Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I know, I know- I fell off the face of the Earth. My bad! It's been busy in the life of Girlscout- very busy. My girls are 7-1 so far this season and I just got a new car. Lots going on. However, I am very sorry for neglecting you. I love you and I'm sorry.

Remember this...? Syd's super close encounter with Ana and the weird suitcase with the goo? I love this scene. I love that JG has her jaw clenched the entire time. I love that just an episode before this- they were kicking each other's ass. And I mean, it can't get any better than Vaughn, her guardian angel in orbit.


Page48 said...

Ah, Black Spy vs. White Spy. Ana was the Anti-Syd. "Alias" was rich with great characters and great rivalries. It's an outrage that Ana was iced in Season 5 instead of Season 10.

I was watching the "Lost" up-to-speed special tonight and saw my first Neutrogena ad featuring Jen. It's all wrong, just wrong. What a waste of Jen.

Last week I spent all day downloading "Serenity", the "Firefly" movie and tonight, it's on the tube. That's the way it goes sometimes.

srg-alias said...

yeah there's nothing like Syd going up against a worthy adversary. I'm rewatching season 3 and the tension between Syd and Lauren is palpable, even before we know Lauren's actually a true bad-guy.

GS - what kind of car did you get? :)

Antonio said...

That was one of my favourite cliffhangers. "oh my God!" and then credits?!Alias def had the best cliffhangers, no doubt about it.

And the OST song from that scene (called Dissolved) is my favourite jogging soundtrack!

Lisa said...

I remember my shock and awe over the green goo and how creative a mechanism that was. Alias always had such unbelievably believable (does that make sense?) surprises!!

have any of you seen JJ Abrams talk on TED? if you don't know what TED is, all I can really say is that it is a conference that features all kinds of really smart people with really good, innovative ideas, and they recently featured JJ doing a talk. from the site: "J.J. Abrams traces his love of the unseen mystery -- the heart of Alias, Lost, and the upcoming Cloverfield -- back to its own magical beginnings, which may or may not include an early obsession with magic, the love of a supportive grandfather, or his own unopened Mystery Box." I'll try to post the link.

I haven't watched all of it yet, but I plan to very soon. I thought you all would be interested. the mind of JJ is what kept Alias what it was- so complicated and entertaining- for us for so long! (and so short) enjoy....and let us know what you think!

srg-alias said...

yes lisa, I saw that TED speech last week and meant to post it on here, I'm glad you did! I love how his mind works and the "mystery box", very cool.

Page48 said...

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Get hot water, get disinfectant. Victor Garber has a new daughter. Well, a new TV daughter, anyway. And she's not JG, she's Natasha Henstridge. I already don't like her. It's Wrong with a capital W.

Of course, tonight is the debut of "Eli Stone", VG's latest doesn't-hold-a-candle-to-"Alias" series. It's 100% without suspense, but relatively high on gimmick, so short-term novelty is really the only reason to tune in.

And there is some novelty to be had. I mean, "Ed" plays Eli's dad in flashbacks. The Mom from "Jericho" is there. One of the Docs from "Everwood" is there. And, as advertised, George Michael sets aside his reefer madness long enough to sing "you got to have faitha faitha faith".

And then there's Jack Freaking Bristow, or, sadly, the ghost of JFB. But at least his hair isn't dyed black like Ron Trott's was.

Of note, in what is no doubt (yeah, right) a tip of the hat to the exceptional "Alias" pilot, VG's new daughter calls him Daddy and VG welcomes his daughter's fiance to the family.

Once the novelty is out of the way, the show is a bore. Lawyer takes righteous case, lawyer wins case, see ya next week for more of the same. Spare me. When TV isn't good, it's bad. There isn't much middle ground.

Robetron said...

I have to agree with that last sentement.

L.A. Law (80's), The Practice (90's), and (or I should say, morphing into) Boston Legal (2000's) pretty much cornered the market on lawyer shows. It's just too hard to compete with that sort of dramatic presence mixed with comedic timing.

I missed the LOST premier tonight, and I'm distraught because of it. Now, I'll have to wait, and wait, and wait until its available through... other means.

Don't tell me what happened.

RE: this thread, I missed the quality of scenes like this. This was when the show was a spy/drama that allowed a touch of SciFi/mystery that only had little bits of surrealism with the Rambaldi theme. It was essentially a scavenger hunt against the bad-guys. It was in season 3 when they virtually jumpted the shark with magic green goo that not only acts like a battery, despite existing in an hourglass for centuries, but as similar green goo caused Nadia to write impossible 15th century computations (which, by the way, could be deciphered as a Latitude and Longitude; ugh!).

The purity of the Syd vs. Ana rivalry was a thing of beauty.


Page48 said...

"Alias: The Movie" in glorious 16:9 HD. Impossible? Unlikely, sure, but impossible, no way.

