Press. Check out some of the JJ shirts- "Get Lost JJ" and "J-J-E-M-E-T-I-B." I love JJ, but those are funny!


mommer said...

I put my T-shirt designs on Zazzle. I did it yesterday, but had trouble finding them this morning. Here's the link, I hope. http://www.zazzle.com/myzazzle/my_products/in_progress/design_list.asp?type=235

Mommer (aka Nancy).

Kiki said...

They aren't there. You might want to check your e-mail and see if you had a copyright problem. You might try making your T's over at Cafe Press- they are a little more flexible with their rules.

mommer said...

OK, here's a link that works.