Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TIME 4 Alias

The April 17th (JG’s b-day) issue of TIME magazine features a small blurb about Alias Season 4. The compilation titled “5 Spies to Love on DVD,” features tidbits on TV’s 24, The Avengers, MI-5 and She-Spies. Here is the piece on Alias:

Alias Season Four
This family drama cum spy series from J.J. Abrams (Lost) ends this psring after five years. But it seems longer, given how often the show reinvented itself, changing Sydney Bristow (Garner) from a double to a single agent and turning bad guys to good and back. In the penultimate season, Bristow discovers the secrets of a long-lost sister and untangles a plot involving- oh, I have only one paragraph? Then let’s say that, for all the wild twists, Alias is emotionally grounded by A+ actors like Victor Garber (as Sydney’s caring but ruthless dad), Ron Rifkin (as her oily boss turned nemesis turned boss) and garner, whose tough, empathetic vulnerability puts the act in action.


RUDY said...

That paragraph sums it up to a "T." I don't even think that I could have said it better. JG definitely puts the act in action.

srg-alias said...

"...and garner, whose tough, empathetic vulnerability puts the act in action."

Totally agree, the fact that any other actress has won acting awards over her when she's been nominated for Alias just blows my mind. The level of acting ability she has to use for her roll as Syd and all her aliases is so above the mark of any typical TV show it deserves major recognition.