Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Getting To Know You...

I like Bonker's reply in the previous post about doing a "meet-n-greet" with our usual bloggies. Here's a copy of her response and I'll post my reply to get it started!

Since it's a slow week, why don't we do a meet-n-greet. I think I know who some of you are and where you come from, but it would be interesting to see how wrong I am.

I'll start. I'm a 37 year old female living in a western suburb of Chicago. I work as an Executive Assistant and have been at my job for 8 years. I'm married without two-legged kids, but have four cats whom I consider part of my family.

Did I surprise any of you or is that what you figured from my posts?


SRG said...

I'm always a tad cautious with the info I post online, but here's an overview. :) I'm in my late 20's (also female), originally from MI but moved to NC three years ago. I'm a graphic designer and a tap dancer (both professionally), also enjoy kickboxing (shocker w/ my Alias obsession hehe). I'm not married but am in a committed relationship and my boyfriend is from Denmark. I have one kitty named Milo (oh yes, after Rambaldi) who is a constant source of entertainment when he's not tipping over glasses of water. :-P

Page48 said...

Oooooh, full disclosure (online or in person) was never a strong suit for me.

I'm a bored-out-of-my-skull cubicle dweller with a high speed connection and a 19" widescreen LCD on my desk which connects me to the outside world and helps me to avert my attention from the constant and joyless interruptions of a handful of the sanity-sucking freaks I work with.

I'm older than Barack Obama, but not old enough to remember JFK.

No cat, no wife, no government pension, no patience for people too lazy to breathe, no facial hair (excluding occasional bouts of Sloane-like stubble), no singing voice, no flashy sports car, no desire to work past 65 (or for that matter, until 65), no sixth sense, no clue how to fix the economy, no interest in reality shows, no love of green beans, and of course, no to gay marriage. But, on the other hand, PLENTY of regrets.

Living in the frozen tundra known as Canada (8 months of winter and 4 months of tough sledding), where the election process takes 6 weeks, start to finish (and we're not afraid to have 2 of them in the same year).

So, now you know everything there is to know about me. I'm sure the FBI is working up my profile as we speak.

Page48 said...

Is Jason Bateman living in the Affleck's attic?

Jason has recently completed his 3rd film with Jen in the last 3 years ("The Kingdom", "Juno", "This Side of the Truth") and has 2 projects (movie "Extract" and mini-series "State of Play") with Ben due for release next year.

He's living in their attic, isn't he? I wouldn't mind living in Jen's attic.

BristowVA said...

Interesting stuff. I haven't posted in a while so here goes:
early 40-something female living in the suburbs of DC. Hubby, kid, cat and dog procured in that order. Seriously M. Vartan obsessed (in a healthy way) and always looking out for his future projects. Current TV likes include Mad Men, Fringe, Greys and Heroes.

Phil said...

Hey! great blog, I only wish I would have found it while Alias was still on primetime. I am looking for the answer to the following question and I bet if anyone knows it is you so here it is:


Please say: "yes, i heard it is coming out next week" :)

SRG said...

Welcome Phil! Sadly no news on Alias being released on blu-ray (upcoming lista).

Page48 said...

However, "Serenity" will soon be released on Blu-Ray.

I can't even find "Alias" episodes available for download in 720p. It's as if "Alias" was an embarrassment or something.

Page48 said...

Former "Alias" writer (The Box, Pts 1 & 2) Jesse Alexander, along with several others, canned from "Heroes", which is currently spinning out of control.

If you're like me, and hoping "Dollhouse" will amount to something, well, start hoping harder. This doesn't sound good.

Nor does this, from people who have seen the first couple of episodes.

Page48 said...

I watched a flick called "Taken", with Liam Neeson, and I couldn't help but think that this could have been an "Alias" romp.

Daughter of retired CIA dude is kidnapped in Paris, and Dad springs into action to find her and bring her home to her Mom (his thankless bitch ex-wife) Okay, some reworking of the script would be required for Sydney and Isabelle, but I'm sure the details could be worked out.

Nevertheless, it's very satisfying to watch Dad get his spy on and leave a trail of unrepentant scum dead and dying all over gay Paris, a city where the cops turn a blind eye to the bad guys' evil ways, for a healthy kickback of course.

Wouldn't it be nice to see another retired CIA agent fly all over the globe, tracking down her missing daughter (certainly with the help of Marshall, Dixon, Vaughn et al)? Maybe they could even ask Sloane to chip in, it's not like they don't know where to find him.

uncle111 said...

Taken- Given JJ's tendancy to "borrow," it could happen.

I'm well into BSG now. Firefly was a really good show, but BSG is better. And, BSG was the name of a spoof street gang I was in when I was young.

Mid 50's- I do remember Kennedy. They sent us home from school the day he was shot because they were afraid it was a prelude to a nuclear strike by the Soviets. I still have the Kennedy scrap book I made at that time. Married to the beautiful and very talented Mrs. We are finishing production on 2 CD's for her string quartet. No kids, but 16 neices and nephews, and a German Shepherd who is a very good watch dog, but whose senses and reasoning ability are a little too sharp for anyone's good. I work 60 hours a week as a jeweler/artisan in Texas with my own store and internet business, a black belt, gun collector, Christian for 30 years now (and yes I do cling to my guns and God), and if that isn't enough to offend anyone I've been involved in conservative Republican politics since the days of Ronald Reagan. And, most importantly here, I am very addicted to Alias, which I'm sure everyone knows, with no current broadcast TV allegiances.

Page48 said...

BSG is excellent. It's inconceivable that the same guy made such a dog's breakfast of "Bionic Woman", I mean honestly.

