Saturday, April 04, 2009

I Miss Alias

After last night's Dollhouse, that's pretty much all I have to say. I got this image from Alias Media, it's hard to believe Alias has been gone almost three years now. I've watched my five seasons of DVDs countless times, yet I still laugh, cry and watch with excitement every episode. I think it's safe to say us LTA bloggers have put Alias on a pedestal that can never be reached by any other show. Our expectations for shows like Dollhouse are through the roof, so it's no wonder we feel disappointed. I can't help but wonder (channeling Carrie Bradshaw), would we be so discouraged if we didn't have Alias to compare these shows to? My initial thought is no, we wouldn't be, but it's not like other shows haven't evoked similar human emotions to the characters and plots (Lost, Firefly...). I think that's what I'm looking for, a show where I actually care about the characters and care about their stories. Is that really so much to ask?


uncle111 said...

Well, I guess I don't have to feel like I need to get caught up on DH.

SRG- As I've mentioned before, I have Alias on my iPod, so I don't even have to be home or even in front of a regular TV to watch it. I'm older than most here (I hate myself when I say that kind of thing!:)and I have never had a show (other than my age 12-15 obcession, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) that meant as much to me as Alias. There was a 32 year gap between those two shows. If it's another 32 years before another one like those two shows comes along...will my eyes even still work? Maybe by then TV will be inside our heads as though the show was real life. Oooooo, don't know if that will be good for me at that age.

Page48 said...

"I Miss Dollhouse" doesn't have the same ring to it, but then I don't think we'll be hearing a lot of that chant in the years to come.

Eight episodes into DH and I still don't care. I don't care about Echo or Victor or Mellie or Adele or Topher. I'm still watching but I'm sure not hooked. IMO, this thing will end after 5 more episodes. Friday night still belongs to Sarah Connor, but for how much longer?

"Fringe" has it's rabid followers who think it's "awesome, dude", but it's not. Nobody wanted it to be awesome more than I did, and coming from Team Alias, I thought it offered the best opportunity of being the next "Alias". But, after 14 episodes, it's like Abrams/Orci/Kurtzman/Pinkner don't even remember what made "Alias" rock, let alone how to recreate that kind of excitement and tension.

I wanted "Bionic Woman" to swoop down and replace my weekly "Alias" buzz. What were those guys smoking when they foisted that crap on hungry viewers? These clowns actually brought us "Battlestar Galactica"? I don't believe it.

"Dollhouse" had promise, or so it seemed. "Firefly" was warm and fuzzy and charming and all that, so what happened? Whedon couldn't recreate that magic. Instead, we have a show full of characters that could die a horrible death next Friday and no one would miss them.

"Alias" on the other hand, had us hooked from scene one. Sydney seduced us from the second the curtain went up and we sweated every single heart-stopping, death defying moment of her life with her. We were her support group, or we fantasized about being her support group.

When Sydney was out-manned in the parking garage by her would-be assassins, who among us didn't want to grab an aluminum baseball bat and jump in the pickup truck and go looking for Arvin Sloane ourselves?

On the other hand, if Echo was late getting back from an 'engagement', would we even bother to wait up for her?

So, we sit back and we wait, while JG does girlie-flicks, and Ron Rifkin gets his soap-opera queer on, and VG flits from short-lived series to short-lived series, and the rest of the cast goes from forgettable project to even more forgettable project.

I think SRG may be right. We swallowed the poison pill when we chose to ride the "Alias" train. Everything since then pales in comparison. Now we can't hitch a ride to save ourselves.

I miss "Alias"

Robetron said...

I have to "echo" all of your comments regarding Dollhouse.

And yet... I still like it better than Fringe. Fringe makes me cringe... about how boring it is.

I can't fully buy into the "Alias made our expectations too high" theory.

If they can make Alias, which is vastly different than Lost, which is completely different than House M.D., which is nothing like Battlestar Galactica, which has nothing in common with Burn Notice, which can't be compared to Smallville (which, in its 8th season and is hitting its peak, and I love, no matter who doesn't), which is entirely unlike The Unit, which doesn't even stand in the same genre as Firefly, which is black and white next to (some parts of) Heroes, which only airing on the same night in common with 24...
...then they can make The Bionic Woman, Fringe, My Own Worst Enemy, Sara Connor (over which I am reserving judgment until I can really watch the whole first season), Dollhouse, and countless other great ideas for TV shows at the same or equivalent levels.