I've been watching episodes of the sci-fi series "Firefly" from 2002. FOX deemed this series unworthy and cancelled it in Season 1, airing only 11 of 14 episodes produced. The show was apparently originally conceived as a 7-year project.

After considerable prodding by fans, the series was released on DVD, including the unaired eppies. But diehard fans wouldn't let it go and lo and behold, 3 years after cancellation, came "Serenity", the bigscreen debut of a movie based on an 14 episode show cancelled by a network that just didn't get it.

A similar fan reaction to the Season 1 cancellation of "Jericho" bore fruit when a second, abbreviated season was announced, which has yet to air (what they're waiting for I don't know).

Rabid fans have proven that they have the power to at least partially reverse the stupidity of network suits, but, unfortunately, if there is a highly organized network of crazed "Alias" fans lobbying for a sequel, they would seem to be working in stealth mode.

If a show, cancelled by a clueless network, after 11 episodes which were aired out of order, can find new life on the big screen, with the original cast, 3 years after going off the air, then surely there is faint hope for the return of Sydney Bristow.

The question is, do enough "Alias" fans care?

Robetron said...

Sadly, Page48, I am not sure they do anymore, and frankly, I think they are justified.

Toward the end of season 3, through most of season 4, and obviously in season 5, it is the production crew, and acting cast that first seemed to lose thier interest in caring about ALIAS. The people who had the ability make ALIAS consistantly great throughout the series, they dropped the ball and increasingly produced sub-par shows, ending in a huge disappointment. How can the fans maintain the zeal that it takes to keep it all going when those who created it do not care anymore?

I do not blame the fans at all. We remained faithful, even when the show seemed to be abandoning the principles and story-arks that made it all great. We held them to their promise for a great pay-off, but they just didn't care enough to do it, even before (one might argue, long before) it ended.

I would sign any pettition letter demanding more ALIAS, or calling for a big-screen production of some other part of the story. (I still think a mini-series about the life of Julia Thorne would be fantastic.)

I will not hold my breath, however. ABC never cared what we thought, and the creators were only in it for a paycheck. Besides, I'm not sure I could buy JG in the role anymore. Season 5 recked a lot of things.

Do I sound bitter? Maybe I still am; but, I never stop being greatful for the unparalleled moments when the show was realy good, and even season 5 had some of those moments (very few, but still).

My mom has finally reached season 4, and is reacting just like we did. "What is going on? What about those papers? Irena's dead, and Sloane is pardoned again? Ugh."

I often feel like I have to apologize for it, dsaying things like, "Oh, don't you worry, the next three episodes are really good," knowing full well that the two after that require something of an apology too. I wonder if it will keep her interest enough to get through to season 5 at all.

Okay... I hate to be a downer. I'll stop ranting, but my main point was that the reason ALIAS will never likely make a comeback is not for lack of the fans, but because of the producers.


Page48 said...

I'm inclined to agree that we have seen the last of JG as Sydney. BTW, my problem is being able to see JG in any other role.

I believe any future Bristow sightings will be many years from now, with a completely different cast. We're currently in an era where everything old is new again, from "Bionic Woman" to "Mission Impossible" to "Get Smart" to "Knight Rider" and the list just keeps going on. If we hit another period like that in 10 or 20 years, I would not be surprised to see a resurrected "Alias" in either series or movie form.

One of the many problems with a theatrical release involving current cast and crew is the fact that the ridiculous ending has already aired, unlike "Jericho" or "Firefly", which were never resolved on air.

We all share your Mom's frustration with season 4. I got my brother hooked on "Alias" after a couple of seasons, and I remember the stunned silence after watching a couple of season 4 eppies with him. Neither of us wanted to say anything disparaging about the best show ever, but any fan couldn't help but wonder WTF!! I mean NO cliffhanger, NO Rambaldi, NO "Alias" elements at all other than the names of the characters. WTF indeed!

I guess cast and crew just couldn't wait to move on so that they could upgrade us to "Brothers & Sisters" and "What About Brian" and "Justice" and "Six Degrees".

Oh, the humanity!

uncle111 said...

I just watched The Kingdom. Good movie. JG was good; not Sydney "Barstow" (as Peter Berg- aka Noah Hicks- the director called her), but she did a good job. What cracked me up was Peter Berg's comment in his commentary version of the film where he addressed the critics of the hand held camera. He tried to justify his used of it, but said he hears we who don't like it and he is listening.

uncle111 said...

Alias as movie or revival-
How many old TV series have they made into revival movies that were any good? One of the debates in the 40 year old Man From U.N.C.L.E. fan community is whether we want them to make a Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie or not. After seeing what they did to I Spy, Wild Wild Wild West, and a number of other TV favorites we're not sure we want U.N.C.L.E.'s memory tarnished in like fashion.

