Monday, May 15, 2006

Shout Out

Hi All,

Just a little update:

1.Don't forget, SpyChat tonight at 6pm PDT. Be there or know the rest.

2. Still chugging along on the soundtracks, sorry it's taking so long. I will be gone all this weekend for a wedding, so my efforts will be twarted again. Hang in there, I will have them out soon!

3. My fabulous roomie, Amanda, who will be helping out on the LOST blog, has launched her own personal blog. She's a sassy girl, with a sassy cat and she will be sharing her fun stories and crazy sense of humor on her new blog. You must check it out!

4. I am a complete git! I forgot to thank Dark Alias for his support of the blog and for setting up a place for us to message board!! Thanks Dark!!!

All right ya'll, enjoy the 2 hour finale of Grey's and I will chat with you this evening!


carley said...

Sorry I missed the chat but I was out having fun with my hubby on our 8th wedding anniversary. ;)

sklaft said...

Maybe this isn't the place to say so, but I was never so disappointed in a lead character of a decent show as I was last night in Meredeth Grey. Sheppard called her a whore a few weeks ago, and I thought it was unjust. Now, I think called it exactly right. She was unaware of his being married the first time she got involved with him. This time she jumped into the role of adulteress with both feet. I thought she had a better ethical character than that. Him, I never thought poorly of until last night either, except that he kept leading his wife on when she clearly wishes to reconcile with him. This whole show is based on cheeting and hurting people.

Man, I love ALIAS and I will surely miss it when it is gone.

srg-alias said...

congrats carley!

lhaaheim said...

I get what your saying Robby, I didn't like Grey's much at first but it's really grown on me over time. Yes, there is a lot of cheating and hurting of others but it's a very human story. And it can be very hard to get the subtle underlining thought that they are all trying to do better, they are all trying to figure things out. Finally it looks like George has done that, though I'm sure it won't last. I think the reason it's so easy for us to love Alias is because their problems are so big, so important, so massive that it's easy for us to empathize with them because how can we not! There are giant red balls over Russian cities, terrorists and huge amounts of betrayal, lost lives and lost years. Yet on Grey's their problems are more human and trivial and we sit there saying just do this and this and it will be fixed. It’s hard to identify with a character when they are doing something so obviously wrong. Even though we often do those things are self anyway. We have the ability of being objective but the interns don't. I'm not trying to preach or anything; I'm just wanted to explain how I can love Alias and like Grey's as well.


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