Monday, May 15, 2006

Grey's is Born

Let's Talk has another little sis; she ain't a spy and she ain't a plane crash surivor- she's a surgeon! In light of the greatness that is Grey's- my roomie and I have launched the Grey's Anatomy blog- The Anatomy of Grey's. We live here in Seattle, so it's only right that you get your info. straight from the source.

Check out the blog for episode recaps, details, dish and drama. Our first recap will be posted after we West Coasters watch the episode tonight, so stay tuned, it's comin' at ya STAT!

Update: I have posted my episode recap- enjoy.

Don't worry- with all this blogging I haven't forgotten my first true love. More Alias info. coming at ya ASAP!!


lhaaheim said...

Whoo! Yet another show that I watch! I can't wait for the eppy tonight. That final scene between Izzy and Denny was so intense! I hope everyone comes out of this okay but I'm pretty certain someone will either die or get in a whole lot of trouble.

Just in case you’re thinking of creating even more blogs I would recommend Veronica Mars (high school, now college sassy detective with surprising villains) Numbers (a cop show but with math and complex heartwarming characters), and Battlestar Galactica my second favorite show ever!!! At the very least I would recommend renting season one on DVD this summer! All three shows will be entering their third season this fall! :-)

srg-alias said...

well have fun folks, I've heard Grey's is an excellent show but it's not one I've started watching so I wouldn't be much use on that blog. Hope everyone else has fun on it though! :)

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