Friday, February 24, 2006

Slumber My Darling (A Picture Article)

She loves him. Is that not what we all were thinking at this moment, Sydney leaning over Vaughn’s bed, tears in her eyes, frightened by the idea that she may lose him? In that moment she knows she loves him, that her feelings for him are more than that of handler and asset, but of friend and ultimately more. It is the first time we, as an audience, are made fully aware of her feelings. Yes, there has been flirting- glances and soft smiles- but this is life and death and faced with that, Sydney let’s her guard down. Remember that Sydney trades Sloane's life for Vaughn's. She hands Sloane over to Sark. That is huge in Alias world!!

I paired this picture with the second one; Vaughn standing in the corridor after chasing Sydney. She is able to save him and after a brief hug and a chat she leaves the floor of the Rotunda. Vaughn, in that moment realizes that he must tell her how he feels, but when he can’t catch her, he seems to know that she knows and is satisfied.

The song playing during the first scene is "Slumber My Darling" by Alison Krauss. The song is so sweet, much like their last moment before Sydney goes on mission. In the second scene, the song playing is Sheryl Crow's "I Will Believe." Oh, I just love that song!!

These pictures appears in 2.07 “Counteragent” and was suggested by Sidewinder. Thanks!


jenn256 said...

brings tears to my eyes every time I see it!!! And again, the music is so appropriate, it makes the scenes even better. That moment in the hospital is what kept Alias fans even more hooked, to see what would become of a love that we had seen progressing over time. Wonderful writing that Syd traded Vaughn for Sloane, that spoke volumes of her love for him right there!! And in regards to the trade, there's no question in my book!!! :)

lhaaheim said...

Both of those scenes were so meaningful, especially when Vaughn chases after her and I just love the song that plays then. I was very inspired by it for some reason and the look on his face was just wonderful. I really admired his passion to take that step to try and go further; to admit to his feelings and attempt to do something about it, yet I also admire is restraint to know that he couldn’t share his feelings then and that it was ultimately best if he didn’t. What a great man, passion yet control!

lhaaheim said...

Oh my now I have that song in my head! :-)

lhaaheim said...

And now the other song, I think I shall go back and watch these scenes since their not as fresh in my mind. There are just far too many good Alias moments to be able to hang onto all at the same time! :-)