They just need to stop pandering to the mindless morons who giggle at the mention of Paris Hilton.

That's my rant for today. :D

SRG said...

Haha nice rant Robby. :)

I agree that I'm more apt to watch DH than Fringe, which I think I dropped after either the second or third eppy. Next week will be episode 9 of DH, I'll be out of town for a long weekend but will prob watch the recording of it when I get back. I'm sure my Alias-level expectations for the show come from its premise of a super-skilled woman who can be anyone, which rang too familiar than say a bunch of random people crashed on an island. I think DH's biggest downfall is the lack of character development... not only because its main characters normally have no personality, but the others who do (Ballard, Dewitt, Topher) so far have no backstory (my continuing complaint). Dr. Saunders is the only one so far that's really peaked my interest, especially given that she was the mastermind behind the "Needs" experiment, definitely didn't see that one coming.

Sidenote - was the tech guy Ballard was unnecessarily violent toward the anticipated Tudyk/Wash/Alpha? I couldn't tell from the bad lighting but it sorta looked like him...

SRG said...

interesting, we're not the only ones that thought Dollhouse had/has way more potential than it's using.

Page48 said...

SRG, I also immediately thought of Tudyk when I saw tech dude in bad light.

At one point Tudyk's IMDB page listed him as appearing in DH, but I notice it's no longer there. He is also rumoured to appear in the remake of "V", a series I never watched back in the day. However, IMDB doesn't indicate this either. He may just be the subject of a lot of rumours every time a sci-fi show comes along. Wishful thinking by Browncoats, perhaps.

I'm going to watch the remaining episodes of DH, but even the "good" episodes are leaving me feeling sleep-deprived about 20 minutes in.

Robetron said...

In retrospect, while the 8th episode of DH was not what I hoped, it did have some up-ticking in the intrigue flavor. Once again, it turned out to be a going-nowhere, one-off, stand alone story. But how cool was it that the whole thing was intricately orchestrated, not just by the Dollhouse "madam", but by the scarred doctor for the mental "health" of the actives who were seeking a catharsis for some trauma in their real lives? That is pretty clever story telling.

One might say, it is worthy to be compared to the manipulations of Arvin Sloane.

No, it is certainly not living up to the hype or to its potential, but I'm still going to watch. I have nothing better to do on Friday nights any more, and quite frankly, everything else the networks have to offer have an odor akin to a three-day dead possum on the Atlanta By-pass in August.

Page48 said...

"Once again, it turned out to be a going-nowhere, one-off, stand alone story."

Robetron, you nailed it.

You think you're going somewhere, but then at the last minute, they pull the rug out. It's like walking the wrong way on an escalator. All the parts move and you feel exhausted after awhile, but you still don't go anywhere.

I thought this might be another breakout episode, but by the time the closing credits roll, the actives are all snug as bugs in a rug in their sleeping compartments and are now believed to be glitch-free thanks to having achieved "closure". That's cheating.

I realize "Burn Notice" advances the plot at a similar snail's pace, but BN keeps me pleasantly entertained with great characters, interesting relationships, and much eye candy in the meantime. DH lets me tag along with characters I don't like much and then lets me down at the end. Frustrating for a serial lover.

BTW, where do all the other actives sleep?

Dawn said...

I just wanted to add that I miss Alias, too! I have never seen Dollhouse so I am not disappointed in that show, however, I can relate about not caring about the characters. Fringe is one of those shows-I do not care about the main girl-she could die, I wouldn't shed a tear. Now, Alias-they knew how to make you love and hate a character. My husband got me the five season set for Valentine's day and I am loving being able to watch my favorite show again.

uncle111 said...

You'll get a lot of use out of those DVD's. Alias is as good the 10th time as the first.

Page48 said...

Dawn, you're giving ABC too much credit. We had to settle for 4.77 seasons, since the network decided they just couldn't stomach a full slate of Season 5 episodes.

