Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Resort

Thoughts? I just saw the promo commercial for this submarine-based, government conspiracy program. I think I may watch. Scott Speedman, 'nough said. He was JJ's very first "Vaughn." Love.


Page48 said...

GS, you can watch the "Last Resort" pilot at your leisure. It was pretty decent. I think it could be one of the best picks of this year's litter.

We'll see how long this post stays up before the Blogger Police Force delete it. They ditched 2 of my last 3.

Page48 said...

And, GS, while Scott Speedman was JJ's first Vaughn, his first Syd, as we all know was Keri Russell, whose new spy series, "The Americans", is slated for early 2013 release on FX.

I reserve judgment, BUT, right off the top, I have 2 issues with this one: 1) she plays a Russian spy and 2) the series is set in the early 80's.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of period pieces, and how can I cheer for a Russian spy??

Page48 said...

Three new "Hunted" clips from BBC

One: Melissa George
Two: Adam Rayner
Three: Frank Spotnitz

Three interviews with lots of unseen footage.

Page48 said...

Nice headline: Jennifer Garner Eyeing Return To Action Movies

BUT, I'll believe it when I see it. And, I hope she doesn't mean "Elektra: The Sequel".

Page48 said...

Claire Danes now has an EMMY to go with her Golden Globe earlier this year for her first season portrayal of CIA agent Carrie Mathison on the excellent "Homeland".

Girlscout said...

OOOHH, I have so much to watch tonight! The Seahawks are playing Monday Night Football, and Revolution is on AND I need to watch Last Resort. What is a girl to do?! I love love Keri Russell, I am excited for her to return to TV, especially since it's a spy series, YAHOO!! I love the 80's, but I am with you Page, I am not sure how I feel about period tv. It's hard because the budgets are smaller and that means its harder to stay true to the era. We shall see. I have been all about the BBC lately, I will have to check out Hunted. I've never seen it.

Page48 said...

GS, no need to panic. "Hunted" doesn't debut until Oct. 4 on BBC and Oct. 19 on Cinemax.

My guess is that Cinemax is about to get schooled in how the internet works. These 2 week delays don't exist in cyberspace.

My main issue with period pieces is that I like cutting edge tech in my spy thrillers. And, by 'cutting edge tech', I don't mean leisure suits.

Girlscout said...

Bahahaha, I agree. But sometimes lack of technology makes it more fun. They have to be inventive and creative and that can make for good TV.

Page48 said...

If you're going to have low tech, then I better love the actors, like in "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".

Speaking of great casts, I just saw the trailer for Spielberg's "Lincoln". Chock full of genre actors from the likes of MIB, "Fringe", Bourne, "Stargate", "Human Target". BUT, here again, it's an old-timey, historical period piece and not really what I go in for. Take that cast, and put them in hyperspace, and I'm hooked.

Page48 said...

JJ Abrams adheres to the old adage, "if you throw enough sh!t at the wall, some of it's bound to stick".

New sci-fi pilot ordered for NBC.

Bad Robot going for total market saturation. Hey, why not?

Page48 said...

Those early days/weeks/months (okay, first season and a half) of "Fringe" were the humblest of beginnings (oh, the standalones, the autopsies, the fart gags, the freaks-of-the-weeks), but if this trailer is any indication, payoff is at hand.

Page48 said...

BBC and Cinemax already making plans for 2nd Season of "Hunted".

Well, S1 is only 8 eppies long, so they'll have plenty o' time to ponder what comes next, if anything.

Page48 said...

Spot the Losties:

1) in this trailer for S2 of "Homeland"

2) on this Hobbit toy package

Of course, we're talking about Zuleikha Robinson and Evangeline Lilly.

Other Bad Robots in the news: turns out Amy Acker (aka Fred, aka Illyria, aka Whiskey, aka Peyton, aka Root) is really Myka's sister on W13. Is there any decent show that Amy Acker doesn't eventually show up on? Okay, 2 or 3, maybe.

Page48 said...

Some guy (and I'm too lazy to go looking for the link) pointed out the extensive list of Bad Robot names given to characters of "Revolution".

At least a partial list includes:


We continue to wait for Sydney and Felicity.

Nora, from eppie 1.02 of "Revolution", is/was Auggie's therapist from "Covert Affairs" (their version of Dr. Barnett)

Page48 said...

Jace, of Televisionary fame, breaks down the reasons behind "Homeland" kicking "Mad Men" butt at the EMMY's.

My breakdown is quite a bit shorter: I've seen 1 eppie of "Mad Men" and can't think of any reason to watch a 2nd.

uncle111 said...

I'm going to be busy here tomorrow!

uncle111 said...

I haven't seen any of Homeland yet. How can I even squeeze it into this current schedule of viewing???

I posted elsewhere that Hunted isn't yet tickling my spy bone.

Last Resort, however, has me. I'm in.

Seriously following the regulars from last season and I will check the links Page posted here.

I can't believe it, but I picked up watching Duck Dynasty. I save it for when my blood pressure is up because when I do a single 1/2 hour episode brings it back down (I'm not taking meds for it BTW).

Page48 said...

Seems a bit early for such 'certainty', but has "Last Resort" listed as "certain to be cancelled", along with John Locke's "666 Park Avenue".

Just watching the promos for 666 was enough to make that call, IMO, but LR seems to me to be deserving of a better fate, so far.

For the sake of argument, lists LR as "Looking Safe". They can't both be right.

uncle111 said...

Gee. Is TVBTN watching the same Last Resort that I am?

Page48 said...

Uncle, it makes ya wonder.

BTW, "Covert Affairs" resumes tonight, POI returns after giving way to Joe Biden's Laugh-In last week, and "Nikita" finally kicks off on Friday.

uncle111 said...


This is a good week...for TV anyway!