Friday, September 28, 2007

A Pass at Premeires

So, it was premiere week- a week packed with returning shows and new shows and tons of critical acclaim. I thought we would take a stab at a few shows.

Any favorite new shows we should be checking out?

Any comments or questions about returning shows?

I'll say a few words, if you don't mind...

Private Practice (Grey's Anatomy spin-off): Not sure I am on board for this. I only caught the last 30 minutes, but it felt forced. I'll give it another go next week.

Big Shots (Starring Michael Vartan aka. Vaughn): Ahhh, Vaughn! Anyone else get a little miffed when he kissed his character's wife? I was like, "um excuse me, you have Syd and Izzie at home!" The show is definitely racy and a little naughty, to say the least, but it was fairly enjoyable. Oddly, the only character I didn't believe was Michael's. But that is probably because he will always be Vaughn to me. Big Shots airs Thursdays at 10pm on ABC.

Grey's: AHHHHHHHHH HOW I MISSED YE! So good last night people! So good. Back to the old Grey's with fun quips and upbeat music. Loved it. Love Lexi- very excited for her role to expand and grow. I am all obsessed with the show again. I probably won't be recapping, though I have already opened a blog and had planned on it. I think I just want to enjoy it this season- no racing to write a summary. Grey's airs Thursdays at 9pm on ABC.

I am loving How I Met Your Mother- that show is hilarious. I am pumped for Project Runway, which will air November 14 at 10pm on Bravo. Top Chef is almost over, The Office kicked butt last night with a full hour of laughs- and JIM AND PAM!! Love them!

Any word on Bionic Woman? I have yet to watch the episode I Tivo'd, but my friend said it was good. I will probably watch it tonight. Very stoked for some action!

All right people- lay it on me...


srg-alias said...

dammit I forgot to record bionic woman, I want to know what people thought too...

Bonkers for Bristow said...

I taped BW and tonight is pizza and "catch up on tv" night so I'll let you know later what I think. I'm hesitant as the commercials just aren't doing it for me.

Watched The Office. I seriously love that show. Like, I. LOVE. THAT. SHOW. Last night was no exception. There were some pure moments of brillance but the writing was a bit different this season. The characters are less subtle, or more outspoken, or something. Hard to put my finger on it.

Watched Heroes Monday but we've already talked about that. Long live Sark!

There's really nothing new this season that's interesting me very much. Maybe I'm getting jaded on tv but it seems like the new season is lack-luster. I'm going through Burn Notice withdrawl and feeling grumpy that nothing is out to take it's place.

Girlscout said...

Oh yeah, Heroes is good too. I didn't watch much the first season and I am still trying to figure out what Hiro is doing. He doesn't know they saved the cheerleader does he? Is he lost in time or something? So confused.

I haven't watched the first BW, but the promos for the second one look good. She gets few side kicks, including the old Dr. Burke from Grey's. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Any ALIAS fans on facebook...

Send an e-mail their to ask for an 'Alias' application! Let the missions live on! They're taking requests.

Page48 said...

I've only seen 3 new-show premieres in their entirety. I've already commented on BW and "Chuck", so I won't rehash here.

The 3rd new show I watched was "Back to You", Kelsey Grammar's new sitcom. Dr. Crane reads the 6 o'clock news, with the veteran buffoon Fred Willard along for the ride. I'm not a sitcom watcher as a rule, but I had to sneak a peak.

I've had a few partial viewings on new shows. "Life" is a cop show with a gimmicky twist, no need for me to watch. "K-Ville" is a cop show with a gimmicky twist, no need for me to watch. Spy shows trump cop shows by a wide margin. Cop shows are nothing but cops doing it their way, causing grief for their superiors, and having to endure the obligatory Internal Affairs investigation. Wake me when it's over.

I don't watch Grey's, so "Private Practice" is not on my radar, but I have read numerous comments from viewers who preferred Merrin Dungey in that show, rather than the chick who replaced her. Way to go Francie!

