Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hits, hits and more hits

601 hits yesterday! No doubt due to the little pic I posted of JG and Baby Vi. Thanks to those who posted my link at EOnline and on the ABC boards. I am hoping to get more traffic in here as we near the return date.

We are edging toward the return and if you have looked at the spoiler pics (at or then you know the next couple episodes are huge! If you have read the brief episode descriptions then you know old and new characters are returning and some crazy storylines are about to commence. Let's start a list of questions/storylines we hope are explored before the series finale...

2. Who is Michael Vaughn exactly? What happened to his mom? Is Bill Vaughn still alive? Did Irina really kill him?
3. Where is Katya Derevko and who is she working for?
4. What is the Horizon?
5. What is S.A.B. 47?
6. Will Allison Doren aka Evil Francie ever die?
7. Will Sydney stay or leave the CIA?
8. Who is the APO mole?
9. Who was Grace married to? What is his secret?
10. Will Weiss and Nadia get back together?
11. Will Jack ever settle down again? With Irina?
12. ??????????????

Your turn, add your questions here!!


srg-alias said...

Great summary of the questions we're all pondering GS! Congrats on the bit hits too, woohoo! :) The only other question I can think of is:



Kiki said...

Also, WHO IS GOING TO DIE?? Remember in the previous from the last episode, somone will pay the ultimate sacrifice?

jenn256 said...

And what about Renee, what is really her story?

And yes I agre srg about the chosen one it Syd and Nadia or Irina and Elena?

lhaaheim said...

Or is the chosen one Baby Bristow-Vaughn? Also who the heck raised Syd? Who is this nanny? Oh and not only should we be asking who is going to die, but who is dead but will actually live (aside from Vaughn). Oh and what the hell has Vaughn been up to this whole time? Oh my gosh I just thought of something what if, and I don't think this will happen but just maybe it could even though that would be awful, what if Vaughn does the same thing Irina did and has an affair and the result of that affair is the passenger? What if this is a major family cycle???? I sure hope not but you never know with Alias. That also makes me wonder if they are related to Rambaldi somehow, that would certainly explain why they are so interconnected with him. We have lots to think about, I just hope they have time to give us all the answers.

Mike1978 said...

All the questions just prove that ABC should of given a full season to Alias or at least one more year. Enough said. By the way I thought Katya is still in prision - didn't Jack visit her in Season 4 before finding out about Elena?

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