Friday, November 16, 2007

"I see it around me.."

"... I see it in everything."

Oooh, good song, during one of the most satisfying Alias scenes ever- and in more ways than one. It’s a very nice song, but not exactly representative of the scene. My Sundown by Jimmy Eat World appears in episode 2.15 “Free Agent” the morning after Vaughn and Sydney’s first night together. FINALLY! I mean, really writers, it was a long time coming! We agonized through one and half seasons of hidden feelings, flirting and close calls.

The song starts in the opening scene, panning from the foot of the bed, through the folds of sheets to Sydney and Vaughn, facing each other, relaxed and happy. They talk about being late for work and Sydney mentions her graduation. It’s a soft, hazy morning moment. As all things Alias- perfection!


Page48 said...

Sure, Vaughn, you're smiling now, but just a few short years from now....."Big Shots". Sorry, bro.

srg-alias said...

that is such a cute scene...funny though that I can't hear the song in my head that goes w/ it. One of my favorite song usages from Alias is the end of the episode before with Syd and Vaughn at her place with Coldplay's "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" in the background. That song will forever be sexy to me because of that scene!

Girlscout said...

I know! It's one of my ringtones, so when anyone calls I get an Alias flashback. Hahaha!

Page48 said...

By the looks on their faces, it wouldn't be unreasonable to wonder if Syd and Vaughn have recently enjoyed a Slusho. You might recall the following scene where Vaughn asked Syd if she wanted a Slusho:

Well, it seems as though Slusho is thriving these days, even if "Alias" is not, as this "Heroes" blog demonstrates:

Slusho even has it's own website these days,

Slusho is apparently part of the marketing hype surrounding JJ's new monster movie, "Cloverfield", trailer of which can be seen here:

One of the photos on the "Heroes" blog shows Weiss wheeling a Slusho around on the set, and one has to wonder if he will make an appearance in "Cloverfield", as he does in just about everything JJ does.

I have no recollection, but apparently Slusho has also cameoed on "Lost".

Sydney turned down Vaughn's offer of a Slusho. Wouldn't it be nice if JJ brought "Alias" back in movie form so that Syd could reconsider? Then we could all enjoy a Slusho.