Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hole in APO

Who is the leak? Who is the mole? Someone inside APO is letting CIA secrets slip and it could be threatening Sydney’s life, not to mention the life of her baby. Let’s explore the possibilities, as this isn’t the first time we have had to deal with double agents…

Tom Grace? Too obvious. This guy has been all mystery and intrigue since day one, so it would be natural for us to assume he is the mole. He’s new and different, and we Alias fans have a few problems with new and different. We want to question his loyalty, we want to make him the bad guy, but honestly, I don’t think he is the leak. For the obvious reasons, I don’t think Rachel Gibson is the mole either. Her involvement with the CIA virtually shut down Gordon Dean and The Shed, but perhaps that is what the powers that be, the ones who rule P5, wanted. Her naiveté has been very convincing, her relationship with Sydney seems genuine, but then again, on Alias, nothing is as it seems.

Arvin Sloane seems a good fit for the double agent job, as he has been a double agent before (with the Covenant) and he already has connections with P5. Sloane has already slipped information to P5 in regards to the whereabouts of certain weapons and intel. However, the group is blackmailing him with a cure for his daughter.

Jack Bristow set up his own pregnant daughter for kidnapping. He sent her into the field to collect intel from Renee and there, in the park, she is abducted and seemingly tortured. Aside, I don’t think Jack is the mole. I think he and Irina are working together to burn P5 from the inside out. I think he and Irina needed the information from Sydney, but had to make it appear like a P5 power play, perhaps to protect her from the truth- Vaughn is still alive. Hold this thought…I will come back to it.

So, who do I think the mole is? In grand Alias-ness, Sydney’s trusted friend and partner since the beginning, Agent Marcus Dixon. There has been strong rumor that Dixon might be hiding a dark side and what a fabulous twist to have Sydney’s friend turn foe at the most crucial time. There were several months after Dixon found out about SD-6 that he refused to help the CIA, and seemed to spin down a spiral of denial, shame and betrayal. Perhaps this loyal patriot was approached by other agencies, perhaps P5, to be a double agent. Hmmm.

Now, I know this is very much off the topic of APO mole, but I wanted to return to my theory about Jack and Irina. This is it- Jack, Irina, Vaughn, Weiss and Marshall have all been working to bring down P5. They orchestrated Vaughn’s “death,” “promoted” Weiss and have been keeping Sydney in the dark about the inner workings of the terrorist group. I think what Sydney knows about P5 is about as much as we know-nothing. But I think the gang knows something, they know that this groups posses a threat to Sydney. They have to protect her because- why? Because Sydney tends to approach the people that threaten her full force and that is not such a good idea with little SpyBaby yet to make her appearance. I do believe they will let her in on the secret after the baby is born and that she will join them.

I hate to be a “spoiler-sport,” but GO SEE THE PICTURES! They are too fabulous not to!

Okay- who do you think is the mole and why? And what do you think of my theory? Plausible?


jenn256 said...

I have always wondered about Dixon. Once you have ruled out Grace, Rachel, Sloane, Jack (Weiss is gone) the only ones left are Dixon, Nadia and Marshall. Now Marshall, while he would be vey unexpected, would truley break my heart. However, if there is anyone in APO with the knowledge and genius to pull off something like this, it's Marshall. He has access to all of the intel APO has ever had, and knows how to cover his own tracks. Again, I REALLY hope it's not, because I love Marshall, however; if somehing happened where he was forced into this situation (Carrie or Mitchell were kidnapped, etc.) could maybe see it.

Sxon has always had a dark side since Sloane kille his wife. perhaps he and Director Chase got together (since we know they were bed fellows) and hatched a plan to go to the other side?? She has thepwe and he hs te inside info on APO.

Those are my only thoughts, other than a the spoiler pics where Sloane is (at his home???) wearing the jeans I still find hilarious, who is the woman who comes to see him and sitting with him on the couch? Is it Nadia? For some reason she looks different. I almost thought maybe that would be Jacqueline! She's been alive all this time and Sloane used her "death" to get sympathy from those he hurt to getting Rambaldi artifacts, maybe she's been ill since she was born and he needs one of Rambaldo's potions to make her better. Far off I know, my mind wanders.

