Friday, August 14, 2009

I Spy...a Spy

I really don't watch much TV, especially during the week, so it was mere coincidence that I had on the idiot box in the background last night when all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice...Dixon?? Yup, I happened to be tuned to ABC, which happened to be showing a Grey's Anatomy repeat (a show I've seen maybe once in my life), which happened to be guest starring our very own Dixon...err...Carl Lumbly. Man it was good to see him on screen, though a little sad to think this is what his career has come to. I can't help thinking it's such a waste of talent. Nothing beats the raw emotion of Syd's confrontation of Dixon in Phase One, telling him the truth about SD-6 and him struggling to defend his world that's crashing down.

Anywho, I digress... Funny how blogger ilovealias4ever also posted about seeing Victor Garber in Nurse Jackie (which is a TV show I'm guessing?) last night. I also had no idea Rachel Nichols is starring in G.I. Joe until I recognized her in the trailer, guess she latched on to that whole kicking-butt thing. Who else have you seen lately (other than dear Balthazar in the tabloids) from our beloved show?


Page48 said...

And doesn't this guy look happy to be free of the best show ever? I'd look like that too if I went from "Alias" to some 'medical drama' (code for snooozefest).

Ah, yes, that's the face of a guy who wonders how it ever came to this.

SRG said...

hehe oh yeah, he looks thrilled ;-)

Bonkers for Bristow said...

I'm pretty sure Rachel was in Star Trek but it was hard to recognize her as she was green. In fact, if I hadn't seen her name in the credits, I wouldn't have known.

And I gave Vaughn's new medical show about 15 minutes of my time just to see him and it was not worth it. In fact, I saw very little of him and he was a dull as dish water.

Page48 said...

Bonkers, Rachel was definitely in ST (which I still haven't seen), as were numerous "Alias" 'bit' players such as Lazeray.

I also saw Rachel in Tom Hank's "Charlie Wilson's War". She's finding work, but like most of her colleagues from "Alias", her roles are pretty forgettable. Let's see if JJ finds a spot for her in MI4.

"Hawthorne" doesn't play in my neck of the woods (or not on my dish plan anyway), so I haven't seen it, but the medical shows bore the crap out of me anyway, so it's not on my to-do list. Having said that, somebody must like it cuz it got renewed. I'll pass.

Page48 said...

Jack and Syd staying fit together.

Chick on the left appears to be working on those Sydney Bristow shoulders herself.

SRG said...

I've always thought it was quite cute how close those two are in real life. :) That movie of Jen's they mention actually sounds like it might be least in comparison to the ones she's been doing recently...

uncle111 said...
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uncle111 said...

Mistakes again. Time ofr a do over:

Page- MV looks like he's thinking,"I used to be a leading physicist, but now I'm teaching math to second graders. How did I go so wrong?"

Robetron said...

I recently saw an early appearance of Alias' Balthazar [spa]Ghetti. It was a 1/2 hour TV show called, "The Hunger" on Showtime. It was too filthy for me (I should have known when it said, "Showtime"), but it was cool to recognize ole Tom, skinny and with too much hair.

That's my contribution to "I spy... a Spy".

Robetron said...

BTW - has anyone seen anything about a new Stalone movie?

It's called "The Expendables," and I do not recall ever seeing so many action stars in a single movie before.

A list of actors:

Sylvester Stallone

Jason Statham

Jet Li

Randy Couture (Fmr 2x LightHeavy, and 2x Heavyweight UFC Champion)

Terry Crews (don't know him, but he gets high billing)

Mickey Rourke

Gary Daniels

Eric Roberts

Dolph Lundgren (cool to see him w/ Stalone again!)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (as himself)

Steve Austin (You know... "Stone Cold Steve Austin of WWE fame)

Charisma Carpenter
Brittany Murphy
David Zayas
Giselle Itié
James Hébert

That list of names alone makes me excited to see it. Anyone else hear anything about it?

Page48 said...