I watched 3 minutes of "Big Shots", just to touch base with Vaughn, and then I spun my wheels on outta there, never to return. Watched 5 minutes of "Journeyman", but I'm not going to invest myself in that one. All I ask is for the few shows that I do watch to be good.

GS, Hiro's job in season 1 of "Heroes" was to steal a sword and run in through Sylar. Mission was accomplished in the season finale. Sylar took exception, and hurled Hiro toward a building across the street. To avoid smacking into the building, Hiro transported himself out of harm's way, and landed, presumably at random, in the land of the 17th Century Julian Sark. Hopefully that storyline won't last long.

So, BW and "Heroes" will have to keep me occupied until "Lost", "24", and "Jericho" come back.

uncle111 said...

I forgot BW also, but based on Page48's review (you really need to learn to open up and tell us what you really think:)), I'll just wait for E2.
I'm also not interested in anything other than Heroes, Jericho and Kelsey's new one, whihc I haven't seen yet. Though I do watch Mythbusters and a smattering of things on the History Channel, etc.

Page48 said...

BW was supposed to enjoy a replay on Saturday nights, according to the schedule that was posted during the Fall Preview period. Not so tonight, though, as they are rerunning Monday night's shows tonight.

BW is also rerun on the Sci-Fi channel if you are a subscriber. Or, if you've got the bandwidth and aren't afraid of Homeland Security shutting you down, you can do the 350 MB download at the torrent site of your choice and watch it on your computer.

Clips of the 2nd eppie of BW are available here:

The second eppie, their version of "So It Begins" I suppose, looks more promising than the pilot. They have given Jaime lines consisting of more than 3 words, which is a great start. According to the preview clips, the lies and deception get under way in 1.2, and there is mention of a competing agency. Lies, deception, and competing agencies are all good.

Watching the pilot, I detected no intro or theme music for BW. The "Alias" theme and intro always sent chills down my spine, still does.

ilovealias4ever said...

Wait, there are other OFFICE lovers on this blog?

Well, you guys have just made my day!

BONKERS FOR BRISTOW; I agree, the writing was a bit different (I think because the presence of the cameras was made more noticeable -- something Greg Daniels said he wanted to do).

But it was still HILARIOUS -- even if it took me a second time to enjoy it more. I am so happy about JIM & PAM -- Finally barely sums it up, lol.

I'm jumping on that bandwagon -- I second "SERIOUSLY LOVING THAT SHOW" -- of course, it comes second to ALIAS for me... :)

So, Jim went to Pam's place, right? :)

ilovealias4ever said...

Oops, sorry about the double post...

I really, really liked BIG SHOTS. I think I am going to enjoy watching the characters grow. Michael Vartan, I thought, was fantastic -- and yes, I did get a little miffed when he kissed his wife -- it just does not sit right with me.

Sorry, but it will always be SYDNEY & VAUGHN!

I'm really looking forward to the next episode.

YAY, for Vartan being back on our screens (well, yours anyway, since I'm in Australia).

uncle111 said...

The Alias Revelation finale is now posted.

Page48 said...

"Million Dollar Baby" spoiler here:

Wow, I need a hug. I just watched Clint Eastwood euthanize Hilary Swank in "Million Dollar Baby". Imagine if Jack Bristow had to euthanize a quadriplegic Sydney and then slip away in the night never to be seen again. That's the kind of tearjerker I'm talking about.

I guess I wasn't paying much attention to the hype surrounding MDB when it came out, and I didn't realize when I sat down to watch it tonight that all that heartwarming stuff in the first 2/3rds of the movie was just setting me up to rip my heart out at the end. That's just not fair. I want an alternate ending, and a happy one at that.

BTW, a VERY fit Hilary Swank doing her morning jog along the beach bears a striking resemblance to Sydney Bristow. I think she would be well suited to black ops. She has all the tools, including a killer smile...very important in that line of work.

Anonymous said...

Could you get "The Nanny" and "All in the Family" for me please? Thanks.