Friday, November 18, 2005

Episode 5.07 "Fait Accompli"

Did ya’ll see the eppy last night? Because if you didn’t I am weeping for you! Weeping I say.

OH-MY-GAWD (like Janis from Friends, but less nasal). BEST EPISODE YET! I am just so overwhelmed. I am still processing the excitement. Okay, okay, I'm coming down now. Let's start with a running list of all the information PACKED into last night's episode.

-I heart Rome.
-Renee can really pack a punch.
-Sydney, while on mission in Rome, runs into her old English professor!
-Sloane turns on Dean. The team stages a coup of all coups.
-Mr. Dean meet Mr. Shovel, Shovel, Mr. Dean. How do you do? (Rachel really knows how to handle garden tools.)
-Dean takes a trip right back to the ‘70’s thanks to Marshall’s special blend of LSD.
-Sloane is approached by a P5 messenger, who strikes an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Sanko, an old friend of Mr. Sark’s. Sloane must kill Dean to save…ring, ring, Sloane, you better get that, it’s Nadia, she’s awake.
-Nadia comes out of her coma.
-Nadia goes back in her coma, complete with her blood shot eyes and fits of rage.
-Dean doesn’t know who he is working for, they have remained anonymous.
-APO goes to Seattle!! (My hometown folks! ABC is loving the rainy city right now ala Grey’s Anatomy.) They need the Glenheim Tower access codes.
-Sloane kills Dean, hoorah! (With cyanide no doubt.)
-But he kills him before Dean can give Sydney the access codes (BOO!)
-Peyton toasts her take over of “The Shed.”
-Sloane is double crossed by the P5 messenger.
-Jack constructs a crib.
-Jack miscalculates the construction of the crib.
And scene!

-In the opening scene, Renee is after a statue which houses an access key card. The statue is busted during a fight, revealing the key card. This connects back to Sloane and Sark in season 2, when Sloane meets Kabir. Sloane launches a weapon that incinerates people in a church. Kabir gives him a statue which Sloane later breaks in order to retrieve the missing piece of a Rambaldi page inside. (Could this act be telling us tht Sark is in our midst? I think so!)
-Grace sprinkles himself with alcohol at the race track to distract Dean. Vaughn did the same on a Paris mission. Sydney sprayed him down with a bottle of Champagne and he drove up to a gated building thinking it was a private party. He distracted the guards long enough to let Sydney slip inside. (Could this be telling us Vaughn is in our midst? Yes!)

Fait Accompli:
I believe the title was refering to Nadia. Sloane felt so utterly helpless in the first scenes of the show, feeling as if he could do nothing but come to terms with a life without his daugter. Also, perhaps it's fait accompli that the Alliance has returned, or what looks to be similar to the Alliance. Hmmm..

While under the influence, Dean tells Sydney that his employers insisted he kill Michael Vaughn and that they have plans for her as well. Could this be referring to her kidnapping? Dean was scared, very scared, aside from the hallucinogenic drugs. Who ever, or whatever is running this organization, they have some pretty evil dudes shaking in their boots!

Ah, the return of 12. The information the gang retrieved about P5 was interesting. P5 is a group of 12 government agencies dealing in all things evil. A Credit Marquee was mentioned. Sounds very much like Credit Dauphine (dauphine is the wife of dauphin, or a nobleman), and Sydney nailed it on the head, “sounds an awful like the Alliance.”

Hope was a very subtle theme in this episode. Sydney hoped that by capturing Dean APO would learn all about P5 and the people that killed Vaughn. Sloane feared he would never find a cure for Nadia, but was given a glimpse of hope by the P5 messenger. I hope that Vaughn returns and never leaves us again. We all hope Alias’ new time slot will mean higher ratings and extended contracts. And as I had hoped…

Next week on Alias-
SARK RETURNS as the physical representation of all that is right and all that is wrong with the world. Swoon! Drool! Oh, Blonde and British! He returns as Bob, Rachel’s little one night stand. How absolutely clever of the writers! Does Sark know that Rachel works for APO or is it a wild coincidence? Either way, I hear he is BACK for at least 5, yes Ladies, 5 episodes. He is on set as we speak!

I loved it. LOVED I tell you! It was packed with information, there was more than one thing happening at a time. There was intrigue and surprise, angst and HOPE. It was truly old school Alias, complete with Sydney's old professor. What do you suppose was the significance of bringing him back? A reminder of Sydney's life before? Or, did they bring him back because they are on a role bringing back old faces (Nadia, Sark, Vaughn)?
What did you think? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What conclusions did you come to? What ideas do you have about P5? WHAT IS GOING ON?


jenn256 said...

ahhhh, so nice to finally be back to talk abot my favorite show. The one thing I noticed and was wondering what you all thought...Dean told Syd that the people he was working for "insisted" he kill Vaughn. Not that they ordered him to or instructed to, or just told was "insisted" that he do so. Why was this such a huge task? Who are these powerful people who insisted Vaughn be killed, and why? Was he on to something and maybe he didn't know it. Also the thing that caught my attention was that Dean said the "Watchmen", referring to Bill Vaughn's watch perhaps? We have all thought in the past that the watch had more significance than we knew.

I loved the episode, and particularly the end where Jack and Syd were putting the crib together, very funny and nice to see them sharing a lighthearted moment that didn't have anything to so with work. Hysterical when they couldn;t get the crib through the door, loved to see Syd trying not to laugh!