Kiki said...

It is Nadia and her hair is longer. I zoomed in on one of the pics. It's Nadia and she very much looks different.

lhaaheim said...

So here's my take on everyone who could be the mole.

Tom Grace- I agree way too obvious, it's far more interesting for him to be a good guy then bad. He's not the mole, but he will probably serve as the audience’s distraction to who really is.

Rachel Gibson- If she is the mole I think many people would be like "what the hell, I never saw that coming" which is the exact reaction Alias likes to give it's audience. I think it would be great and rather fitting if she were the mole. I don't want her to be evil but aside from her fling with Sark I find her goodness to be awkward and wrong. Can she really be that innocent???

Arvin- WAY TOO OBVIOUS! We already know he's been doing some shady stuff but it's all in the name of Nadia, he wouldn't be doing it otherwise. Honestly I think he just wants to get Nadia back, make sure Syd and Jack are safe, and then retire. I think he's had enough. Also it would be boring if he were the mole and it would severely hurt Jack and Syd’s creditability for not discovering his actions sooner.

Jack- Jack is not the mole but I agree that it is likely for him to be working with Irina or in a shady way to the betterment of Syd and her baby. The more I think about it the more I realize that his emotions and worry about letting Syd go and see Renee was more a look and a feeling of guilt then worry because he knew what was going to happen. Jack is not the mole, he's not leaking CIA info but he is doing something in the background.

Dixon- Oh dear God please do not let him be the mole! I personally don't think he is, Dixon has always been a faithful friend and while he's had is tough times I don't think he would throw everything away and become a bad guy. Dixon at his very core is a family man, an endearing and caring friend and one great company man. Dixon is not the mole and I would be ashamed of the writers if they made him so. However I do believe that Dixon may be the one to die, it would certainly have an impact. And he certainly hasn’t had much of a storyline this season so something has to happen. One way he could sort of be the mole is for someone to set him up and have an investigation started that points to him, however I think he will be innocent in the end.

Nadia- Hasn't been involved enough in APO lately to be the mole, it wouldn't fit.

Syd- What if she was the mole? Just kidding! :-)

Marshall- No way in hell is he the mole and in no way is he going to die. I think the writers are smart enough not to mess with Marshall. We love him just the way he is and he better stay that way. However if the writers were to darken him up a bit, having him keep something from Syd would certainly do that. Or like Jenn256 mentioned having him do something shady to save Mitchell or Carrie.

Weiss- HELLO???? Why is no one talking about Weiss? Just because he's not in APO doesn't me he doesn't have access to it. He certainly knows were it is and he has more power now with his promotion. EVERYBODY trusts Weiss but we actually don't know that much about him. He's best friend to Vaughn, they've known each other for a long time, he's a strong company man, nice, pleasant, has a pet that Vaughn has fed a few times, he likes glow in the dark bowling etc. A few of those things remind me of Sloane and Jack's relationship in a way. What if Weiss has been bad all the time and has just been very good at it. Like double agent of the year good! What if he did it to finally get his due, it's got to be hard being the guy next to Vaughn, being the conduit at times to him. Jealousy is a powerful thing. Oh and what if (this is my new theory, that someone is related to Rambaldi) he is related to Rambaldi, it would make sense for him to want to date and have a child with the passenger then wouldn't it. Now I don't want Weiss to be the mole and I certainly hope it's someone that I care less about, like Rachel, but the more I ponder this I see more and more holes in this background, more unnecessary mysteries and more comparisons to Sloane. I don't know a lot about Sloane's past but wasn't he a good company guy in the past, loyal, hard working, likeable etc. What if Weiss is the new Sloane??? I sure hope not but I think it will have more impact and be better suited to the show if Weiss not Dixon is the mole. Plus it would be very shocking! Most viewers would have never seen it coming.