I've never heard of "The Expendables", but here is a fansite with ongoing updates.

While it's nice that Arnold and Bruce are on board, I suspect both are only cameos. Unfortunate, as I would take A or B over Sly any day. Mickey Rourke and athletes attempting to cross over into the rewarding field of action movies are never a selling feature, IMO.

Now, how do Ravi Shankar and Buffy's Cordelia fit into this brew??? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Robetron said...

Bruce? Bruce who? Willis? Is he supposed to be in it too? Where did you hear that? The fan site?

I know what you mean about athletes crossing over, but Randy Couture did a great job in his military role in The Unit, and it looks like they cast him similarly. As long as he doesn't try to character-act like someone he is not (see Scorpion King 2), he should be alright.

Stone Cold Steve Austin actually had his own movie that was surprisingly good because he has been playing that role for ages already. A bunch of bruisers acting like a tough-guys has made the WWE lots of money... why not branch out and get into movies if they can pull it off? Stalone and Arnold have proven that it doesn't take a lot of acting chops to make a good action movie.

I'm on board with ditching Micky Rourke, though. He's just... greasy, and not in an auto-mechanic way.

Frankly, whatever Cordelia from Buffy does in this movie, it is FINE.

I'm a total Jet Li fan ever since his role in Lethal Weapon 4... or 15... or whatever. Anyway, I've liked nearly every movie I've seen him make with few exceptions. Together again with Jason Statham, they have enough fire power for a good pounding already.

I just can't imagine a movie that will utilize all these guys well enough to make it what it could be... unless it were a series.

One may hope.

Page48 said...

Robetron, Bruce is indeed Willis. He is listed on the movie's IMDB page, although his status is "rumoured". At this stage of the game, I suspect that makes his participation a cameo at best.

"Greasy" is the perfect word for Rourke. Dude scares me. I'm a little dismayed that he is in "Iron Man 2", but I'm gonna watch it anyway, since I thought the first IM was pretty decent. And besides, Scarlett Johannson should cancel him out, or at least take my mind off of his, well, greasiness.

Page48 said...

Sark is back, this time on "24". And playing a proper bastard, by the looks of it. He does it so well.

Some nice casting shaping up this year on "24", with Sark and Starbuck, and still plenty of time for more signings (not fluffy enough for Jen to get on board, of course). Nevertheless, it makes me long for the dead of winter...sort of.

SRG said...

ooo now that is quite enticing to see, thanks page :)

finkles2000 said...

Wow, THIS sounds original:

ilovealias4ever said...

Page, as much as I want to see JG do something substantial, I don't know if I'd like to see her on 24.

I'm still waiting to see her in a Bourne-like movie (or even the next installment of Bourne itself), playing some incredibly tough, resilient, resourceful spy.

Great to hear about David Anders, though!

Page48 said...

River Tam is in the 'House.

ilovealias4ever said...
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uncle111 said...

This doesn't fit in an existing article. I've been watching some S3 episodes and I don't remember this question being addressed before.

When exactly did Jack kill the person he thought was Irina? It would have to be early enough in S3 that Lauren would know about it and able to intimate to Syd that Irina had been dead when Syd though she was alive, before Vaugh shoots Lauren. And it would have to have been after Jack asked Irina online about the Passenger.

Is there any clue in Jack's schedule or his demeanor? One would think that finding someone that well known in spy circles floating dead in a swiming pool at a big formal social event would have created considerable chatter in the spy world.

When did it happen?

Page48 said...

More vacuous movie clap-trap from Bradley the "Alias"-disser.

Page48 said...

Further to the conversation we were having regarding the efforts put into marketing TV shows today (marketing that didn't exist for "Alias"), how about this website hyping ABC's new show, "Flash Forward"?

Not impressed? How about 3-D print ads?

Same network as "Alias", but a level of promotion certainly not seen pre-"Alias".

So now, I guess, the show better rock!

Page48 said...

No love (from ABC) like this for "Alias", just a sudden cancellation and a quick exit.

uncle111 said...

