Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Good morning all! I am thrilled to announce that I have a fully functioning entertainment center in my room as of last night and I can now dive back into Alias (season 3) this very evening!! YAHOO!

A new alias for Alias
Currently, I am in the midst of revamping Let's Talk. The look of the site and the format are getting rather ho-hum. Keep your eyes peeled for a new design, plus a few more links and features. I am hoping this will keep the site jumpin'. FEEDBACK- So, any ideas or preferences for the new layout? Do you like the blue colors? Dark colors? Light colors? Pictures? I want some of your input for the new look!

Uncle 111 has done something fantastic- no, he hasn't convinced ABC to launch a spin-off- but he has archived season 1 scripts! Check it out!

Birds the Word
You guys are crossword fanatics! I don't know if I can keep up! I have a few more on the way, some easy, some hard. I am sure re-watching season 3 will give me plenty of ideas. Stay tuned!

Book Worms
Jenn will be hacking out discussion questions for the first book "Recruited." Be looking for those. We are going to crack the world of Alias lit wide open, get ready! Check out Jenn's book review below.

Sista Sista
Don't forget to stop in at Let's Get Lost, The Anatomy of Grey's and Bauer Platoon for crossword puzzles, DVD info. and fun articles. Though our favorite shows are on summer hiatus, we want to keep the love alive. PS. No word yet on the release date for Alias Season 5. I am keeping my ear to the ground though!

Summer Time
Technically, it's summer, but you wouldn't know it due to the gray skies of Seattle. My weekends are filling up with beach plans and out-of-town trips, rain or shine. I am 100% devoted to my bloggies during the week- I am at your beck and call, but it might be hard for you to track me down on the weekends. Updates will be limited on the weekends, but I fully intend to stay ahead during the weekdays. Now that we are reading the books and getting back into the DVD's there will be plenty to talk about. I hope you all enjoy your summer-but keep Alias close. We ain't done yet!


uncle111 said...

One of the really cool things about Omega 17 is that it has the Google search function attached. You can use it to find all the references to, say, Rambaldi, or Page 47, or Irina, etc.

Kiki said...

Sweet Uncle, I am sooo glad you did this!

Anonymous said...


srg-alias said...

hm, for site feedback I think it would look really sharp with a black background and a strong complimenting color like red or purple (too girly?)

Starting tomorrow summer will finally return to NC after being flooded with Alberto rains the last few days. It was raining so hard this morning almost all of our office windows were leaking, it really seemed like we'd all be floating home later.

I'm hoping to revisit my Alias DVDs soon as well, things have just been pretty hectic lately. I'm happy I still have a little blogging time at my new job though, so far so good! :)

Kiki said...

We are on the same page SRG. I was thinking black and a strong photo- perhaps my T-shirt photo I made?? I am going to play around with it tonight, so by tomorrow, we should have a whole new look.

srg-alias said...

oh yeah, that is a cool image GS!! :)

jenn256 said...

yes, I also agree, sort of along the lines of the Grey's site. But definatley keep some Alias photos, I love logging on to see those pics on the top.

And SRG- I feel your Alberto pain, we had some really nasty weather here the last few days, but it has past now. Not a good sign of things to come for those of us in high hurricane traffic huh?

Kiki said...

Yeah, I think I am going to switch the Grey's site and the Alias site. I don't want them both to be black. I have been playing around with pics today. I would like to make a cool banner. I'm on it.

uncle111 said...

Ok. Someone used the word t-shirt, so here are some lines I've collected that they should also use on Alias t-shirts (sorry if some have already been used or suggested):


Bristow Rambaldi Ice Cream- Now In 47 Flavors

Magnific Order Of Rambaldi

You Just Threw Your Beeper Into The Pacific Ocean

Yeah, I Got Your Mueller Device Right Here.

How do you say thank you to the woman who killed your father?

You Beat Death Arvin...But You Couldn't Beat Me...

Syd's "I'm horrible" speech to Vaughn.

