Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Three's a Crowd

Tomorrow night will be the first hour of our three hour countdown to the end of Alias. I will be enjoying the hour at Hillary and Danny’s, along with Iceberg, Starbucks Mom, and Super Syd the SpyBaby, as we whip up a little din-din and settle in for our favorite show. I am sure we all have been circling around the endless possibilities for the finale and are all together anxious, overwhelmed, excited and saddened. It will be hard to say goodbye to characters we know so well- but what about the characters we don’t?

Rachel, Grace and Kelly Peyton hit the scene just as ABC announced the series cancellation. Their characters are hardly developed- do to lack of time and the obvious need to tie up loose ends pertaining to the original cast.

We know Grace is knee-deep in some sort of unbeknownst plan. He speaks several foreign languages, including German (Korman-Hamburg-Bunker), he has gained access to Witness Protection files and he knows the protocol for contacting the Cardinal. What is Grace up to? Is his wife really dead? How does he know the Cardinal?

Rachel- This girl has had her world turned upside! After learning that her employer was actually a terrorist- Rachel is whisked into the world of APO. Her family is placed in Witness Protection, she nearly gets herself killed on a mission and she accidentally sleeps with a bad guy. Poor thing. But aside from breaking algorithmic codes in her head, what has Rachel been up to? Not a whole lot. She’s got her suspicions about Grace, but what role will she play in the thwarting of P5?

Now, I love me some Kelly Peyton. I seriously believe that if Amy Acker had been brought on board way back in season 4, we would have a real baddie on our hands. She’s manipulative, cunning, but with the innocence of the girl next door. She has maneuvered her way around P5 quite nicely, and I guarantee we will be seeing some hand to hand combat as Syd/Ana/Syd jumps blindly into what seems to be a P5 trap. I think Peyton knows it’s not really Ana. I think everyone in P5 knows. I can’t wait to see how this plays out- but where did Peyton come from? What will be her role in the P5 endgame? Is she merely a pawn?

What do you think? Do you think perhaps the writers were thinking of more seasons when they brought in these characters? Do you think the cancellation put the X on the development? Who do you like? Who do you hate? What do you see for their future in the next 3 eppies?


srg-alias said...

Earlier in the season the writers definitely focused on growing Rachel's character, I think they were probably planning on more seasons (or a least a full season) to use her and the other 2 you mentioned.

I've become more and more interested in Grace over the last few eppies, I'm very curious why he faked not knowing other languages before when he's obviously quite fluent. I still think what he's up to is actually good and they're just trying to make him look guilty, but he could be the mole we've been looking for.

Someone said this before and I agree that Kelly is pretty one dimensional. I've found her to be a pretty boring character actually, but I was curious from the last episode what sacrifices she's made to follow Rambaldi. I'm hoping we find out more about that comment she made.

Robetron said...

I had my deepest suspicions about Rachel. The parallels between her entrance into APO and Sydney's background were way too glaring, and I thought for sure someone was manipulating Sydney's sympathies. Then the bomb dropped and it seemed like they decided not to take her that direction due to a lack of time. Now I rather like her. She a brilliant code-breaker, and certainly enthusiastic, but she's also no superhero, bumbling around, smacking into locked doors. I dare say, she is the one with whom we, the common folks, can most directly identify.

I liked Grace from the beginning. He's always a bit of mystery to him since Sydney looked at his confidential files. He was backgrounded for a while, but the scene when he was teaching Rachel how to be viscious in a fight really hooked me. Here was no boyscout. Plus, his dry sense of humor is much like my own. He may be a mole, but I can't help but think it is for a good reason or for some benevolent secret group or person. I still think he is loyal to his country. (BTW - he may not have 'pretended' to not have known the language when they were in Prague. Maybe he speaks German, but not Chek. I'm sure there are a lot of agents that know some languages, and not others.)

Payton? Eh, I can take her or leave her. I thought the scene where she was talking to the Chinese lady about eating noodles was interesting. It showed her more personable side, yet the whole time we know she is a piranha all dressed up like Nemo. She can catch you off guard, like several other of our favorite badies, by disarming you. It is too bad we can't see a bit more of her charm.


lhaaheim said...

I believe Grace and this whole Cardinal thing is very connected the central Rambaldi story. Regardless of the show being cancelled the writers fully intended on bring Rambaldi to the forefront this season. They did that with the introduction of P5 by Bill Vaughn by way of his son. I know I keep going on about Bill Vaughn but I really think he is going to show up somewhere. We have to get closure on him! So anyway, Grace has a purpose and is somehow connected to all of this. They brought in the Cardinal thing too late for it not to be.

Rachel- I think she may play a role in bring things about Grace out, I'm not sure she is as naive as we all believe. She is good at being innocent so maybe she is just playing innocent around Grace so he will slip up and then she can catch him. Either she will discover something, knows something is up or she is not who she says she is. I would actually like it if Rachel were a mole. It would also explain how Peyton has been able to rise to the top so well in P5.

Kelly Peyton will have a big role to play. I don't think the writers would have brought her in so much, spent so much time on her if they didn't have some big ending in store for her story. You can't bring in another Sark like character in season 5; even if you think you may have another season left. Because regardless, the writers probably didn't think they would have more then 6 years anyway and unfortunately they got stuck with a short 5. Side note: I love Amy Acker! She played one of the greatest sweet characters ever on Angel and then plays a major bad ass on Alias. Never have I thought oh there's Fred! She has been Peyton all the time. She is super talented.

