Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Check out www.alias-media.com . They have just posted pictures from the upcoming episodes, including pics of Baby Bristow-Vaughn, Nadia and agent Syd in action!!! YAHOO, I am so excited!


jenn256 said...

okay, I have LOADS of questions but don't want to spoil anything for anyone.....but why was Syd talking to Peyton like they were friends, what do you think that was about?

And Sloane in jeans! I never thought I would see the day.

Kiki said...

HAHAHAHA, Jenn, Sloane in jeans, I hadn't even noticed. It's like Jack in jeans. HAHAHAHA.

As for Peyton, it looks as if Sydney perhaps surprised Peyton, or perhaps they are enemies like Sydney and Sark are enemies- working around each other.

srg-alias said...

Oooo I want to look...but I don't want to...ahhhh!!!


srg-alias said...

ok I caved and had to look :) they're really not that bad spoilers though. Am I goofy for thinking it's awesome to see a shot of Syd running?!? BTW, the pic of Syd and Peyton, Syd's face to me looks more like a grimmace than a smile, I think GS is right that she surprised Peyton.

Kiki said...

I nearly cried seeing kick-butt Syd in action. I can't bloody wait. It will be old times my friends. Angry, hostile Syd with a fierce punch and a roundhouse kick to the face.

jenn256 said...

yeah, she looks like the same old Syd, running down a treet with a gun in her hand. Just the way we love her, ging to kick some bad guy butt for those she loves.

It looks as if we skip ahead in time again a few months after Syd has the baby, because Nadia was up walking around and the baby looked to be a few months old. And by the way, who's looking after baby BV while Syd's running all over town? Maybe this is where Syd'e old nanny comes back into play.

And I have to say the picture of Jack holding the baby on the plane just melted my heart!!!