This is a little off topic. I am making a Rambaldi ring. Here is the wax pattern I am sculpting.

Should I make the entire ring smooth and polished, or should I use some sort of textured finish, like a polished hammerd finish or something rougher that would be done with something like a file?

Page48 said...

Uncle, with Sloane presently 'detained', I suppose it's safe to display that artifact you have in your possession. I trust you did a risk assessment before outing yourself as a Rambaldi collector.

Bruce Willis is back, trying to appeal to the sci-fi fan in me. So, I suppose "Surrogates" is on the list of movies that will require my attention. And, of course, "Avatar" and probably "District 9".

How I'd love to add "Alias: The Motion Picture" to that list.

uncle111 said...

I didn't spy a spy, but I spied a spy's ring .

SRG said...

NICE Uncle :)

Robetron said...

Uncle, how does one ...ahem... purchase one of those?

uncle111 said...

I'm glad you like it. I've been wearing mine today and it looks really good on my index finger.

I don't make many things in silver because if it's not made overseas or in a big factory there's no way to make money making things in silver- it's all volume. I haven't completely finished figuring a price for this, but I'm certain we're looking at about $150.00. These won't appear online anytime soon, except on eBay, but we can work out a sale via Paypal.

Anonymous said...

I just put the Rambaldi ring on eBay . It won't show up in searches for a little while.

If you want one let me know. It will be cheaper than through eBay.


Anonymous said...

That link won't be active until 6PM Central.

I've been watching Warehouse 13 online. I like it. I have seen a few things borrowed from Alias:
"Previously on Warehouse 13..."
"14 Hours Earlier"
And a couple of other things I can't remember because someone interrupted me before I could post them.


Page48 said...

Uncle, I've been watching W13 as well. I download a gorgeous 720p recording each week, because, although W13 is made in Canada, it's not available in Canada.

It's a pity that series like W13 and BN have such short seasons because they beat the crap out of so much of what is available on the main networks in the course of a year.

Fortunately, W13 has been renewed for a second season. It's definitely lighter fare (if you don't count the decapitation scene) and won't appeal to anyone who is hoping that it will be the new BSG, even though there is some overlap in personnel (Espenson, Sheppard, Hogan, Helfer). FWIW, there are also some BN people working behind the scenes.

With so little watchable TV on the dial, I can easily make time for W13. However, as with all shows these days, W13 is basically self-contained with a teency thread of something bigger lurking in the background. Too bad.

Page48 said...

I keep seeing a familiar face on TV in a currently running ad for the new season of "Supernatural".

Ah, the memories!

uncle111 said...

Wow! Two Alias alumns.

The auction opens at 7:47 PM Central. I realized I missed a great opening time and just changed it.

uncle111 said...

uncle111 said...

I have a better version of my Rambaldi ring. It has a red stone in the center, like the floating Rambaldi red balls.
I don't have my link template here, so you'll have to paste this into your address bar. It's also on eBay. Search Rambaldi ring.

uncle111 said...

Jennifer Garner on Jay Leno tonight, Monday the 21st.

Page48 said...

No doubt Jen is pimping her latest comedy, "The Invention of Lying" (with Ricky Gervais).

I think this will mark her 47th movie with Jason Bateman.

uncle111 said...

I posted this in the wrong place, so I'm reposting here:

Just saw JG on Leno. Wow, did she look good. And how tall were those heels? How can anyone walk in those?

SRG said...

Bradley Cooper as part of the A-Team. As annoyed as us Alias fans have been w/ him for some of his comments about our beloved TV show, you have to admit, he looks good...channeling some Bond action here...

uncle111 said...

I don't know if you saw Disney's animated Christmas program the other night, "Prep and Landing." I enjoyed it. The opening was particularly good with elves scouting out a house to make sure it was safe for Santa to appear without being seen. The elves had night vision gear and were backed up with music by Alias music guy Michael Giacchino. The music was very Alias.