Monday, April 10, 2006

Season 5 Eppies for FREE

Hi All,

SRG let me know that ABC plans to offer all 17 episodes of Alias on their website for FREE. So, if you've missed a couple, get ready. The Alias episodes (along with some episodes of Commander and Chief and Desperate Housewives) will be availble to watch in May and will run through June.

Here is the link to the article:
Disney to Make 4 ABC Shows Free Online


jenn256 said...

this isn't instead of releasing them on DVD eventually right?

It's a great idea, although they should have started running the beginning episodes of the season back in February or March to catch people up or refresh. And it would have at least been something to watch, even for those of us who never missed an episode, less withdrawl!!

Kiki said...

I am pretty sure they plan on releasing season 5 on DVD. I bet there will be tons of extras, behind-the-scenes, and interviews. I can't wait for that!!! There should be some pretty funny preggo bloopers too!

jenn256 said...

those bloopers are the best part of the DVD in my opinion. I like watching the episodes but I could watch the bloopers over and over.I love seeing how funny and kooky they all can be. And JG's laugh is so great.

srg-alias said...

I totally agree with you jenn! :)