Such was the rush by ABC to get their embarrassment off the air and make way for more "Desperate Housewives".

Paul Kremer said...

I think what all these shows are missing is the quasi-spiritual-mystery of Rambaldi.

Don't get me wrong, the character development in ALIAS was great and you really did care about the characters, especially Sydney. But the Rambaldi part of the story was just such a fantastic plot line. Let's be honest, you can only have so many shows about stopping the flow of nuclear weapons, keeping terrorists away from biological weapons before they start to mesh into one ball. But ALIAS gave us something different and exciting! Throw in some great character development, cool spy stuff, quirky characters, and great villains, and you had an amazing show. Very hard to duplicate! How many shows do people still lament years after they are off the air?

I love Burn Notice for very different's a semi-serial in that the plot advances from episode to episode, but each episode can stand alone. Sadly, to make sure ratings stay high, most shows are following this format. House has done it for 5 years now. It takes a quality show to be a true serial for more than a season or 2, like ALIAS and Lost.

Honestly, I don't want another ALIAS. The first 2 seasons of ALIAS are probably my favorite TV of all time, and will remain in my top TV slots forever. No ALIAS clone stuff. I DO wish there were more quality spy shows out there, but I want them to be quality like ALIAS, but not exactly like ALIAS. :)

uncle111 said...

Glad you dropped in!!
I'm always up for more or another Alias, if it's the genuine article, though. None of this wannabe stuff. There's too much of that floating around, even from JJ and company.

Page48 said...

Speaking of wannabe stuff, "Fringe" is apparently about to get vulcanized.

I'm up for any quality spy-genre show. I think the time has come and gone that would see an "Alias" clone. Generally, the networks all try to piggy-back the success of each others' shows at the earliest whiff of the original's success.

Now that spies are apparently not cool on the big networks("Chuck" notwithstanding)and the series-long story arc is basically dead meat right now, it seems unlikely that there will be a copy cat anytime soon. "Burn Notice" is a gem but it's buried on a cable network and not carried in many markets (like mine).

I'm prepared to be flexible in accepting a new "Alias". All shows are derivatives of those that went before them (Uncle exposed "The Pretender" as a goldmine for JJ when he was preparing "Alias" for public consumption). I love the sci-fi element of "Alias", but I'm also a Jason Bourne fan.

What I'm not a fan of is episodic shows.

MOWE had a chance to be a decent spy show, but NBC only wanted to tell the story of a chip-glitch and how inconvenient it was to live with a glitch. Even though "Alias" personnel were involved, they learned nothing about why "Alias" rocked. "Fringe" has learned nothing about why "Alias" rocked. "Painkiller Jane", "Bionic Woman", "Dollhouse" have all failed miserably in tapping into the excitement and brilliant character development that launched "Alias" to the top of the pyramid.

So, while I'm all in for a new "Alias", I see nothing on the horizon to make me think it's just around the corner.

Robetron said...

That's where I would disagree with you, Paul. I think it was the Rambaldi aspect that derailed Alias in the end. It was a great story-driver, but it took over everything else because it became too complicated. Same thing happened to BSG. I believe that is why so many Steven King novels are great, right up to the end where it fumbles into incredulity.

Don't get me wrong: I love a good scifi show, but what makes good scifi is that the characters are intensely human - meaning, they embody the inward conflicts of trying to live in their surroundings within the universal limitations of being a flawed human being. The scifi is purely incidental and provides interesting visuals, but the stories and characters are what engages an audience, causing them to relate, while escaping reality at the same time.

What is messing up all of the shows that have been disappointing us so much lately, is that there is no character building or continuity. It has been all about the "hook" with no humanity. Too often, the hook has been about sexuality; and then, at the end of an episode, some hits an unrealistic reset button so that the next episode will not confuse new-comers.

Anyone (other than the American State Department) have a reset button for their lives? I know I'd like one. It'll probably only serve to "re-charge" anyway.


Robetron said...

*Dollhouse Spoilers* (kept to a minimum, but some are here)

Mid-way through new Dollhouse -

That was cool what they just did with Mellie. The web of deceit and conspiracy Paul is find is very cool. That whole side of it is finally developing into an SD-6-esque complication level.

