Monday, October 03, 2005

Not If I See You First Love

His loyalties? Flexible. His accent? Delicious. The blonde and British king of one-liners will be back this season and Alias fans couldn’t be happier. Sark, the Sloane-worshipping gofer for the Covenant always has a wrench to throw in the wheel and I am sure this season’s appearance will be nothing short of bloody fabulous.

We first saw him on video surveillance, shooting up the leader of SD-6 nemesis, FTL. He has been in cahoots with Lazarey, Spy Mommy, Irina Derevko and has spent an entire season bedding Vaughn’s equally blonde and British wife, Lauren Reed. What is next for Julian Sark? Will he be back to assist the CIA? Will he be back with plans of his own? I suppose it doesn’t matter what he’s doing, has long as he’s doing it!

Comment on your favorite Sark one-liner. My personal favorite?

"They are going to kill me, arent' they?"


Andrew said...

"Woman was God's second mistake."

akakatejones said...

"My loyalites are flexible".

srg-alias said...

Sark to Syd: "You're so good, you know that?"

srg-alias said...

saw another fun one when I was rewatching Blow Back last night. Talking to Lauren:

"ooh, ambitious and domineering, fantasic!"