Glenn said...

Hey, just found this blog on the abc boards. Nice job.
I appreciate your enthusiasm for the show. So many negative people out there longing for the good ole days. I appreciate this season. It has a burst of energy and a focused plot which we haven't seen since at least season 3 (if not further back).
I think it remains to be seen what Sark is up to, but we have to believe he's up to something, and he's working for someone. (Sark's always working for someone.)
One thing that struck me as I watched last night's episode -
as power-hungry as Sloane is, he's always been indebted to someone else, or owing someone else a favor. Kind of ironic...
I am also enjoying Jack's role this year - both opening up the human side of him ever-so-slightly, as well as putting him in situations that employ a little dead-pan humor.
I don't really dig Amy Acker as a bad girl. She's just too sweet for me to believe it.
The whole "who's in charge" motif is vintage Alias and is really moving this season forward I think.
I just hope they don't do anything to screw this year up. So far, it's the best since Season 2.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

srg-alias said...

sorry I didn't get to post my comments on the episode yet, I actually had work to do today (gasp!) Will post soon, great rundown as usual GS!! :)

AgtBecky13 said...
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Andrew said...

I have a strong gut feeling that the person calling the shots at the head of P5 is someone we all know and (maybe) love. My top few suspects are Irina, Jack, or Sloane. Maybe Phase 2 of Sloane's plan for after he took down the Alliance was to reform something similar, but much more powerful that he would be in charge of.

You've got to love a show that makes you start out an episode by hating Sloane for betraying APO, to rooting for Sloane to not get beat up by Dean since he was back on the good side, to wanting Dean dead for what he's done, to then wanting Dean alive for what he knows, and then wanting Sloane dead for killing Dean at that crucial moment.

I can't wait for the new time slot. It has definitely given me hope for better ratings and a phenomenal end of the season (maybe, series).

Robetron said...

I agree that this episode was beyond great.

Yet, I remain a little befuddled as what frame of reference people are calling it "the best in a long time." I might agree if the time period was "since last week."

Frankly, in my opinion, every episode of every season has been uniquely beautiful, appealing to different people in different ways at different times. There is nothing about ALIAS that I do not love, except perhaps that I wish it would have two hours a week and without comercials, but that's programing, not the show itself.

Marshal: "Blue is a nice color on you too, Mr. Bristow."
Jack: "Thanks."
LOL - The lines do not do the scene justice... it cracks me up!

jess517 said...

I think that Prophet 5 is definitly somehow tied into the whole Phase 2 thing from season 2. After the Alliance went down, Sloane told Sark to move on to Phase 2 and that was the last we ever heard of it. I think that Andrew is on the right track with this thought process...

What does everyone else think?

Dignan said...

Just to let you all know that Alias reruns are on WB on Saturdays at 5 (at least where I am). Just got the tail end of the episode "Mea Culpa"- wow brought me back. Haven't seen the old episodes since they aired live.
Saw Sloan's rings, which there were only 2.

Just an fyi.

freelancer said...

I may be wrong but in the last few shows of season 4 spymommy said to Vaughn something about his past and if Syd knew about it while they were in the subway. Do you think that she's behind this new P5 group and something Vaughn did was so bad that she wanted to keep Sydney from finding out? Is that why they insisted that Dean kill Vaughn?

Oh, I can't wait to see my two favorite Alias hotties come back-Vaughn and Sark. Did you know that Sark (Dean Anders) is from Oregon? I love the one scene in S3?? when Syd and Vaughn are to meet a guy in an Indian marketplace and Sark shows up. He talks without an accent and sounds so....normal! I much prefer the British accent.

jess517 said...

Irina clearly knew what Vaughn was upto but I don't think that she intended for Vaughn to be killed, since she told Vaughn to tell Sydney. She made a point of using her and Jack's marriage/relationship as a illustration of what can happen when two people in love keep secrets. So why would she tell Vaughn to tell Syd just to kill him when he did. Also Irina has always had one very clear agenda: to protect Syd and not cause her harm. Clearly killing her fiance goes against that agenda.

Kiki said...

Jess- You make some great points. I hope to explore this episode further. I need to watch 2 more times at least. I will be posting another piece soon with TONS of answers!

srg-alias said...

I don't see Sloane as behind p5 since he seems so tortured by what they're doing to him, but it's a good point Jess that we never knew what "phase 2" meant and this very well could be part of it. And Robetron I LOVED that scene w/ Jack and Marshall, Jack's quick little "thanks" was so funny, nice that he's beoming a little more indulgent of Marshall. :)

AgtBecky13 said...

Wow! This episode was incredible! Everyone had a scene in it. Rachel & Syd were again so good together. The scene with Jack & Syd was touching and funny. Syd went 13 going on 30 at the race track. She was hilarious, acting like the real JG (you should see the bloopers on this movie). I miss the goofy side of Syd but it's a rough time for her so it's normal that she doesn't laugh much. Of course, It was sooooooo thrilling to see Rachel beat up Dean with a shovel. She did fight dirty like Grace taught her. I think Sloane is an idiot for thinking the organization will give him the antidote for Nadia but I can't blame a father for trying to save his daughter's life. It's going to be a long wait for the next episode.