So far the whole show has been about the one aspect we have been hoping will develop. I suspect it will all be reset again for next week, but one may hope.

I didn't care much for the dominatrix theme, but I guess the writers think they are being funny while trying to convince the public that its normal behavior.

Okay Siera's infiltration seemed pretty far fetched and weak. Way too easy. Evidence of writers who can't get out of their own way.

...3/4 through -

Wow... what's-her-name is one of her own best clients, and she is feeling pathetic because of it. This episode is weird.

Very cool... Echo plays Sherlock meets Sidney Bristow, and the NSA spy was found... resulting in the offhand remark that the government is mildly involved in the Dollhouse. Woah. (Which explains why Siera's break-in was too easy.)

...10 min. left-

I have to admit, this has been a pretty good episode. Maybe the bands of restriction are finally lifting and we might see something worthwhile here.

Lemmy see what happens in the final few minutes.

Tough gal: Ole whats-her-name chats casually after a gunshot wound, then gets her stitches without anesthetic. I had her figured for an office-bound weakness. (Not unlike my own!)

Echo's eyes shift when reciting the words with her "handler." She is showing signs of independent thought while in her "doll-state."

It was all pretty good, but, from the previews for next week, it looks like it may be going back to the going-nowhere episodic adventures.

Robetron said...


I really liked the way they told this Dollhouse story. Telling the events from three or four different perspectives, filling in information for everyone involved when the seemed detached at first was a good literary tool.

Meanwhile, I'm still not that interested in Echo, or whatever her real name is; or, for that matter, any of the specific characters. The overall story has some elements that keep me coming back, however. I just wish they'd get to it. Several episodes like this one would be a good way to advance it and keep it moving.


uncle111 said...

Robetron and I have disagreed about Rambaldi before. I agree with you. The problem with the Rambaldi storyline was not that it prevented character development. Alias had that out the wazoo. The problem with the Rambaldi storyline was that they invented it in the beginning as a gimmick to keep the story moving, but it was so intrigueing that it took on a life of it's own. They lost control of it because they didn't put any real thought into where they wanted it to go, where it should have gone to enhance the story.

Maybe they could have recovered it, but there came a point where they wanted to be done with Alias and get on to the next project.

Page48 said...

DH was much more interesting this week. Can they have 2 decent eppies in a row? Well, there's no precedent for it, but they are fast running out of opportunity time. Apparently, FOX has decided not to air the 13th episode, so it may only be available on DVD or for download.

That means 3 more chances to get it right and convince FOX that a 2nd season is in order.

Robetron said...

Hey! I knew it! I knew I had seen Peter Berg before he became our Sandman in season 1.

Why didn't anyone ever tell me he was the lead in the 80's classic thriller, "Shocker," as the abused child-cum-football star, Jonathan Parker, who finds out he is the son of a black-magic wielding, devil worshiping, serial killer that had murdered his foster mother and foster siblings before being "given the chair," which completed his evil scheme to possess bodies and travel through electrical current? (wheew... long explanation)

It was cheesy, sure, but it had a great soundtrack. I had no idea Peter Berg was that old when he was in Alias.

Page48 said...

Robetron, next week on "Fringe":

abused child-cum-football star, Jonathan Parker, finds out he is the son of a black-magic wielding, devil worshiping, serial killer that had murdered his foster mother and foster siblings before being "given the chair," which completes his evil scheme to possess bodies and travel through electrical current

Peter Berg was The Snowman. The Sandman is the guy who helped you get to sleep when you were a kid. Sydney has no beef with The Sandman as intel shows that he is not a far.

Robetron said...

LOL... oops. My foul.

I knew that. It was just late... ya know?

Robetron said...

Another recently noticed ALIAS connection:

"Suit and Glasses" - the oriental man who first tortured Sydney - he also played the father of the Jeet Kun Do Master in the biographical "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story."

His part was only incidental in the first part of the movie when Bruce's father revealed that he had an American Birth Certificate, and sent him off to be an American. He did a good job.

Page48 said...

Suit & Glasses (Ric Young) was also in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" almost 20 years before "Alias".