Okay so here comes my faith thing again! I trust the writers, I trust JJ, the crew and actors when it comes to making Alias great. Yes the year was cut short and I'm sure some sacrifices were made but I think that just pushed the writers to be even more creative then before. Maybe they brought in season 6 stuff to make some season 5 plans obsolete to tie things up. But I don't think they have skimped on the development. We’re still going to be left with some questions, maybe some about the newbies but for the most part I think we will get our answers and Alias will end magnificently! ABC though annoying and disrespectful to the fans would not have cut Alias down to 17 eppies if it couldn't be done in that time frame. I'm sure if the writers and everyone working on Alias said it could not be done then ABC would have given them more. They want Alias to end well too and they would put up a fight against ABC if they had to. Plus JJ has said all along that he plans these things out and has a general idea of how they will end. I think everything is going to be okay.

Onto some other people who I think need some development or have been forgotten about. What happened to Judy Barnett, McKenas Cole and Chase? What have they been up to???

Weiss??? Wow he has had like no development at all and he is a long time character! What does his new job (his one storyline) mean for everyone else? Did he know about Vaughn? And is he really who he says he is? Have we been blinded this entire time by his sweet smile, huggable personality, and glow in the dark bowling trips? Could Weiss be more then just Weiss? Could he be the best double agent of all times! Could he have fooled everyone! I sure hope not but I bet something is in store for his character. Remember JJ and Greg are good friends and I doubt he would leave his best buds character just hanging. It would be so cool if in the end were left with Weiss being this awesome evil dude and no answers about what, where, when or why!

lhaaheim said...

Srg- I agree Peyton hasn't been very complex but how often do we get a noncomplex character on Alias? Not that often! Something has to be up and it could very well be connected to her "sacrifices" comment. Also, I think Rachel's character was so focused on during the first part of the season because she was kind of a sub for Syd in a lot of ways and for that to work the audience had to connect with her.

I agree Robby, Grace is doing something shady but I think it's for the greater good (and I don't mean that in the twisted Sloane way). However I sure hope they didn't just drop Rachel's story. I sure hope there is something more to her story then just someone for the audience to identify with. Peyton all dressed up like Nemo! That's too funny! I hope we see more of her charm and disarming personality too. Plus the more we talk about her the more and more I think she might be Elena. Which is a theory I dismissed as just interesting before, I wonder if that's true or if something similar might happen.

srg-alias said...

Re: Peyton "she is a piranha all dressed up like Nemo" lol robby :)

When Syd and Grace are on the mission that eventually captures Rachel, doesn't he say something like "I'm not too good with languages" when they're in the van? My memory's a bit fuzzy...

a bit OT but prompted by Liz's comment, I saw the tail end of Prison Break last night when I was waiting for 24 to come on and saw Patricia Wettig's (Dr. Barnett) character sworn in as President, she's stepping up in the world! ;-)

AgtBecky13 said...

I would like to see a final battle between Peyton & Rachel. Also, Syd & Rachel relying on each other. Maybe romantic sparks between Grace & Rachel (if he's a good guy of course...She had enough of betrayal).

mommer said...

I really like Grace and hope he's a good guy. Rachel has grown on me - at first she seemed kinda "vanilla" but I like her more ever since she returned from her encounter with Sark. Peyton is just evil - I think the show could totally do without her, with it being cancelled and the season shortened we would have been just fine without another baddie. We've never learned where she came from or how she has so much knowledge of everything from the Horizon to Ana Espinosa to P5? What's her connection to it all? However, she's the only new baddie who has survived so far this season and so she's the only link to Gordon Dean & co. They haven't really ever connected the 12 who let Sloane see their faces with Peyton and her goons and they've moved the Peyton/Irina connection to the background since Vancouver so we have yet to see how it all fits together with P5, Rambaldi, Sloane, Irina, Sark, Peyton, Renée...

Robetron said...

It may have been that second clang of the shuvel up-side Dean's block that made me fall in love with Rachel.



uncle111 said...

Someone over at http://groups.google.com/group/2541-Zephyr-Avenue
posted the following poll:

On the eve of the end let's see what we're all thinking on this:

Is Rambaldi alive now?

Is Rambaldi good(defined as pro-Sydney's happiness) or bad(defined as anti-Syd)?

Is Jack Rambaldi's servant or is he anti-Rambaldi?

Is Irina Rambaldi's servant or is she anti-Rambaldi?

Will we recognize Rambaldi's identity if he is alive today?

What was Rambaldi's ultimate goal?

Looks fun, but do I really want to commit to an answer?

lhaaheim said...

Just had a thought, what if the Cardinal is Rambaldi?

uncle111 said...

"Just had a thought, what if the Cardinal is Rambaldi?"

That one has been kicked around. Rambaldi secreted away from his faked execution and hidden in the Vatican where he eventually became it's secret protectorate or a church official. Tom is part of the group that protects him, and Jack has joined them, at least in part, to protect Sydney. Sloane would be high in the Rambaldi cult group who have perverted Rambaldi's ideas.

lhaaheim said...

When was that idea kicked around, I don't remember it? It's a good theory and it would explain Grace's purpose as well.

uncle111 said...

lhaaheim- it may have been on another site. Could have been ABC's site or Zephyr Avenue.