Thursday, November 13, 2008

MOWE Update

Well I just read on that NBC has canceled My Own Worst Enemy "after a string of poor ratings." They also report "It is not yet known if the remaining episodes will be aired." Sorry to those who were enjoying it, I never got a chance to watch it myself. We still have Dollhouse to look forward to...


Page48 said...

I'll get over it, since MOWE didn't appear to be going anywhere (more gimmick than story).

Here is someone who tells us, with regard to "Dollhouse", that we should 'think Alias, except that it all makes sense in the end'. Now, how she would know it all makes sense in the end when we don't even know if FOX will order a full season is not clear to me. However, it is more upbeat than some other articles making the rounds lately.

Robetron said...

Well... that's a bummer. (a little 80's/ 90's lingo for you).

I was just coming here to comment that I had just seen the latest episode, and I thought it was improving... albeit, slowly, but improving, nonetheless...

They jerked the rug out from under them pretty quick, didn't they? Yet, Fringe is still on, and stinking up the airwaves.

Too bad. MOWE had great potential. Sad.


Robetron said...

Has Dollhouse even premiered yet?

How can they make such leaps of comparison when it hasn't even been seen by the public yet?

Page48 said...

"Dollhouse" doesn't debut until February 13th. But, at least we can take comfort in knowing that it all makes sense in the end.

Robetron said...

I went to read that article to which you linked, and I must admit, I had forgotten Dollhouse came from the mind of Joss Whedon. I was never a Buffy fan, but the creative brilliance of Firefly / Serenity gives me great hope for Dollhouse.

I am probably coming from a different motivation than the female author of that article, but thanks to his masterful work on Battlestar Galactica, I too am a fan of Tahmoh Penikett. He has a natural on-screen charisma that makes you identify with his character, if the writing is sufficient, and even sometimes when it is not. (His brief cameos on Smallville were likable, despite the inconsistency of that show's writing staff.)

I don't recognize the Jessica Alba look-alike in the pictures, but if ALIAS teaches us anything, it takes more than good writing and a pretty face to pull of these wild scenarios. This was part of the problem with the Bionic Woman (she was NOT good). I will not prejudge Eliza Duskhu, but I sincerely hope her acting chops are up to par, or Dollhouse will follow the same bionic steps.

Maybe JG could give her a call and some lessons on being vastly different characters, while maintaining an identifiable sameness with the overwhelming intensity of Sydney Bristow?


Robetron said...

BTW - Isn't it strange how often show creators are trying to model their new shows after the Genius of ALIAS; and, isn't it interesting how often the critics make the comparison to ALIAS, despite how horrendously the show was handled by ABC, and how ugly the critics were in the latter seasons?

It was like they had to kill ALIAS and force it onto the shelf, so they could use all the ideas it stimulated, and draw those of us who knew what a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence ALIAS truly was.


Page48 said...

Rather than everyone trying to be the new "Alias", I would rather they would just dish up more of the real thing.

Browsing Eliza Dushku's resume on IMDB, I think it's safe to say the only thing I've seen her in was "True Lies", and I have no recollection of her role, small as I'm sure it was. I've seen all of about 3 episodes of Buffy and part of one episode of "Angel", so she's gonna be brand new to me. Mark Sheppard, Tahmoh P., and Amy Acker are much more familiar to me.

And, history shows that it's reasonable to assume that a number of "Firefly" actors will appear if the series actually runs for a while.

On another note, I'm also anxious to check out "Quantum of Solace" when I get the chance. I think "Casino Royale" marked a much needed change of direction for the Bond franchise. Brosnan's era didn't work for me, but, amid a lot of hoopla, I think Daniel Craig breathed new life into 007.

Now, is it not about time for MI4?

Robetron said...


Totally. But... can we have it without and couch-jumping fanaticism to distract from the good film work? One wonders.

Re: returning actors, I don't know how serious they intend to make the show, but a return of Nathan Filion, and Adam Baldwin, either together or apart, could be fun.