If there is to be a movie or new series we would like it will have to be soon and with the same cast.

Can it be done after what has happened? You know I think so. If not my screenplay, then another that effectively and credibly convinces us that what we thought we saw, we didn't really see- that it was really something else, and the new episodes/movie show us what really happened and just how the magician fooled us.

Yeah, it can be done. But is there enough money in it for the film "artists" to be interested enough to do it? That is another question altogether.

Page48 said...

One of the reasons that comeback movies are so bad is that the characters endure so much tampering by the writers trying to account for what has happened in their lives since the series went off the air.

If you worked in the mailroom during the series, you're automatically promoted to agency director in the movie. It never fails. We saw an example of that in the "Alias" finale when Dixon appeared on the beach, fresh off of, you guessed it,a promotion.

From the point of view of economics, I don't think any of the cast are enjoying such great success that they would not consider a decent offer (contractual obligations aside). Sloane, Weiss and Sark are the only ones with what I would consider steady work. JG is already on record as saying that, if JJ wants to bring Sydney back, she's up for it. But, as you say, Uncle, the window is only open for a short while. "Alias" with a brand new cast would not be "Alias".

Of the major remakes, I have to rate the "Mission: Impossible" movies (and MI3 in particular) as one of my favourites. It's hard to come up with examples that really worked.

Page48 said...

Sydney "Barstow"...tooooo funny!

I liked TK, too. It was great to see JG get physical again. Her combat style in TK was far less refined than the martial-artsy style used by Sydney. I loved the compassionate side of her character, on display when she tried to breathe life back into that kid in the shoot out at the apartment. Very Syd-like, I thought.

I was disappointed that Jen's role wasn't a little bigger, but she certainly got the best of the last 1/2 hour or so. It struck me as a little strange, in such a serious movie, that 2 of the 4 members of the FBI team (Foxx and Bateman) were actors with a comedic background.

As with "Alias", there are a few scenes in TK that I like to watch over and over again, mostly the last few minutes from the time Faris dies and Fleury and Jen exchange that glance. I love the music at the end, and the blank, post-traumatic stares during that quiet ride back to the airport, in stark contrast to the wisecracking that went on during what they previously thought was their ride back to the airport.

I hope Jen had a hoot making this movie because I'd like to see her make more action flicks, even if she has to play a supporting role. A quick check of IMDB doesn't offer much hope in that department for the foreseeable future.

Jenny W said...

ok, i'm joining the group! i'm sarafu's friend jenny and was addicted to alias when it first came out, the first 2 seasons. quite watching for lot of reasons and never saw the rest. visit my blog to hear the whole story; otherwise suffice it to say i'm re-addicted!!

srg-alias said...

hey folks, just wanted to let ya know the Lost blog is back up and running w/ eppy recaps, come on over and join the fun! :)

Page48 said...

"True Lies"

Channel surfing led me to this highly entertaining 1994 movie starring the 2 Arnolds (Schwarzenegger and Tom). Of course it's hard to watch the whole thing because I've seen it so many times over the years, but it's typical Ahnold fare and no doubt the best thing Tom Arnold has ever done.

All that aside, it's a Hollywood spy spectacle that's bound to give you your "Alias" flashbacks.

How about this one for instance? Ahnold comes up from underneath a layer of ice, peels off wet suit to reveal his best black tie outfit, and then walks into a very ritzy overseas party. No invitation? No problem. Ever see Sydney do that?

While at said party, Ahnold gets spotted in a part of the building that is obviously off limits to guests. He tells the security dude that he's looking for the can. Ever see Sydney do that?

The 2 Arnolds show up for work, enter a bright white hallway where they are scanned by X-ray machine. Remind you of entrance to SD-6?

And, of course there is the lying to family about phony "business trips", which, truth be told, are really dangerous missions.

Couldn't someone else govern Calleefornya and let Ahnold get back to what he does best?

Page48 said...

The next Jennifer Garner????

Hey, who knows? What we do know is that JJ has a new show on FOX next year, called Fringe, and his new leading lady is an Aussie, Anna Torv.

The show's starting lineup is in and consists of (to me) no-name actors, but I could have said as much for the cast of "Alias" before it got my undivided attention.

There is hope for this series. suspension of disbelief seems to be what JJ does best, and he has "Alias" writers Orci and Kurtzman onboard for "Fringe".

If I was JJ, I would have pleaded with JG to take the lead role, but unfortunately, any "Alias" flavour in this show will be offscreen (although who knows who may eventually guest star).

Now, we in North America don't know squat about Anna Torv, but I happen to know that we at LTA have a resident Aussie monitoring our activities, so how about some poop on JJ's newest leading lady. Is she indeed the very next JG?

uncle111 said...

