Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Episode Recap 5.07 "Fait Accompli"

Good morning! Here is the previously posted episode recap article for 5.07 "Fait Accompli." Enjoy!

PS. JG will be on Entertainment Tonight chatting about the end of Alias. You can check the ET website for video clips from on set with Jen and Victor Garber (SpyDaddy).

PPS. Check out pics of Ben, Jen and Baby Vi at www.danasdirt.com or www.celebrity-babies.com. It's a fairly clear pic of Baby Vi, though it's a bit scary. So cute! She looks like mama.

Did ya’ll see the eppy last night? Because if you didn’t I am weeping for you! Weeping I say.

Here is a running list of all the information PACKED into last night’s episode 5.07 "Fait Accompli."

-Renee can really pack a punch.
-Sydney, while on mission in Rome, runs into her old English professor!
-Sloane turns on Dean. The team stages a coupe. The coupe of all coupes!
-Mr. Dean meet Mr. Shovel, Shovel, Mr. Dean. How do you do? (Rachel really knows how to handle garden tools.)
-Dean takes a trip right back to the ‘70’s thanks to Marshall’s special blend of LSD.
-Sloane is approached by a P5 messenger, who strikes an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Sanko, an old friend of Mr. Sark’s. Sloane must kill Dean to save…ring, ring, Sloane, you better get that, it’s Nadia, she’s awake.
-Nadia comes out of her coma.
-Nadia goes back in her coma, complete with her blood shot eyes and fits of rage.
-Dean doesn’t know who he is working for, they have remained anonymous.
-APO goes to Seattle!! (My hometown folks! ABC is loving the rainy city right now ala Grey’s Anatomy.) They need the Glenheim Tower access codes.
-Sloane kills Dean, hoorah! (With cyanide no doubt.)
-But not before Dean can give Sydney the access codes (BOO!)
-Peyton toasts her take over of “The Shed.”
-Sloane is double crossed by the P5 messenger.
-Jack constructs a crib.
-Jack miscalculates the construction of the crib.
And scene!

-In the opening scene, Renee is after a statue which houses an access key card. The stature is busted during a fight, revealing the key card. This connects back to Sloane and Sark in season 2, when Sloane meets Kabir. Sloane launches a weapon that incinerates people in a church. Kabir gives him a statue which Sloane later breaks in order to retrieve the missing piece of a Rambaldi page inside.
-Grace sprinkles himself with alcohol at the race track to distract Dean. Vaughn did the same on a Paris mission. Sydney sprayed him down with a bottle of Champagne and he drove up to a gated building thinking it was a private party. He distracted the guards long enough to let Sydney slip inside.

While under the influence, Dean tells Sydney that his employers insisted he kill Michael Vaughn and that they have plans for her as well. Could this be referring to her kidnapping? Dean was scared, very scared, aside from the hallucinogenic drugs. Who ever, or whatever is running this organization, they have some pretty evil dudes shaking in their boots!

Ah, the return of 12. The information the gang retrieved about P5 was interesting. P5 is a group of 12 government agencies dealing in all things evil. A Credit Marquee was mentioned. Sounds very much like Credit Dauphine (dauphine is the wife of dauphin, or a nobleman), and Sydney nailed it on the head, “sounds an awful like the Alliance.”

Hope was a very subtle theme in this episode. Sydney hoped that by capturing Dean APO would learn all about P5 and the people that killed Vaughn. Sloane feared he would never find a cure for Nadia, but was given a glimpse of hope by the P5 messenger. I hope that Vaughn returns and never leaves us again. We all hope Alias’ new time slot will mean higher ratings and extended contracts. And as I had hoped…

Next week on Alias-
SARK RETURNS as the physical representation of all that is right and all that is wrong with the world. Swoon! He returns as Bob, Rachel’s little one night stand.

Guys, I loved this episode. I loved it. It was packed with information, there was more than one thing happening at a time. There was intrigue and surprise, angst and HOPE. It was truly old school Alias.
What did you think? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What conclusions did you come to? What ideas do you have about P5? WHAT IS GOING ON?


amy said...

awwww...i feel so bad for jg and ben cause they look so irritated about the photos...the baby is SO cute though. the sad part is there were all these really negative comments about the baby on that website! poor violet! thats why i love your blog - thanks for all the awesome posts, i cannot WAIT for alias to come back on and definitely for the season 5 dvds with the bloopers!!!!

srg-alias said...

"Mr. Dean meet Mr. Shovel, Shovel, Mr. Dean. How do you do? (Rachel really knows how to handle garden tools.)"
hahaha, you crack me up GS! This was a good eppy, very interesting what Dean said while "under the influence". I still keep wondering if "The Watchman" Dean mentioned has something to do w/ Vaughn's dad's watch...

srg-alias said...

and yes, baby Vi is too adorable! :)

Kiki said...

Yes, it's too bad that down to earth celebs are followed and bombarded by photographers. I feel like the general public would be more interested in classy photos taken in photoshoots,but the razzi is at it full force. I didn't post those pictures here because they are rather intrusive, compared to the last one I posted. I felt weird about it. But Vi is very cute, and looks happy and healthy, as do Ben and Jen, and that's nice to see. Fans like us, who love the show and respect the actors, its nice to have the option to look, but not a right.

srg-alias said...

well said GS.

Katie B. said...

By the way, I really like your new header!

Kiki said...

Oh, thanks! I love all the pics of Sydney! My sister made me get rid of the one pic with Sloane and Sydney. So I replaced it with the Sydney high-kick picture.