Thursday, November 17, 2005

Child of the Chosen One

*Beware: May Contain Spoilers*

Any day now. Any minute. Any second the media will be bursting with the news of arrival Garner-Affleck. Of course congrats are in order, but Alias fans are much more interested in the birth of baby Bristow-Vaughn. In last week’s episode we saw Sydney pick out a rocking chair for her little one, preparing for the birth of her seemingly fatherless child. If you have seen the pictures for this week’s episode, Jack helps her prepare by setting up the baby’s crib, still clad in his suit and tie. And if you have been very bad, like myself, you have perused the pictures of Vaughn’s return, the episode scheduled to air on December 15th. The synopsis for "Horizon" indicates that Sydney and Vaughn are to be reunited after Sydney is kidnapped and put under hypnosis by a familiar face. This face is interested in Sydney’s future and that of her unborn child’s. This got me thinking…

Technically, Sydney’s child is the child of the Chosen One. I am guessing this is very important to those who still follow the word of Rambaldi (Sark, Ana Espinoza, Sloane?, Irina?) The last time the child of the Chosen One is mentioned is in season 3 whenSark is in possession of the Rambaldi DNA, and Sydney learns that the scar on her stomach was to extract eggs in order to create a child. The lab is destroyed and it is never spoken of again. So, who wants Sydney and her baby now? And why?

Could it be…?

Sark- He’s a Rambaldi believer, ex-Covenant and CRF solider. Sark has the means and the money to kidnap Sydney, if not for the baby, then for old time sake.

Irina- Her motives have never been clear. It is obvious that she truly cares for her daughter, but she seems conflicted. She may realize her ultimate endgame may hurt the people she loves (Jack, Sydney and Nadia.) Does Irina’s new grandchild have a role in this end-game?

Sloane- Mr. Rambaldi Expert himself has motive. That is, if he still believes Sydney is the Chosen One. Perhaps he kidnaps Sydney has leverage for something else.

Vaughn- We have tangoed with the idea that Vaughn might not be as nice as we all hoped. He could be harboring a dark secret, related to P5, his father or both. Maybe he kidnaps Sydney in order to be reunited with her, or perhaps her hypnosis brings Vaughn back to life.

Dean- Dean would stand to gain the most from Sydney’s kidnap. She poses a large threat to Dean and his operation. By kidnapping or eliminating Sydney, he would be freeing himself of his most determined antagonist. Perhaps deep in the corners of Sydney’s mind is stored information that may be beneficial to Dean, hence the hypnosis.

Who do you think kidnaps Sydney? Why? And how is her child involved?


srg-alias said...

One thing I thought of, if it's Dean that kidnaps Syd, maybe he hypnotizes her to try and find out either what Vaughn told her about Prophet 5, and/or if Vaughn is still alive. The only reason why I could see Irena kidnapping her was if it was for her safety, but I don't know why she'd hypnotize her. Sark is always a suspsect, and I hope for my own eye candy sake, that he's the culprit, but that's just me. ;-)

queenmab75 said...

I think it's Irina. But I don't know if it's more that I WANT it to be Irina than anything else, because I really like the character! My second guess would be Sark, since he's the one who stole her eggs in the first place.

jess517 said...

I have a question...

I know at the end of season 2 Irina tells Sydney that she is the Chosen One, that its not Irina. But how does that work with the part of the prophecy which talked about the Chosen One having never been to Mt. Subasio. Since Sydney has been there, how can she be the Chosen One?

Based on other things throughout the show, its clear that she is the chosen one, primarly the fact that Nadia is the Passenger and the Passenger and the Chosen One are sisters.

If there are inconsistencies within the prophecy, what does that say about Rambaldi? Or have I completly missed a vital piece of info which will make all of this make much more sense?