I Don't Sell Airplane Parts! I Never Sold Airplane Parts!

You've Been Missing For Almost Two Years

(the Page 47 prophecy)

I've Always Thought Of You As My Daughter

Irina Derevko Is An Opportunistic Sociopath

S.A.B. 47 Project

S.A.B. 47 Project- Looking For Volunteers

Syd... Sloane Is Here.

Which Part of "I'm Going to Play Jack Bristow And You're Going To Play The Fool In My Way" Do You Not Understand?

(Jack Bristow just staring at you)

Can You Start With The Ones In The Back?

1 In 5! 1 In 5!

You Bought The Lie, You Simple-Minded Dilitante

...You're A Man Of Faith

My loaylties are flexible

uncle111 said...

Whoa! Makes my eyes wiggle.

jenn256 said...

wow Uncle, that's really cool. How did you do that? That must have taken forever! That may come in handy when looking up reference info for the book club, or when we are going over eppies again and want to cross-reference info from one eppie to another! Oh, I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

uncle111 said...

I hope to get back to it and add S2-4 before long. We've been having new windows put in at the house and are still having to clean up and have the painter do his thing to them before we can move everything back.
I'm excited about it too, as it will be a great research tool for my Alias novel. I am close to working out the details of my Rambaldi mythology part.

slingshot said...

ok feedback...

LOVE the black background...

HATE the top... cool idea with the different colors faces of her, but it doesnt look like her...

and mom says

otherwise kudos...

looks good!

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle, regarding T-shirt slogans, one of my favourite snappy lines from the early days was when Sydney unleashed her armour-piercing sarcasm on Vaughn with this classic: "can you show me what a bag looks like again?".

Putting myself in Vaughn's lucky-ass shoes, this would be the exact moment that I would begin composing my "Adios Alice" speech, which I would deliver to Alice herself via text-message, so as not to have to deal with any messy face-to-face stuff with my now ex-girlfriend whose name I would soon struggle to remember.

srg-alias said...

love the black, purple and green GS, very sharp. I think you should still add "Alias" at the top though so it says "Let's Talk Alias" instead of just "Let's Talk", just my 2c. :)

Desiree said...

I like the black background but I am partial to real pics of syd. It helps me remember different times in different epis. What can I say? I am totally nostalgic. Hey Uncle...Those sayings are totally awesome!!! Have you made tshirts with them yet? If not would you mind if I did? I can totally give you props

Robetron said...

I have gone to an all black background with a blog before, and the feedback I receievd was that the blogs themselves were hard on the eyes. Uncle has already commented that it "makes [his] eyes wiggle." If there is a way to keep the written area white with black letters, and then retain a black background, I think it would be sharp.

I agree with Slingshot that the Header could use a little refining, and with SRG that "Let's Talk" should retain the word "Alias," but that is just a small matter of opinion. It's of little consequence either way.

uncle111 said...

Go for it Desiree.

Kiki said...

I don't know why the Alias fell off the title- I didn't mean for that to happen, but I fixed it. I love the black background and the 3 colored pics, but I agree, we need some scene photos. I will work on a banner today and try it out. I really love those pics though...

Tammy said...

I love the new look!! I even like the stylized Syd pictures in the banner! Very artsy! :)

lhaaheim said...

Very cool Uncle!!!

So my vacation to the beach: Wind, rain, more rain, and even more rain. Somehow I still got sunburned!!! I look like a red raccoon!!! :-P

I agree GS, Alias should be black and Grey’s should be another color. I think white would be great, it would go well with a sort of hospital theme.

“Yeah, I Got Your Mueller Device Right Here.

How do you say thank you to the woman who killed your father?

I Don't Sell Airplane Parts! I Never Sold Airplane Parts”

LOL! You’re so funny Uncle!!! :-D

Unfortunately I agree with Slingshot and Des the banner pictures look cool but it doesn’t look like Syd and there should be more Vaughn. Then again I always want more Vaughn! :-P Is it possible to have too much Vaughn? I think not!!!