That in itself isn't all that weird, BUT he wasn't the only "Truth Be Told" actor who also appeared in IJATTOD. Dude by the name of Philip Tan played a security officer in TBT as well as a henchman in Indy Jones.

Last night I was channel surfing and stopped long enough to spend about 10 minutes in "Catch & Release" hell. Why Jen, why?????????

Tonight, on the other hand, channel surfing has led me to "Serenity".

"Guy killed me Mal, killed me with a sword."

uncle111 said...

I've watched 2 episodes of the late 90's series "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." They used many elements of the series in the Bradjelina movie of the same name.

The series "Spy Game" from 1997 (which I just finished) also had some things that influenced Alias. Too bad it didn't survive. It was really starting to find itself and become a good series.

uncle111 said...

Maria Bello, the Mrs. of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Look her up on IMDB. She needs her own action spy series.

Lisa said...

hi you guys...long time no post! :) hope everyone is doing well.

I'll cut to the chase- have any of you ever watched the Pretender? its pre-Alias from the late 90's....and if we ever talked about it here at LTA I must have missed it! there are an incredible amount of Pretender/Alias connections....many of which I just laughed off as coincidences/clever plotlines...but last night we watched 2.20 and I could NOT believe my eyes! remember when Lazeray was being transferred on the hospital bed and was shot by a sniper (none other than our fav temptress, Lauren, but I digress) as he whispers something about the "Passenger?" 2.20 of The Pretender, I'm not kidding, they did the exact same thing. A man who had all the "answers" was being loaded into an ambulance and is then shot by a sniper just as he mutters the words "Prodigy." WHAT??!!!

now I know that many shows give nods to each other here and there and I like it, kind of like a gesture of respect/admiration and if viewers catch it, its kind of like being in the club or something. but this was such an outright "lifting" of material/plot BY THE ALIAS WRITERS that I was shocked. could it be that our beloved Alias is a 2nd generation of The Pretender? if you guys get a chance to check it out on hulu or something, I'd say its well worth it (gets good the 2nd half of S1). that's all that has kept me and my hubby occupied TV-wise (well, we do like Lie to Me and Chuck). but there are so many characters in TP that are similar to Alias, its fun to make the connections. and now I can't help but believe that the Alias writers were TP fans, too.

anyway, sorry for a such a long post, but I had to see if you guys (the only others I know that still enjoy Alias as I do) had ever known the connection. its unbelievable.

Page48 said...

Uncle111 posted an extensive list of similarities btw. "Alias" and "The Pretender" a couple years ago. I don't think there's any easy way to search the blog for those entries, but we're talking pre-July 2007 at least.

Lisa said...

thanks, Page- I did try to search but you're right, there's not an easy way to do it. I'll keep looking.

Page48 said...

Lisa, here's one page with Uncle's notes. Scroll down just past Kelhat's post. This is from January 2007.

uncle111 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
uncle111 said...

I think my list that Page referecned is actually more up to date than what I just posted.

uncle111 said...

I deleted the other list. This one is better. If you have the Pretender DVD's there is a spot in an itervirew where a writer or producer makes a remark about some of their things showing up on Alias.

