Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thank you Empire

For including Alias in your list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. Our beloved Alias comes in at #35, naturally we would put it much higher in rank, but it's still good to see it get some props. :)


Paul Kremer said...

Awesome! :)

Of course it deserves to be higher, but they didn't consult the proper sources for their research (us). hehe!

Page48 said...

Clearly, the top 50 were listed in random order?!?

That's the only explanation I can think of that could possibly place "The Simpsons" in first place while "Alias" languishes at #35. Don't have a cow, I ain't no Simpson-hater by any stretch, but c'mon, eh!

I was really surprised to see Buffy at #2. I recently watched my very first 2 episodes ever of the Buffer this past week (excluding the movie which I've seen a couple of times). And I only gave it a whirl because it was a Joss Whedon show. Having recently fallen head over heels for Joss's "Firefly"(far superior to the Buffinator), I was hoping for similar magic. Buffy is cute in it's own way, but it's so much more a show for the teen crowd, IMO.

For my money, there's no way Buffy should have scored 7 seasons, while "Alias" only grabbed 4.77 and "Firefly" a scant 14 eppies.

Now, I have to go thru the rest of that list to see what other abominations are included.

Page48 said...

Victor Garber fans, pay attention!

IMO, it's been a struggle for VG since "Alias" folded like a $10 lawn-chair (thanks again, ABC). But now, news of a 4-hour mini-series to air in December on NBC and here in Canuckistan on Global.

Here's a brief description lifted from

THE LAST TEMPLAR -- In this four-hour miniseries, Oscar winner Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite) stars in an epic action-adventure tale about the greatest mystery of our time. At the New york Metropolitan Museum, four horsemen dressed as 12th century knights storm the gala opening of an exhibition of Vatican treasures and steal an arcane medieval decoder. For archaeologist Tess Chaykin (Sorvino) and FBI agent Sean Daly (Scott Foley, The Unit), this is just the start of a suspenseful game of cat and mouse as they race across three continents in search of the enemy -- and the lost secret of the Knights Templar. The miniseries is produced by MUSE Entertainment Enterprises. Victor Garber (Alias) and Omar Sharif (Doctor Zhivago) also star. Emmy Award-winning television impresario Robert Halmi Sr. (Tin Man, Gulliver's Travels), Robert Halmi, Jr. (The Poseidon Adventure, The Christmas Card), and Michael Prupas (Human Trafficking) will executive-produce the miniseries.

I can't help but notice that VG will be co-starring with JG's first hubby, Scott Foley. Small world, no?

The Last Templar is based on a novel of the same name.

VG plays Monsignor De Angelis, a priest and (are you ready for it?), a CIA operative. He actually kills a few folks, just like old times. That's my VG.

This has a "Da-Vinci Code" feel to me, although I know nothing of the novel. My only concern is that it is a Canadian production. That truly scares the shit outta me.

uncle111 said...

Is TLT going to air in the US?

When do we want to watch S2 finale/E3 opener and comment?

Page48 said...

Uncle, NBC will be carrying TLT in the US. It starts filming this month in Montreal and Morocco. I'm glad VG is in it, but this sounds like the kind of project that I firmly believe JG should be looking for.

Season 2 finale? Anytime.

I just had a gut-wrenching experience. Channel surfing and stopped in on the tail end of a British sitcom called "Sensitive Skin". The closing scene went out to the strains of Cat Stevens' "The Wind". That song BELONGS to Syd and Vaughn and no one else, not even Cat. Sorry, Cat, "Peace Train" is all yours, but "The Wind"....Syd and Vaughn.

uncle111 said...

Cat turned his back on all his songs when he converted to Islam, so I guess we should divide them between us before someone else gets wise.

srg-alias said...

yeah I'm definitely annoyed at some of the shows placed higher in general (Angel...seriously??) or for the sheer reason of being more current (Heros, which granted I've never seen and have heard good things about, but have also heard it's not so great after season 1). Some classic shows that come to mind as being left out are Cheers, M.A.S.H., and not that I'm a big fan, but Law and Order should be on there somewhere.

Robetron said...

Yeah, there are several that should be in place of those that I doubt any of us have heard of much less seen.

What about The Unit? What about Boston Legal and The Practice? What about House MD? We could go on, I suppose.

Like I said over on the Let's Get Lost blog, the person who made the list has no TV-taste credibility with me, and I will continue to trust the proven good taste of my fellow Alias/ LOst fans.

Bonkers for Bristow said...

I like the description of The Last Templar. I just hope they don't gush it up into a Lifetime Movie of the Week. I've never seen any of the things listed by the producers so I have nothing to base my dread on except that lately the tv projects that sounded promising, haven't been. (Bionic Woman and Terminator)

I haven't seem the list of 50, but with the titles that some of you have mentioned, I have to wonder who they asked? And how some classic shows were left off? Crazy. Was there a time frame - like within the last 10 years or something?

I'm psyched about the Season 2/Season 3 ending/opener. I think the two together become the pinnacle of Alias in acting and writing and look forward to watching them again with you guys.