Thursday, November 17, 2005

T.T.T.T (Things to Think about on Thursday)

As we gravitate into tonight’s episode, anticipating the return of Nadia and the flashes of Vaughn’s return, let us keep a few things in mind.

-Sloane and Jack: We are still in the dark in regards to Sloane and Jack’s secret under workings. Their scenes reek of ambiguity and unspoken understanding; there is an air about both of them that smells of clandestine knowledge and ulterior objective. Let’s see if we can’t catch something in an eyebrow lift or a long, uncomfortable stare.

-Nadia: Though it is unknown as to what capacity Nadia will return in tonight’s episode, I think that it is important that we zero in on anything she has to say or anything that is said about her. Her storyline is one that can answer many questions and tie up many loose ends.

-“Fait Accompli”: Let us see what we can learn about the episode from the title. How does the title apply? Who or what is it referring to?

-Sydney and Rachel: These two are going to best buddies for awhile. How is their relationship similar to Sydney and Francie’s? Sydney and Nadia’s? What does the episode tell us about Rachel and her former-affiliation with Dean?

-Sydney and Baby: Sydney has done an amazing job of incorporating her pregnancy into her work (in the casino, at the General’s engagement party.) She is able to compartmentalize her fear about giving birth and raising a child in order to accomplish her professional goals. Do we see two different Sydney’s in the episode? If so, what are the differences? Also, keep an ear out for Vaughn references. He is back soon!

Does anyone have anything to add? Any tips, clues, ideas?
Stay tuned for an episode review and comments! Happy Blogging and Happy Viewing!


uncle111 said...

My running commentary between commercials...

If Jack didn't know before, he knows now.
Will Peyton end up defecting to APO?
Who told Dean it was Syd? Her old professor?
Who does Dean want insurance against? Who does he work for?
More as the show progresses...

Did they give Sloane the real card? I don't think so, but if they did, will Sloane try to take off with it because he knows it will get him the cure for Nadia, leverage for something, or get him Prophet 5 info?
More after the commercial...

Still one of my favorite lines- "Then hit him again!"

Dean's on a trip. Nadia's temporarily conscious and not violent as Dean's employers dangle Nadia's cure in front of Sloane. Will Sloane cave again? Will Dean defect?

Yep, Nadia was temporary. Who is Dean afraid of and why did they want Vaughn dead? What are their plans for Syd?
What will Sloane do for them?

Wow! Prophet 5 is a group of 12 who are deep inside various world intellegence agencies. They make Sloane kill Dean and Peyton takes Dean's place. They have more for Sloane to do.

Mr. Game Theorist extrordinare misses a move when putting together a baby crib.

NEXT WEEK, WHOA!!! Sark is Rachel's new (first) boyfirend???

pkrm said...

To quote Marshall, "OK, can I just say, LOVE?" hehe! I LOVED tonight's episodes. Anybody who left over the initial changes...well, that's just their loss, isn't it? :)

Just a few comments. I knew something was up with Peyton when they focused in on her for so long with that expression on her face. Anyway, down goes Dean, and the people who were pulling the strings on Dean that pulled the strings on Sloane panicked and decided to pull out the big guns.

I think it is pretty obvious this group Dean now USED to work for gave her just enough of whatever this cure is to show Sloane they DO have it, and that she can be cured. And now Sloane is right back to unwillingly allowing the strings he thought he had just cut to be controlling him again.

A quick thought! I don't think we've seen the last of Rambaldi! It was the chemical properties of the orchid together with the big red ball that put Nadia in her current belief is that a cure for this condition would HAVE to be in the hands of Rambaldi followers...enter in Prophet 5 (who was trying to read a Rambaldi page) and the new Alliance of 12 (perhaps the same thing)!

I was beginning to wonder when Rambaldi would come into play again, it has been the driving presence since the pilot in season 1, and I just can't wait until we see the infamous Rambaldi logo again!!!

Quick questions...who is this new guy? He can't be one of the new 12, they would never expose themselves so openly. Also, if Peyton worked for Dean, who worked for people who he didn't know, how did Peyton betray him like that? And there's no coincidence that Sark and Rachel bump into each other. Is Sark working for Prophet 5 now? Trying to get another hook into the APO crew? Either way, LOVE Sark, can't wait to see what he's up to. :)

Kiki said...

Its the "Oh my gosh what could it all mean?" that I love most about Alias. Couple quick notes to throw my two cents in. Of course the call back to the bank protocol quotes made me look at the others too to see if I could think of any other meaning for them yet.

Also, I don't know why it struck me, but when Sloane was explaining his actions in the beginning to Jack and Syd, he talked about losing his daughter, but hoping to help protect Syd's daughter. What does he know about Syd's child being in trouble??

Wondering of course about the powers that be behind P5 and the quote from episodes back to Syd, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Hmmmm...

For me, "fait accompli" tonight meant the inevitable. It was inevitable that Sloane would return to his ways. It was inevitable that some things would seem to come full circle (i.e. shades of the Alliance) I still have a feeling of a sort of theme across the story arc of the concept of destiny- people fulfilling their destiny...

Just sharing my random thoughts. :)

Kiki said...

Guys, wait wait. have patients, I am still trying to process the show! I might need to watch it again!! All I have to say is, OH-MY-GAWD! (Like Janis from Friends).

steph_bristow said...

all i can say right now is..."don't jostle the package!" he he he, sorry but that was such and cute and funny line, had me cracking up! ok anyway, i too need time to process. i'll get back to you after i'm done laughing at that line! :)

srg-alias said...

that was a FANTASTIC line, and a ton of great info came from that episode. I want to wait to spill all my thoughts though until GS posts her weekly show synopsis, so I'll see you guys when that post comes up! :)

Kiki said...

Thanks SRG. I logged on last night and saw that some had made comments and I hadn't even processed the episode. I was beside myself. I didn't sleep well. I was just in shock, it was a great episode and scenes for next week had me screaming. I think I was literally tearing my friends arm off!

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