Page 48-
True Lies and Alias- There is an even more incredible "steal" by Alias. When Jamie Leigh Curtis is supposed to pose as a prostitute she pulls the sleeves and bottom part of her tight black dress off and then pours water on her hair from a nearby container to slick her hair back. Syd does EXACTLY the same thing in an episode. It was so stark a rip off that I thought they were doing it for comic effect.

Fringe- keep us updated.

Page48 said...

Uncle, yes I forgot about Jamie Lee, I didn't watch that far last night.

As much as I've always enjoyed TL, I'm glad that "Alias", having stolen such great ideas, opted to give them the dead-serious treatment. TL is as much a comedy (as are many of Arnie's flicks) as it is action/adventure. It works for Arnie, but I would never have wanted "Alias" to be anything less serious than it was.

"Fringe" as reported in the link in my previous post, is set to spend $10,000,000.00 on a 2-hour pilot, and has a 13 eppie guarantee. As we've seen recently with Sarah Connor, an expensive pilot often means the series immediately switches to low-budget mode for the subsequent eppies. That's when good writing has to kick in.

Orci and Kurtzman have a decent track record, though. Aside from "Alias", they are responsible for writing "Mission: Impossible 3" (my favourite of the three so far), "Transformers", and the upcoming JJ treatment of "Star Trek".

Personally, I hope it rocks, but I also hope they don't string me along for a few years and then stick me with a crappy ending. Like JJ would ever do that to loyal fans!! C'mon.

Uncle, you'll be glad to know, as I am, that "Jericho" is back this week. A whopping 7-eppie season if I'm not mistaken.

srg-alias said...

I LOVE True Lies, loved it even before I'd ever heard of Alias, guess I'm just a sucker for that spy stuff. :) Definitely Tom Arnold's best, you gotta love the quote "what kind of sick bitch steals the ice cube trays??"

Page48 said...

It's a small world.

In the final moments of the new "Knight Rider" debut (which BTW is no better than you'd expect), mention was made of a mysterious operative using the codename "Sidewinder", a name we know to belong to the suicidal Thomas Grace.

uncle111 said...

KR- It lacks much and I don't have high hopes for it. The best thing I saw from it was the cool end scene where the car exited the plane.

Robetron said...

As a childhood fan of the original Knight Rider, I decided to give it a chance. I had no high expectations, knowing full-well that theoriginal was no masterpeice of theatrical complexity, but as a "car-guy" I had good memories of the original, and expected to see a lot of good Pony-car shots. I was not disappointed on that account.

As far as the comparisons to the great shows of the 21st century, the new Knight Rider is not one of them. It does, however, maintain the original atmosphere of a lighthearted, low-cost special effects driven action show with little attention to literary/or film art.

Does anyone remember the episode of "Friends" where Joey gets the lead part named on a detective series where he was named "Mac" and his partner is a sacrcastic robot nick-named "CHEESE?" I wonder if they got the idea from the original Knight Rider. The new version maintains the same sort of lame humor where you can't help but smile, while being set in an adverture scenario.

Will I race home to see it on the night it airs? No, not much chance of that, but I enjoyed it last night with an over-tired, nothing-to-watch sort of amusement.


Page48 said...

The impetus for watching the new KR was, for me, a combination of nostalgia and, to quote Springsteen, "57 Channels and Nothing On".

There's no reason for this new version to last very long, but they are trying to spruce it up for this new millennium. I noticed that along with some upgrade in the technology area, they also delivered a fresh, 21st century approach by injecting some implied lesbian one-night-stand action between the ebony FBI chick and her ivory companion. And for the more traditional viewers, we had Mike Jr. in the sack with 2 hotties, who were no doubt attracted to his ballooning debt problem. The one his old girlfriend took care of for him. Chicks dig a guy in serious hock.

KR's only chance is that it debuts at a very bad time for network TV. No competition means it's got a chance. If competition comes along, it's toast

uncle111 said...

Robetron and Page-
I was never into KR it's first go round, but last night seemed to have the same flavor, which if it was a revival of Alias I would be for. The main thing I got out of it last night was the 4 question answers for the "win the car contest."

uncle111 said...

Hey Page,
Have you seen this SB video? I'll keep it up for a couple of days. It's 9.5mb.

Page48 said...

Uncle, your link is cut off, but I have seen 2 "Alias" related Monday Night Football ads on Youtube. One with Sydney and Sloane, and another with Sydney going solo, rattling on about T.O.

How they play it straight is beyond me. I'd be cracking up.

uncle111 said...

Yeah, I don't know how to post links other than this way. You'd have to copy and paste them into your browser a line at a time.
This is the Syd going solo one.
If you don't want to see it again I'll take it down.

Page48 said...

Thanks, Uncle. Go ahead and take it down, I have a smaller .flv file of both promos on my hard drive at work.