Wednesday, August 06, 2008


UPDATE!! The our newest Spy baby's name is EDEN ELIZABETH!!
Congrats Sara!

Hi All,

Long time, I know! Thanks to Shannon for keeping the blog up-to-date and rolling along. I am just popping in to share the happy news!!

SaraFu, long time Let's Talk bloggie and a very good friend, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Well, I haven't seen her, but I imagine she's gorgeous!

SaraFu is also the proud mother of Jack and Asher (our very first SpyBaby). As soon as pictures and a name are chosen, I will update. We already have a Sydney and a Rachel, can we get a Nadia??? Maybe?? No? Hahaha.

Congrats Fu!!


Page48 said...

Looks like SaraFu was up the stump

ilovealias4ever said...

Aw, congratulations, Sara.

I hope baby and mother are both well.

uncle111 said...

Sorry to be tardy on the congrats, Sara. Give EE my atta girl for successfully navigating the canal:)

srg-alias said...

yay congrats Sara! I've been out of town since Friday, got stuck in NY w/ crazy travel delays, but am home now and happy to see the news. :) Yay SpyBabies!!

Bonkers for Bristow said...

Anyone seeing previews for a new show with Christian Slater? Looks like it could be good. Really reminds me of his role on Alias. Doctor something? Or Professor something?

uncle111 said...

The Slater show looks interesting, but I don't know much about it.


srg-alias said...

yeah I just saw commercials for it last night, called "My own worst enemy." Sort of sounds like the same premise as Dollhouse where he leads a second life as some kind of agent but doesn't remember it the next day. He wasn't an agent on Alias, he was the mathematician, but kind of a cool idea for him to do a show like that.

Page48 said...

Hot Diggity Damn! I got my laptop out of the shop and, at least for now, it works. Spent a good chunk of yesterday re-installing everything under the sun, since the hard drive was wiped. Hope all you kiddies back up your work religiously. That's why God invented flash drives, people!

I haven't seen any promos for Slater's new show, but it's one that is certainly on my checkout list. The buzz this season is all about "Dollhouse" and "Fringe", and I have to say I haven't heard a peep about "My Own Worst Enemy" since it was first announced in the spring. NBC's website for MOWE is up but woefully undeveloped as yet.

This summary is about all I know and I have to agree with SRG that this sounds remarkably similar in the obvious way to "Dollhouse".

MOWE has an "Alias" connection, aside from Slater...John Eisendrath is a co-executive producer. Eisandrath, according to IMDB was an executive producer of some 61 eppies of "Alias". Who the hell knew?

Interesting to note that this season's highly anticipated (perhaps too highly) "Fringe" stars 2 Aussie's (Anna Torv and John Noble) and a Canuck (Joshua Jackson) all pretending to be Americans. What up with that, eh? Canada, or more specifically Toronto, has the honour of pretending to be Boston in the "Fringe" pilot, after which filming moves to NY. Whether NY will pretend to be Boston is anyone's guess.

FOX seems to be throwing everything they've got behind "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles". I notice Season 1 episodes were running for days in a row this week in preparation for September's re-launch.

Last year's TV season was a total bust, so I'm hoping for some actual quality viewing this season.

Page48 said...

Earth to LTA, is there anybody out there?

What's in a word? Well, when the word is Alias-esque, my spidey senses tingle and I immediately take notice. Said word appeared here in reference to the aforementioned Christian Slater series, "My Own Worst Enemy". Hell, even the word Rambaldi appears in this review of the new series.

I'll be there to check MOWE out, but danged if I don't have doubts about this Henry/Albert thing wearing out it's welcome after a while. On the other hand, is there a decent spy-show alternative running anywhere on the planet right now? If there is, please elaborate at your earliest convenience.

Here in the frozen north, "Fringe" is getting the kid glove treatment, at least for the pilot episode. It will be appearing on one of the main networks (CTV), as well as it's eventual home (ATV, formerly A-Channel). CTV, as I have noted here several times in the past, is the outfit that thought 4:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon was the optimal time-slot for the last couple of seasons of "Alias". In other words, CTV has shit for brains, which, unfortunately, is not illegal in Canada.

Someone here thinks "Fringe" is a can't miss series. I hope so, but, having seen the "leaked" pilot, I'm hoping for more excitement in subsequent eppies. With "Alias" under their belt, you would think these guys would have their lessons learned regarding how to rock a pilot.

srg-alias said...

just posted an article for chatting about these new shows, check it out. :)