I was afraid to try BSG at first, having nightmarish flashbacks from the Lorne Greene version, but my fears were unfounded and now I'm eagerly awaiting the final episodes. Somehow, I have not yet managed to see the episode with Dixon in it.

I notice that Grace Park is now on her 2nd series since BSG and BSG isn't even over yet. Make hay while the sun shines, I guess.

I'm watching the amazing Pink (oops, I mean P!NK)on TV, doing a combination live performance/interview show. I could use about 6 months with her personal trainer. If I had arms like that, I'd go sleeveless too. Girl like that in a small town high school like mine woulda been something to behold.

Page48 said...

Two words come to mind about tonight's MOWE:

Word #1: Bluebird
Word #2: Freelancer

A question arises:

When it was thought that Henward was broken, he was going to be shot and dumped in a train car full of acid, but when Ellen/Paula is set up to appear broken, they give her the kinder, gentler memory wipe, freeing up her bubbly civilian side to have a nice life. Did they run out of hot lead and acid? What did Ellen hope to accomplish by showing up waving a gun?

And, whilst we're digging deep, does anyone else think that Dr. Skinner is designed to bare a resemblance to Sydney A. Bristow?

Okay, that's 3 questions.

uncle111 said...

There are more and more things about BSG that "feel" like Alias tro me- stong emotional content at times, end of the world threat from a "universal" evil, serial type series, great look, action, etc.

I'm 3 episodes behind with MOWE. NEED to get caught up.

Page48 said...

"Fringe" drags out the Page 47 reference in tonight's eppie.

Also, Peter, under the influence, looks at Walter and says "Daddy?"

Show began (I think for the first time) with "previously on Fringe".

Maybe they've taken my advice and started watching "Alias" reruns.

uncle111 said...

Well, I may have to go back and watch that episode.

I noticed more Aliasness on BSG- 47 has appeared 3 times so far and the Cylons have their own doubling technology.

Page48 said...

I've said it before, but one of the things I really appreciate about BSG and "Firefly" is that these 2 excellent space fiction shows sport not a single alien. I gotta say I kinda like that.

There was a time when I thought I would never accept Edward J. Olmos in any role other than the humourless dude from "Miami Vice". Now, I don't think I could see him as anyone but Adama. I believe that to be an upgrade.

Soon, "Dollhouse" will sport 2 actors from BSG, one of which was also in "Firefly", and (regrettably, I'm sure), "Bionic Woman". That, of course, would be Mark Sheppard. A little Mark Sheppard trivia tonight.

Page48 said...

Now, this is a stretch, but, if one really wants to find "Alias" references in "Fringe", I mean really really wants to.....

The 2 main questionable characters in tonight's episode were Smith and Jones, as in "Alias Smith and Jones"????????

Bonkers for Bristow said...

I didn't hear the Bluebird and Freelancer reference. I thought I heard Boyscout when Henry was calling for help after the chick was shot, but there was alot of dialogue all tumbled together there.

And you're right. I didn't get why they would dissolve Edward's body but just Ellen's memories. And the nano-virus injection seems a bit far fetched.

Anyone pick up why Tom was kidnapped by the Chinese? Just a spy mission gone wrong or a plot device to have Henry's call for help overheard? (Anyone have flashbacks on Syd calling for help over Dixon's body?

BUT!!! Think they have been reading our posts? They hinted that the wife may be an agent in the next episode!

Page48 said...

Bonkers, that's just it, Sydney called for help using Freelancer whilst a semi-conscious Dixon listened in. Same thing with Henry, who called for help using the wrong name while a semi-conscious Ellen/Paula listened in.

It's the Freelancer/Bluebird story retooled, repackaged, and retold.

I guess the nano-virus injection is just Edward's insurance policy to make sure Henry doesn't get any smart ideas about deliberately exposing his 'broken' status in order to induce a memory wipe of Edward, leaving only Henry to live a boring middle-class life. Edward clearly feels threatened.

Apparently Edward is unaware that Henry is aware that, in his own case (unlike Ellen/Paul), the penalty for being broken is not memory wipe, but a hot lead shower followed by a full body acid wash. If Edward knew what Henry knew, he would know that being exposed as broken is the last thing Henry would want after his late-night rendezvous at the rail yard. These guys gotta talk more often.

Tom's mission in China, IMO, is the same as all previous MOWE missions...filler designed to place Henward in a spot of bother so his chip can malfunction on cue with the precision of a $200,000 Rolex.

If they are indeed reading this blog, they would cut the filler and have the missions tie in and have some greater meaning (think "Alias"). Maybe they'll get to that later....or not.

Oh yeah, and they forgot to kill Tom/Raymond. I specifically asked for him/them to disappear forever.

ilovealias4ever said...

I am incredibly late to this party, I know.

School has been gay, and I recently just started a new job -- time is not in my favour!

Anyway, So It Begins...

Hi Guys; My name is Brianna (or "Bree" -- whatever floats your boat), and I'm from Australia.

I will be starting my final year of High School next year (Year 12) and turning 17.

I'm also pretty skeptical about posting personal information on the internet, so to be brief/vague/whatever;

I love, love, love, love, love ALIAS -- as if it wasn't already obvious.

Best. TV. Show. Ever.

But that is not to say I don't have a number of other favourites...

I am a film/TV/music buff -- totally interested in it all.

My favourite band is COLDPLAY -- woo hoo.

Ah, I love watching/playing sports, I have 3 younger sisters (all girls in this family), and I love this blog.

I am also a fan of fanfiction; namely ALIAS, but not limited to.

I don't know what else to add, really. If there is anything you're interested in learning, I suppose you're left with the only option of asking :).