Monday, February 27, 2006

Vaughn's Vices? (A Picture Article)

The first pictures are from another scene that I love. In this scene (which appears in Episode 4.4 “Ice”) Vaughn let’s his guard down in the name of stopping a heavy-hitting terrorist named Finton Keene. Vaughn poses as a Catholic priest to coax Kiera McLain/Meghan Keene into turning in her brother. He tells Meghan about killing Lauren and how he deals with it. Sydney is listening on the other end. Sydney and Vaughn’s relationship is new again, Vaughn feels uncomfortable talking to Sydney about Lauren. It shows his desire to protect her, to keep things safe and secret, but it all starts to wear on him. There is definitely a connection made between Vaughn and Meghan, one that is both actor chemistry and character attraction. I love the music (Mazy Starr’s “Fade into Me”) and I loved the ambience of the bar. It is a very strong scene for Vartan and for Vaughn.

“Consider this the second time you’ve been rejected by the CIA.”
This has to be one of my favorite lines in Alias of all time, and the second photo is one of my favorite scenes. Vaughn is in a jam. He has been forced into working with Roberts and his crew in order to obtain information about his father. Vaughn and Sabina are sent into a hospital to steal a laser. Back at the safe house, Sabina makes a pass at Vaughn. Remember, he and Sydney just staged his break from the CIA- he punches Sydney and takes the transistor coil. Vaughn is frustrated with his position, he feels helpless and just as it seems he is going to give in to Sabina’s temptations, he turns the tables on her.

This scene is just one of many that confirms Vaughn’s love for Sydney and his father. Though he is willing to give in to Robert’s and perform the tasks needed to find out more about his father, he is not willing to sacrifice his relationship with Sydney. Though their relationship is not forefront during much of season 4, it is scenes like this and others that remind us, that show us that their relationship is taking place behind the scenes.
This scene takes place in 4.15 “Pandora.”

Thanks to me for choosing the photos! I had to slip some Vaughn pics in there!!


lhaaheim said...

You can never have too many Vaughn pictures!!! I too love these scenes and especially love what Vaughn says in each. He is such a great and deep man. Oh and he's pretty funny too, though his comment to Sabina was meant to be hurtful to her and create distance, which it did, I just found it funny. Sort of a how dare you try to come between Syd and Vaughn you silly fool. On another note I really enjoyed the character Kiera McLain, especially her little "flirty priest" line. Thanks for picking out these pictures and overall thanks for posting these picture articles, I love them and I hope they keep coming.

Kiki said...

Oh Lhaaheim, there are tons in the works. I am going to make a list of all the pics tonight and write up a few articles at home to post over the next couple of days.

srg-alias said...

yeah these picture articles are great, I love reliving our fav Alias moments! And yes, you can never have too many Vaughn pics, good choices. ;-) Ice is one of my least favorite episodes from season 4, however, I really like that bar scene between Vaughn and Meghan. It's very emotional and very deep, and his confessions of guilt and regret are what help get he and Syd over the barriers interfering in their relationship.