1- A young boy is at a center where he's being studied and his special abilities are being groomed for use by some secret group (Alias tie- Project Christmas),
2-he builds a tall building out of an erector set(Project Christmas wooden block puzzle)demonstrating his abilities.
3-The man who is directing this use of the boy is a Dr. named Sydney(Alias main character name), 4-who is played by the actor who playedDr. DeSantis in Alias.
5-The boy grows up in the center and eventually escapes. He goes into hiding from this powerful organization, taking on a new alias each week and using his abilities to right wrongs (like
Sydney in Alias- see #24).
6-He is a combination of the Sydney Bristow and Marshall Flinkman Character on Alias.
7-The main character is
trying to find out who he really is and what happened to his real
parents(Alias-Sydney and her mother,Irina). 8-Familiar Alias type phrases, one of which is "decide whether you are going to be a scientist (spy) or a mommy- you can't be both," the female lead says to Dr. Sydney"(very similar to what Irina told Sydney about being a spy and a mother in the last season of Alias).
9-Jarod speaks many languages (Sydney does too).
10-He flies airplanes(Sydney does too).
11-Jennifer Garner (Sydney in Alias) once guest starred in The
Pretender(2 years before Alias aired), playing a character whose name was changed by her father at a very young age to Billie Vaughn to protect her. Jennifer Garner's boyfriend in Alias was named Michael VAUGHN, his father's name was BILL VAUGHN. Both Bill Vaughn and Michael Vaughn were false names that Bill Vaughn gave himself and his son to protect them.
12-The actor playing Jarod is MICHAEL WEISS(as in Alias characters MICHAEL Vaughn and another main character, ERIC
WEISS), while the name of the actor who plays the creepy bad guy at the Centre trying to hunt down Jarod is named Richard MARCUS (as in Alias character MARCUS Dixon).
13-The female lead, Miss Parker, who is teamed up with Dr. Sydney is a hard, driven, ruthless Alias character Irina Derevko.
14-Some of the graphics in The Pretender are Rambaldi(mysterious 15th century Alias character)-esc. 15-There is a black female director at the Centre(Alias tie- Director Chase at CIA).
16-Sydney Bristow's mother, Irina, was unquestionably the power behind much of the evil in Alias- Miss Parker's father is the head of the Centre.
17-When Miss Parker was young her mother supposedly killed
herself, but as the show progresses Parker discovers that her father may have killed her, or that she may actually still be alive (Alias- very like Irina).
18-In one episode the bad guy boss of a law firm is named Mr. Sloane(name of main Alias bad guy for 5 seasons).
19-In the same episode a guy wrongly accused of a murder has the first name Marcus (again, Alias- Marcus Dixon).
20-Sloane goes to jail (also in
21- Last line spoken to Mr. Sloane in that episode at the end
of that episode of The Pretender-"Now you have all the time in the
world." (Same last line said to Mr.Sloane in Alias).
22- A recurring number holds the key to a mystery behind the Centre- SL-27 (Alias-#47).
23- Dr. Sydney, who feels responsible for his brother's death,speaks to his brother, who appears to him from beyond the grave(Alias-Nadia, Sloane's daughter whose death he is responsible for, appears to
him from beyond the grave).
24- They start each episode of The
Pretender explaining that the main character is a Pretender- a genius
with the ability to become anyone he wishes. That is the essence of
creating an effective alias- something Sydney Bristow did every week. In fact, she explained to another Alias character that to pull off an alias you have to become that person. So, the essence of being a Pretender is the same as creating an Alias.
25-In the 4th season of
the Pretender the bad guys clone Jarod. In Alias, cloning people
became a regular technique for the bad guys.
26-Female lead's boyfriend is murdered while staying in her house (seemingly on the orders of her Sloane-like father). She finds him with blood running down his head. She gets his blood on her when she holds him. Similar to what happens to Sydney in the first episode of Alias.
27- mystical elements introduced in S4
28- Siblings of main characters appear that they didn't now they had (Nadia)
29- People who are supposed to be dead turn out to not be (Alias, too numerous to list)
30- Marshall guest stars in S4
31- Mirage7677- name of a project that involves a child and which
began at the child's conception- (SAB 47 Project, anyone?)

toahnipi said...

Totally agree with you uncle111 -I'm guessing we are about the same age because I remember watching The Man From Uncle as well - gotta love Napoleon Solo.
I have never been as emotionally invested in a television show as I was with Alias.
The show gave us complex characters we cared about - even the so-called evil ones.
The story lines were riveting and the acting superb.
I still maintain that the first two seasons of Alias was the best television show ever produced.
Unfortunately, that judgment makes every show pale in comparison.
Besides owning all the dvd's and all the fan magazines, I have all the books which serve as an additional year's worth of "shows".
I choose to re-watch the whole series once a year during those long summer nights.

uncle111 said...

Glad you stopped by.
You might like my UNCLE site-

Lisa said...

Page and Uncle, thanks for your comments and notes re: Pretender. I love the similarities but I have to admit, some of the "lifting" of material is still surprising. good to know the show is never really resolved, thanks!

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