Okay on to the theory that everyone is hiding info from Syd. I really don't think everyone thinks so little of Syd to hide the truth that Vaughn is alive from her. Syd's not an idiot, she has self control and while her first reaction may be to do something stupid she can listen to reason and Jack would put her straight. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't know everything, that certainly belongs to Jack but she trusts him and is capable of figuring out what's best. I don't know who else knows what's going on. I would like to believe that Irina is working with Jack and trying to save Vaughn, Syd and the baby from this mess and that maybe even Bill Vaughn is alive and helping but I'm unsure about all of that. As far as APO goes, Sloane knows nothing unless Jack had no were else to turn to, which I doubt is the case, so he's in the dark. Not sure about Weiss, though his new position would probably help with Jack's plans it depends a lot on whether or not he is the mole. If Weiss is the mole I sure hope he too is in the dark. Tom and Rachel don't know anything, and I'm completely unsure about Dixon and honestly feel that Jack, Irina and Syd could pull off their plans without Weiss or Dixon knowing. This is certainly a need to know only topic. Now to Marshall, as smart as Jack is, I think he would need Marshall's help at some point so I'm pretty sure he knows Vaughn is still alive, about their plans etc. However if Marshall knows I'm almost 100% sure that Syd knows some things too, it would be very difficult for Marshall to keep something from her and I doubt he could do it. Plus I think he would argue that Syd deserved and needed to know some things. Again I think Syd is wise enough to follow Jack's lead and to not just haphazardly throw herself into danger. However I hope Jack knows this, because this kind of deception and lack of faith in Syd would really hurt their relationship. I’m not sure how many more times Jack can be forgiven, even if he does think it’s for the greater good. This brings me to the idea that Jack will be the one to die, in one way or another he is deceiving Syd again, hopefully in a small way but nonetheless I could see him redeeming himself by saving Syd and sacrificing his own life. It would certainly have an impact on the audience. Okay that's all for now, wow my fingers are tired.

Mike1978 said...

Not to be negative by why does there have to be a mole? Seems like that is so exhausted - 24 has issues too every season w/ the mole I swear. By the way just cause the spoilers say somebody close to Syd will betray her doesn't necessarily means it is connected to APO or the CIA. But then people will stop at nothing for Rambaldi stuff so I am guessing it involves that.

uncle111 said...

I wrote on another forum several months ago that I always thought Chase was bad. I became convinced of it when at one of the ops plannig meetings at APO she okayed Sloane going to find the guy who had the key to putting the big red ball together. That was contrary to Sloane's agreement with CIA, she was the only one who could over rule everyone else and ok it, and it was suspiciously the only ops meeting she attended at APO.

I wonder why she just happened to make it to that meeting? Well, she knew ahead of time what was going to happen. She and Sloane were working together.

lhaaheim said...

Good point Uncle111, hopefully we will get an answer to that before the season ends.

Anonymous said...

I say it's Renee. Who's to say she didn't kill that doctor in "the Horizon". She made it sound like she might have but we didn't see her actually kill him.

uncle111 said...

"She made it sound like she might have but we didn't see her actually kill him."

Yes, I wondered that at the time.

pkrm said...

I was just thinking the other day that Dixon has always struggled with his emotions throughout the ALIAS series. How many times has Dixon lost his temper? Threatened to kill people in custody? Dixon almost strangled Will in Season 2...Dixon almost shot Sloane in Season 3...he almost beat Emilio Vargas to death after his wife was killed. Admittedly, Dixon has endured some pretty intense tragedies, but he has ALWAYS responded emotionally with violence and anger. He's never been that good at hiding his emotions.

On the other hand, he did know about Sydney's missing years, and put up a pretty convincing act that he had no idea...I guess I could see it, but I'd be pretty crushed if Dixon turned out to be bad.

What about Nadia? Why has no one considered the fact that she might not be what she seems??? After all, maybe The Chosen One and the Passenger haven't done the battle that Rambaldi prophesied yet? :)

Anonymous said...

"After all, maybe The Chosen One and the Passenger haven't done the battle that Rambaldi prophesied yet? :)"

I agree with you. If thah fight they had in season 4 final was "the one", Rambaldi would have been wrong. 'nither will survive'. hate to say it but, if Nadia is turning out to be the one that betrayes Syd, the serie final might turn out to be terrible...(hope not!)