Monday, February 27, 2006

Claudia Maria Vasqez DiMarco (A Picture Article)

This picture is not only a testament to the great acting ability of Jennifer Garner, but to the ability of the agents that make up the branch of the LA office. In regards to Jennifer, aside from being in tip top shape to play the CIA’s #1 agent, she has to garnish her performances with accents, foreign languages, wigs and costumes.

Claudia Maria has to be one of my favorite alias’. She’s goofy and funny and totally and utterly shameless. Along with Lyon Frost, her trusty sidekick, played by our favorite tech guy, Marshall, Syd has to break into a bank safe to find the name on an account. At the same time, Vaughn is in the lobby harassing a bank teller in a strong British accent and Dixon strolls in with dreadlocks. Together the gang distracts the bank manager, which gives Syd a chance to break the safe. They all work together as a team, they meet their goals and they go home…well, sometimes they go home!

What are your fav Sydney alias’? What are some of your favorite team missions?

Thanks Jessica for the great pic!


jenn256 said...

I love this Alias of Sydney's also. The accent was great and I really loved the way she laughs in the blooper reel. I also really liked the fact that they were all there working together. I can't think of any other missions where Syd, Dixon, and Vaughn went on together, let alone with Marshall also.

The other Alias of Syd's I liked was when she and Marshall went to London and Marshall had that terrible Bristish accent, "Cherrie-oh". Then Marshall got accidentally tranquilized and Syd had to kiss him to wake him up and he typed like a mad man. SOOO funny, and again teh blooper footage from that was hysterical.

srg-alias said...

Oh yes, great pic, that's one of my fav aliases too. I love after how she says her name the bank manager says "That's a lovely name" and she's like "charmed I'm suuure" haha. It was very fun to see all 4 agents working together like that. A similar situation was from this season where Dixon pretended to be in love with the Indian fiancee of the Chinese guy to create a distraction with Grace so Syd could slip upstairs and pretend to be the fiancee's pregnant mistress.

I also loved Syd and Marshall in London and his crazy over the top accent "ell-oo" that made Syd crack up in the blooper reels. :)

lhaaheim said...

This is one of my favorite aliases but I have to say that I like the jewelry girl more. I'm not sure if she had a name or not, I can't remember but I loved these lines "Don't touch the fur... alright you may touch the fur... once" and then when she's trying on the anklet she just points and says "put". I just loved that alias.

Sidewinder said...

I would have to agree with all of you about Marshall's first mission it was frickin hilarious and his Ewok speech was just classic. I really liked the mission when Syd and Nadia were together posing as those rich brats in 4.07 Detente it really showed they had a great relationship and were really comfortable.

Sarafu said...

I have to say that my favorites are yours as well. I LOVE Claudia as well as the scene from the blooper reel. My son likes to watch that part over and over. My second favorite was the Jewelry girl as well. I loved her attitude in that scene!
Sorry I am stealing everyone elses scenes. My brain is pretty much fried from spending my day with 2 kids. I am lucky that I get to type anything! :)

Anonymous said...

How can I possibly pick a fave alias? But a fave line she delivers? For me it still has to be from season one, when she and Dixon are in the art gallery. He's looking at the art and smokin' his huge stogie, and Syd comes out, takes one look, pouts, and says, "I zink I pwefur za Lambrigini." To which Dixon replies, "Well, you are za birthday girl."

Classic stuff.

: )