Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shock and AHHH! (A Picture Article)

Nothing says Alias like this picture. Will learns that Sydney is CIA and all hell breaks loose. You know you’ve sported this face more than once- when Sydney comes gun to face with her mother at the end of season 1, when Sydney wakes up in Hong Kong and Vaughn is married and who could hold in the face when Vaughn states, “First of all, my name isn’t Michael Vaughn.”

Aside from seeing his very best friend and his secret crush beating the pants off a couple of baddies who have kidnapped him, he has just been thrown into a world of weapons and war, all in the name of finding Danny’s killer. From tooth torture, to a bayonet in the ribs, poor little Will as endured it all. And though the face is one of shock and disbelief, it is also a face of relief (and comedy) for us, as now Sydney has her best friend on her side and in the loop.

Thanks SRG for the great pic!


jenn256 said...

great pick SRG,that was truley a classic Alias moment. Funny as hell, and the blooper reel of this is great also. Ifelt bad for poor Will at that moment, but still can't help laugh my you know what off every time I see it!!

Robetron said...

Here, here. Totally a classic Alias moment.

In fact, the entire event that happened there in that (was it a hotel?) - hotel is one of my favorite all-time. The Syd-stage show; the smarmy look on Sark's face enjoying the ruse; the panicy feeling we all got when they started to drug will and Jack was nowhere around to help; the thrashing Syd gave the goons; the look on Will's face as he realized who it was that was saving him; the continued disbelief on Will's face as she escorted him through the bar; the absolutely fantastic wheel-kick from the table top, both disarming and sending the assailant flying; the shocked look on Syd's face as she saw Jack and said, "He's with you?!" ; the flat way Jack called for a disguise for Will, and the amusing new identity Will was supposed to take in order to flee the country - it just doesn't get any better than that.

We go through every emotion Will does as he awakens to the ALIAS universe in which he has been living. Three cheers for the writers on this episode and the entire scene!


Kiki said...

I agree Robby! I love that seen, especially Sydney's table top kick! I always watch it in slow mo! I just love JG for stunts like that!

srg-alias said...

Thanks guys, glad you like the pic. :) I sent GS a lot of (prob way too many) screenshots from the 5 seasons, but this scene is definitely one of my alltime favorites. I look forward to watching the Rendevous episode everytime I start watching season 1 again. Like Robby says, it ties together all of what we love about the show including action, drama, a little comedy and fantastic acting!