With Amy Acker, the ALIAS alumnus, Gina Torres, would give us all additional, and joyful motive for tuning in each week. I hope there are plenty of old-hats in the ring.


Page48 said...

Nathan Fillion has a new show, "Castle", beginning in the new year. Baldwin doing well with "Chuck", Summer Glau on shaky ground with Terminator: TSCC, and Jewel Staite with the enduring (not sure why) "Stargate: Atlantis".

As far as I know, Gina Torres' schedule is open, so I would not be surprised to see her since she did do several episodes of Whedon's "Angel" about the same time as FF. I liked her as Zoe, but I didn't watch any of her short-lived "Standoff". Who knows, we may even see Rachel Nichols, who briefly starred with Baldwin in Tim Minear's short-lived "The Inside", which was bursting with Joss Whedon connections.

Page48 said...

And, while we're at it, Eliza Dushku and our very own Marcus Dixon have a movie, "Alphabet Killer" hitting theaters this month, so maybe she and Amy Acker have already invited him to appear on "Dollhouse". Hope so.

SRG said...

Yeah I'm looking forward to the premiere of Dollhouse, I'll actually make time for that given the Alias comparisons the critics are using. Just have to say I watched the Alias pilot last night for the umpteenth time with my boyfriend and it's just so effing good, I doubt there will ever be a pilot to match... I'll read the article page linked to about Dollhouse on my lunch today. :)

uncle111 said...

Well, all I have to do is act like I MIGHT like a spy or action show and it gets cancelled. I guess I should be thankful I waited till the end of S4 to go public with my love of Alias.

Robetron said...

LOL... Uncle.

Now we know why ALIAS was taken away from us. It was Uncle all along.

Page48 said...

I was just on IMDB and saw an ad for the "Charmed" Box Set (All 8 Seasons). I can tell Uncle wasn't watching that one.

What does it say about public tastes that allows "Charmed" to prattle on for 8 seasons while all we get is 4.77? Please!

Hell's Bells, even "Barnaby Jones" lasted 8 seasons. Buddy Ebsen was 110 years old when that show was on.

I feel like writing my Congressman. Shame I don't have one.

uncle111 said...

You know, there might be some good money in selling my promise to not publically announce that I like a particular show. Hmmmm...

Page48 said...

"Firefly" now on Blu-Ray, arrives to mixed reviews re: the quality of the transfer to HD.

This is a 2002 series on Blu-Ray, so can "Alias" be far behind???

uncle111 said...

Finished watching the 2 last MOWE episodes. Too bad it's cancelled.

Bonkers for Bristow said...

It may be canceled but at elast they are playing the last episodes.

Saw last nights and again thought how bittersweet that we know it's not long for this life. It has potential if they had just given it some time. Unfortunately since they pulled the plug, there will be no bow-tied ending.

Couldn't hwlp see more Alias references last night but I think maybe they are throwing them in too quickly. We're already learning that the KGB killed Edward's parents. Too much, too soon maybe.

But all that's moot since the clock's ticking.

Also been hearing problems with Dollhouse. Read something in Entertainment Weekly about rewrites, reshoots and editing. In addition it's goin in the worst time slot - Friday night after Terminator. Doesn't sound like it's being given a chance.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that Spock in the new Star Trek movie is...SYLER!!!!

Page48 said...

And, appearing as "old Spock" is, ta-da, Leonard Nimoy. Shouldn't that be "realllly old Spock"?

Of course, "Alias" Season 5 veteran Rachel Nichols appears as Orion (must be Irish).

JJ must have had a falling out with Grunberg, no sign of him in Trek or "Fringe" (so far).

Now, for all the years of waiting for this latest Trekkie installment, let's hope the "Fringe" writing team of Orci/Kurtzman/Abrams conjure up a story more satisfying than their regular Tuesday night FOX fare. If not, then Plan B better involve blowing a lot of stuff up.

uncle111 said...

I just finished last night's MOWE. Again, too bad it's cancelled.